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Cancer Prevention

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Table of contents

Part I. Genetic Risk Profiles and Biomarkers in Cancer Prevention

1. A Favorable View: Progress in Cancer Prevention and Screening
Peter Greenwald

2. Genetic Risk Profiles for Cancer Susceptibility and Therapy Response
Helmut Bartsch, Heike Dally, Odilia Popanda, Angela Risch, Peter Schmezer

3. Tumor Promotion as a Target of Cancer Prevention
Friedrich Marks, Gerhard Fürstenberger, Karin Müller-Decker

4. Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Related Signaling and Cancer Development
Michael Pollak

Part II. Inflammation, Infection, and Cancer Prevention

5. Cytokines Are a Therapeutic Target for the Prevention of Inflammation-Induced Cancers
Stefan Rose-John, Heidi Schooltink

6. Prevention of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Viral Hepatitis Patients with Cirrhosis by Carotenoid Mixture
Hoyoku Nishino

7. Cox-2 and Cancer Chemoprevention: Picking up the Pieces
Monica M. Bertagnolli

Part III. Prevention of Female and Male Genital Cancers

8. Human Papillomavirus Vaccine: A New Chance to Prevent Cervical Cancer
Bradley J. Monk, Ali Mahdavi

9. Prevention and Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer: Mission Impossible?
Robert C. Bast, Molly Brewer, Changping Zou, Mary A. Hernandez, Mary Daley, Robert Ozols, Karen Lu, Zhen Lu, Donna Badgwell, Gordon B. Mills, Steven Skates, Zhen Zhang, Dan Chan, Anna Lokshin, Yinhua Yu

10. Prevention of Prostate Cancer: More Questions than Data
Hans-Peter Schmid, Daniel S. Engeler, Karl Pummer, Bernd J. Schmitz-Dräger

Part IV. Prevention of Breast Cancer

11. Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer by Hormone-Induced Differentiation
Irma H. Russo, Jose Russo

12. The Genomic Signature of Breast Cancer Prevention
Jose Russo, Gabriela Balogh, Daniel Mailo, Patricia A. Russo, Rebecca Heulings, Irma H. Russo

13. Estrogen Deprivation for Breast Cancer Prevention
Anthony Howell, Robert B. Clarke, Gareth Evans, Nigel Bundred, Jack Cuzick, Richard Santen, Craig Allred

Part V. Prevention of Colorectal Cancers

14. Primary Dietary Prevention: Is the Fiber Story Over?
Cheryl L. Rock

15. Prevention and Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer — New Horizons
Gad Rennert

Part VI. Prevention of Skin and Brain Tumors

16. New Perspectives on Melanoma Pathogenesis and Chemoprevention
Frank L. Meyskens, Patrick J. Farmer, Sun Yang, Hoda Anton-Culver

17. Vitamin D — An Emerging Issue in Skin Cancer Control. Implications for Public Health Practice Based on the Australian Experience
Craig Sinclair

18. Are Gliomas Preventable?
Victor A. Levin

Part VII. The Future of Cancer (Chemo)Prevention

19. Angiogenesis and Cancer Prevention: A Vision
Douglas M. Noonan, Roberto Benelli, Adriana Albini

20. An Estimate of Cancer Mortality Rate Reductions in Europe and the US with 1,000 IU of Oral Vitamin D Per Day
William B. Grant, Cedric F. Garland, Edward D. Gorham

21. Uncovering Novel Targets for Cancer Chemoprevention
Konstantin H. Dragnev, Qing Feng, Yan Ma, Sumit J. Shah, Candice Black, Vincent Memoli, William Nugent, James R. Rigas, Sutisak Kitareewan, Sarah Freemantle, Ethan Dmitrovsky

Part VIII. Conclusions and Summary

22. Conference Summary
Ursula Kapp, Hans-Jörg Senn


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