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Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing

Gao, Wei - Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Science and Instruments
Menas Kafatos, John J. Qu

2. Introduction to MODIS and an Overview of Associated Activities
Vincent V. Salomonson, William Barnes, Edward J. Masuoka

3. MODIS Level-1B Products
Xiaoxiong Xiong, Alice Isaacman, William Barnes

4. MODIS Geolocation
Robert E. Wolfe

5. Introduction to MODIS Cloud Products
Bryan A. Baum, Steven Platnick

6. MODIS Observation of Aerosol Loading from 2000 to 2004
D. Allen Chu, Lorraine Remer

7. MODIS Land Products and Data Processing
Robert E. Wolfe, Nazmi Saleous

8. Operational Atmospheric Correction of MODIS Visible to Middle Infrared Land Surface Data in the Case of an Infinite Lambertian Target
Eric F. Vermote, Nazmi Saleous

9. MODIS Snow and Sea Ice Products
Dorothy K. Hall, George A. Riggs, Vincent V. Salomonson

10. The NPOESS Preparatory Project
Robert E. Murphy

11. The Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite
R. E. Murphy, Phillip Ardanuy, Frank J. Deluccia, J. E. Clement, Carl F. Schueler

12. Conically Scanned Microwave Imager Sounder
Fuzhong Weng

13. Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder
Mitchell D. Goldberg, Fuzhong Weng

14. Introduction to AIRS and CrIS
Joel Susskind

15. The Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite
Lawrence E. Flynn, Colin J. Seftor, Jack C. Larsen, Philippe Xu

16. Estimating Solar UV-B Irradiance at the Earth’s Surface Using Multi-Satellite Remote Sensing Measurements
John J. Qu

17. Surface Rain Rates from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite Algorithms
Long S. Chiu, Dong-Bin Shin, John Kwiatkowski

18. Use of Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Modeling Carbon Emissions from Fires: A Perspective in North America
Zhanqing Li, Ji-Zhong Jin, Peng Gong, Ruiliang Pu

19. TRMM Fire Algorithm, Product and Applications
Yimin Ji, Erich Stocker

20. China’s Current and Future Meteorological Satellite Systems
Wenjian Zhang, Jianmin Xu, Chaohua Dong, Jun Yang


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Natural Sciences

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