Garbe, Christoph S.

Transport at the Air-Sea Interface

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Table of contents

1. The Impact of Different Gas Exchange Formulations and Wind Speed Products on Global Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes
Rik Wanninkhof

2. Turbulent Gas Flux Measurements near the Air-Water Interface in a Grid-Stirred Tank
Herlina Jirka, Gerhard H. Jirka

3. Quantitative Imaging of CO2 Transfer at an Unsheared Free Surface
Evan A. Variano, Edwin A. Cowen

4. Visualisation of Oxygen Concentration Fields in the Mass Boundary Layer by Fluorescence Quenching
Achim Falkenroth, Kai Degreif, Bernd Jähne

5. Visualization of 2-D Divergence on the Free Surface and its Relation to Gas Transfer
Aldo Tamburrino, Claudio Aravena, John S. Gulliver

6. The Air-Water Interface: Turbulence and Scalar Exchange
Sanjoy Banerjee

7. Turbulence Generation in the Wind-Driven Subsurface Water Flow
Guillemette Caulliez, Richard Dupont, Victor I. Shrira

8. Defining the Enhancement of Air-Water Interfacial Oxygen Exchange Rate due to Wind-Forced Microscale Waves
William L. Peirson, James W. Walker, Chani Welch, Michael L. Banner

9. Momentum Flux and Energy Dissipation Associated with Breaking Waves
Johannes Gemmrich

10. The Interaction of Ocean Surface Processes, Waves, and Turbulence in the Adjacent Boundary Layers
Alastair D. Jenkins

11. A Numerical Study on the Characteristic Flow Structures of a Micro-Breaking Wind Wave
Wu-ting Tsai, Li-ping Hung

12. The Effect of Raindrops on Interfacial Turbulence and Air-Water Gas Transfer
Satoru Komori, Naohisa Takagaki, Rina Saiki, Naoya Suzuki, Kenji Tanno

13. Air-Water Flux Reconciliation Between the Atmospheric CO2 Profile and Mass Balance Techniques
Wade R. McGillis, John W. H. Dacey, Jonathan D. Ware, David T. Ho, Jonathan T. Bent, William E. Asher, Christopher J. Zappa, Peter A. Raymond, Rik Wanninkhof, Satoru Komori

14. Air-Water Interfacial Temperature Measurements
Brian Ward

15. Observations of the Structure of the Surface Temperature Field at an Air-Water Interface for Stable and Unstable Cases
Geoffrey B. Smith, Robert A. Handler, Nicholas Scott

16. Estimating the Viscous Shear Stress at the Water Surface from Active Thermography
Christoph S. Garbe, Kai Degreif, Bernd Jähne

17. Estimation of Air-Sea Gas and Heat Fluxes from Infrared Imagery Based on Near Surface Turbulence Models
Tetsu Hara, Eric VanInwegen, John Wendelbo, Christoph S. Garbe, Uwe Schimpf, Bernd Jähne, Nelson Frew

18. The Influence of Intermittency on Air-Water Gas Transfer Measurements
Bernd Jähne, Christopher Popp, Uwe Schimpf, Christoph S. Garbe

19. Micrometeorological Approaches to Measure Air-Water CO2 Fluxes
Wade R. McGillis, James B. Edson

20. Bias of CO2 Surface Fluxes Estimated by Eddy Covariance due to “Adjustment Fluxes”.
Gerhard Peters

21. Eddy Correlation Measurements of Sea Spray Aerosol Fluxes
Gerrit Leeuw, Marcel Moerman, Christopher J. Zappa, Wade R. McGillis, Sarah Norris, Mike Smith


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