Korolenko, Kyrill V.

Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems

Korolenko, Kyrill V. - Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. New Challenges for Defining Information Fusion Requirements
James Llinas

2. Situation Management: Basic Concepts and Approaches
Gabriel Jakobson, John Buford, Lundy Lewis

3. Maritime GIS: From Monitoring to Simulation Systems
C. Claramunt, T. Devogele, S. Fournier, V. Noyon, M. Petit, C. Ray

4. Intelligent Images Analysis in GIS
Philipp Galjano, Vasily Popovich

5. Context-Driven Information Fusion for Operational Decision Making in Humanitarian Logistics
Alexander Smirnov, Alexey Kashevnik, Tatiana Levashova, Nikolay Shilov

6. From Battle Management Language (BML) to Automatic Information Fusion
Ulrich Schade, Joachim Biermann, Miloslaw Frey, Kellyn Kruger

7. Centrope MAP: Combining X-Border Information from Multiple Sources for Planning Purposes
Manfred Schrenk, Walter Pozarek

8. Software Environment for Simulation and Evaluation of a Security Operation Center
Julien Bourgeois, Abdoul Karim Ganame, Igor Kotenko, Alexander Ulanov

9. Security Policy Verification Tool for Geographical Information Systems
Igor Kotenko, Artem Tishkov, Olga Chervatuk, Ekaterina Sidelnikova

10. Architecture Types of the Bit Permutation Instruction for General Purpose Processors
A. A. Moldovyan, N. A. Moldovyan, P. A. Moldovyanu

11. New Public Key Cryptosystems Based on Difficulty of Factorization and Discrete Logarithm Problems
N. A. Moldovyan

12. Application of a Dynamic Recurrent Neural Network in Spatio-Temporal Forecasting
Tao Cheng, Jiaqiu Wang

13. System of Traffic Control on the Basis of Cartographic Databases and Geoinformation Technologies
A. A. Kravtsov, A. N. Kriuchkov, E. E. Sotikova

14. Information Fusion of Land Laser Scanning for Geographic Information Systems
Ilya S. Tarasov, Nikita A. Pikhtin

15. Using GIS to Analyze Acute Myocardial Infarction in Turkey
Mehmet Zeki Coskun, H. Can Ünen, Cevat Kirma, Ercument Yilmaz

16. Obtaining Semantic Descriptions Based on Conceptual Schemas Embedded into a Geographic Context
Miguel Torres, Serguei Levachkine

17. Representing the Semantic Content of Topological Relations into Spatial Databases
Miguel Martinez, Marco Moreno, Miguel Torres, Serguei Levachkine

18. Some Remarks on Topological Abstraction in Multi Representation Databases
Andreas Thomsen, Martin Breunig

19. Intelligent Simulation of Hydrophysical Fields by Immunocomputing
Alexander O. Tarakanov, Ludmilla A. Sokolova, Sergey V. Kvachev

20. Visual Modeling of Spatial Processes
R. P. Sorokin

21. Universal Data Model for Intelligent GIS
Sergey N. Potapychev, Andrey V. Pan’kin

22. 3D Graphics Applied to Maritime Safety
Christopher Gold, Rafal Goralski

23. Northern Shield US-Russia Maritime Energy Security Cooperation
Gabe Collins

24. Space-Extensive Targets Radar Search in the Presence of Noise
I. F. Shishkin, A. G. Sergushev

25. Empirical Bayes Trajectory Estimation Based on Bearings from Moving Observer
A. Makshanov, A. Prokaev


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Geography SCI030000

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Natural Sciences

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