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Advances in Artificial Economics

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Table of contents

Part I. Market Structure and Economic Behaviour

1. Heterogeneous Beliefs Under Different Market Architectures
Mikhail Anufriev, Valentyn Panchenko

2. The Allocative Effectiveness of Market Protocols Under Intelligent Trading
Marco LiCalzi, Paolo Pellizzari

3. Strategic Behaviour in Continuous Double Auction
Marta Posada, Cesáreo Hernández, Adolfo López-Paredes

Part II. Market Efficiency and the Role of Speculation

4. A Broad-Spectrum Computational Approach for Market Efficiency
Olivier Brandoy, Philippe Mathieu

5. The Dynamics of Quote Prices in an Artificial Financial Market with Learning Effects
Andrea Consiglio, Valerio Lacagnina, Annalisa Russino

6. Reduction of the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains Through Speculation
Thierry Moyaux, Peter McBurney

Part III. Firm-Consumer Dynamics

7. Co-evolutionary Market Dynamics in a Peaked Resource Space
César García-Díaz, Arjen Witteloostuijn

8. E-Consumers’ Search and Emerging Structure of Web-Sites Coalitions
Jacques Laye, Maximilien Laye, Charis Lina, Hervé Tanguy

9. Agent Based Modeling of Trust Between Firms in Markets
Alexander Gorobets, Bart Nooteboom

10. Investigations into Schumpeterian Economic Behaviour Using Swarm
Craig Lynch

Part IV. Social Interaction - Network Effects

11. The Wisdom of Networked Evolving Agents
Akira Namatame

12. Artificial Multi-Agent Stock Markets: Simple Strategies, Complex Outcomes
A. O. I. Hoffmann, S. A. Delre, J. H. Eije, W. Jager

13. Market Polarization in Presence of Individual Choice Volatility
Sitabhra Sinha, Srinivas Raghavendra

14. Is Ignoring Public Information Best Policy? Reinforcement Learning in Information Cascade
Toshiji Kawagoe, Shinichi Sasaki

Part V. Social Interaction - Connectivity

15. Complex Behaviours in Binary Choice Model with Global or Local Social Influence
Denis Phan, Stéphane Pajot

16. Dynamics of a Public Investment Game: from Nearest-Neighbor Lattices to Small-World Networks
Roberto Silva, Alexandre T. Baraviera, Silvio R. Dahmen, Ana L. C. Bazzan

17. Social Norms, Cognitive Dissonance and Broadcasting: How to Influence Economic Agents
Andrew Bertie, Susan Himmelweit, Andrew Trigg

Part VI. Methodological Issues and Their Application

18. Confronting Agent-Based Models with Data: Methodological Issues and Open Problems
Giorgio Fagiolo, Alessio Moneta, Paul Windrum

19. Equilibrium Return and Agents’ Survival in a Multiperiod Asset Market: Analytic Support of a Simulation Model
Mikhail Anufriev, Pietro Dindo

20. Explaining the Statistical Features of the Spanish Stock Market from the Bottom-Up
José A. Pascual, J. Pajares, A. López-Paredes


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