Magjarevic, R.

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006

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Table of contents

1. Advances in Molecular and Physiolosical Imaging with PET and MRI
Zang-Hee Cho

2. The Incorporation of Real Time Imaging into Clinical Practice
Prabhakar Tripuraneni

3. Towards Noninvasive Thermal Ablation by MR-guided Focused Ultrasound
Chrit Moonen

4. Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A Fresh Physically Based Paradigm for Cell Function
Gerald Pollack

5. Tissue Engineering Research and Cell Regenerative Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD); National Cardiovascular Center (Japan) Trials
Soichiro Kitamura

6. Advanced Technologies in Radiation Therapy: A New Beginning
Howard Amols

7. Radiation Dosimetry: Where Do We Stand and Where Do We Go from Here?
Pedro Andreo

8. Nanostructured Electrodes : New Bionic Interfaces
Gordon Wallace

9. Navigation and Robotics for Orthopaedic Surgery
Nobuhiko Sugano

10. Developments and Trends in CT Technology and Applications
Willi Kalender

11. Obtaining Volterra Kernels from Neural Networks
Musa Hakan Asyali, Musa Alcı

12. A Simulation Study on the Effect of Ionic Mechanism Underlying Arrhythmias
R. Malathi, M. Ramasubba Reddy

13. Modeling the effects of extracortical sources on the EEG-signal
Elżbieta Olejarczyk

14. Excitation on muscle cells of heart - solving varieties and strange attractor
Hilbert Blank

15. Inverse 3-D Heart Model for ECG Signal Simulation and Analysis
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, L. Szilágyi, Z. Benyó

16. Septal and ventricular deformation in a shell model of the human heart: chamber wall geometry and ventricular interdependence
N. Toschi, M. Guerrisi

17. Blood Flow Simulator using Medical Images without Mesh Generation
Shigeho Noda, Kazuaki Fukasaku, Ryutaro Himeno

18. Molecular transport in the arterial wall with variation of shape and configuration of smooth muscle cells
Mahsa Dabagh Meshin, Payman Jalali, Tero Tynjälä, Pertti Sarkomaa

19. Basilar Membrane Velocity and Organ of Corti Impedance from the Physiologically-Based Three-Dimensional Cochlear Model
Y. J. Yoon, S. Puria, C. R. Steele

20. Numerical Study of Pulsatile Flow in 3-Dimensional Sinuous Basilar Aneurysms
Aike Qiao, Y. Liu

21. Thermal Characteristics of Microwave Ablation in the Vicinity of an Arterial Bifurcation
Youjun Liu, Aike Qiao, Qun Nan, Xiaoyong Yang

22. An Artificial Reflex Improves the Perturbation-Resistance of a Human Walking Simulator
Wenwi Yu

23. Development of real-time analyzing system for evaluation of knee-joint motion
Isao Kayano, Kazuaki Jikuya, Masami Goto

24. FEM Simulation of Ocular Surface Temperature with Bioheat Equation
E. Y. K. Ng, E. H. Ooi, R. Acharya U

25. Non-invasive tissue temperature evaluation during application of therapeutic ultrasound: precise time-spatial non-linear modelling
C. A. Teixeira, M. Graça Ruano, A. E. Ruano, W. C. A. Pereira

26. Stretch reflex system model for spasticity evaluation
C. S. Kim, S. J. Kong, Gwangmoon M. Eom

27. A model predictive control strategy for the regulation of hypnosis
Yelneedi Sreenivas, S. Lakshminarayanan, G. P. Rangaiah

28. Automatic regulation of anesthesia by simultaneous administration of two anesthetic drugs using model predictive control
Yelneedi Sreenivas, S. Lakshminarayanan, G. P. Rangaiah

29. Analysis of flow limiting mechanisms during forced expiration
Adam G. Polak, J. Mroczka

30. A new mathematical approach modeling surfactant transport in pulmonary airways
Bozena Kuraszkiewicz, M. Przytulska

31. The Research of Digitizing of Human Sensory System
Chengwei Li, Guangda Wang, Aijun Xu, Zhen Huang

32. Comprehensive physiological identification of cardiovascular regulation enables to restore and correct pathological regulation
Masaru Sugimachi, Toru Kawada, Toshiaki Shishido, Meihua Li, Can Zheng, Kenji Sunagawa

33. Computational analysis of the effects of bundle branch blocks in human heart using cardiac cell models
Soon Sung Kwon, Eun Bo Shim, Chae Hun Leem

34. Pilots’ Cardiovascular Response in Flights With Plus and Minus Gravitational Acceleration Changes
Jan Hanousek, P. Dosel, J. Petricek, L. Cettl

35. Self/non-self Detection Modeling of Immune System Based on Normal Model of DNA Pattern
Tao Gong, Zixing Cai

36. The effect of body temperature on the determination of pitch by an absolute pitch possessor
Masaya Iwamoto, Kouki Doi, Tatsuo Togawa

37. Modifications in Arruda’s localization method in left ventricle analysis
Sándor Miklós Szilágyi, L. Szilágyi, L. K. Görög, Zs. Máthé, Z. Benyó

38. Calculating the Effect of Altered Respiratory Parameters on Capnographic Indices
Tuhin K. Roy, J. Op Den Buijs, L. Warner

39. A unified neural model of Alzheimer-dementia and Parkinsonian-disease based on the somatic stimulation effects
Ichiro Fukumoto

40. Silent Period Generation Models in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Jeong-Hoon Park, Duck-Young Kim, Sung-Hwan Kim

41. Analysis of Multi-Layer Neural Network’s Recognition Mechanism Using Alopex Algorithm
Hirohito Shintani, Masatake Akutagawa, Hirofumi Nagashino, Abhijit S. Pandya, Yohsuke Kinouchi

42. Functional Evaluation of Middle Ear Prostheses
Hamidreza Mojallal, M. Stieve, C. Turck, I. Krueger, N. Witteck, B. Süß, P. P. Mueller, P. Behrens, T. Lenarz

43. The Proposal of a Neuron Model in Consideration of Facilitation and Fatigue
Sheng Ge, M. Ichikawa, A. Osa, H. Miike, K. Iramina

44. Mechanism of Conduction Block in Myelinated Axons Induced by High-Frequency Biphasic Electrical Currents
Xu Zhang, Haiying Quan, Zhaohui Ren, Changfeng Tai

45. The Segmentation of Arterial Parameters Using Non-linear Arterial Model
Martin Jelínek, Lubomír Poušek, Blanka Štorková

46. Simulating Cardiovascular Haemodynamics by Bond Graph Technique
Kaiyong Dai, Gangmin Ning, Shuzhen Chen, Juan Du, Xiaoxiang Zheng

47. Computational analysis of the hemodynamics in cerebral arteries related to Moyamoya disease
Duk Chul Shin, Ho Jun Seol, Seung-Ki Kim, Kyu-Chang Wang, Byung-Kyu Cho, Eun bo Shim

48. Steady-state hemodynamic analysis of arterial tree generation based on blood volume optimization
Hyung Min Jun, Eun Bo Shim

49. A method for exploring Tissue-Specific Functions based on Information Content of Gene Ontology Terms using CAGE tags
Sami Maekawa, Atsuko Matsumoto, Yoichi Takenaka, Hideo Matsuda

50. Block based semi-global alignment scheme for the analysis of Given DNA sequences
Kaustubh Basu, N. Sriraam, R. J. A Richard

51. Detecting remote homolog by protein similarity network
Chan-seok Jeong, Minho Lee, Dongsup Kim

52. Protein Comparison Based on Both Structure and Sequence Data
Yong Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Xiang-Sun Zhang, Luonan Chen

53. Natural Flavonoids for the treatment of Hyperuricemia, Molecular Docking studies
Belal Omar, Nornisah Mohamed, Rashidah A Rahim, Habibah A. Wahab

54. Inferring Protein-Protein Interactions by Combinatorial Models
Xiang-Sun Zhang, Rui-Sheng Wang, Ling-Yun Wu, Shi-Hua Zhang, Luonan Chen

55. Inference of transcriptional regulatory networks using CAGE transcriptome dataset of Mus musculus

Kohei Taki, Yoichi Takenaka, Hideo Matsuda

56. Protein function prediction via ligand interface residue match
Changwon Keum, Dongsup Kim

57. Modeling and Simulation of the Human Eye
R. S. Duran, L. G. Nonato, O. B. Martinez, L. Ventura

58. Mathematical modeling of G2/M phase in the cell cycle with involving the p53/Mdm2 oscillation system
Yoshihiko Tashima, Yu kisaka, Taizo Hanai, Hiroyuki Hamada, Yukihiro Eguchi, Masahiro Okamoto

59. Physiograph: Record and Analysis of Synchronic Physiological and Behavioral Variables
Juliano Augusto Nascimento Leite, P. Giassi, C. N. Pederiva, M. A. Soviersoski, J. Marino-Neto

60. Resonance restriction technique for the resolution-based retrieval of palindrome in Escherichia coli genome sequence
Ruo Ando, Yashiyasu Takefuji

61. Thermo-effects of methionine aminopeptidase: Molecular dynamics studies
Sek Peng Chin, Habibah A. Wahab

62. Multi-layer Biological Visualization of Cartilage Wear
C. -L Poh, Richard I Kitney, S. Akhtar, M. Alam, R. Shrestha

63. Study of the association of -667 aquaporin-2 (AQP-2) A/G promoter polymorphism with the incidence and clinical course of chronic kidney disease in Korea
Sun Woo Kang, Yang Wook Kim, Yeong Hoon Kim

64. KATP channel is conveyed to plasma membrane by constitutive exocytosis
Ping Zhao, Yongming Dong, Dan Zhu, Zhengxing Wu, Anlian Qu

65. Specific detection of Taenia saginata eggs by PCR
M. Narankhajid, V. Bolormaa, S. Sayamaa, Akira Ito, Hiroshi Yamasaki, L. Sugar, Ä. Abmed

66. The Study on Distribution of Echinococcus granulosus in Ulaanbaatar
M. Narankhajid, V. Bolormaa, S. Sayamaa, Akira Ito, Hiroshi Yamasaki, L. Sugar, Ä. Abmed

67. Biopolymer synthesis in a microfluidic system
Takeshi Honda, Masaya Miyazaki, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Hideaki Maeda

68. Development of micro enzyme reactor for optical resolution
Masaya Miyazaki, Takeshi Honda, Jun Kaneno, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Hideaki Maeda

69. Micro-fabrication of the non-moving part valve micro-pump by hot-embossing technology
Ashley Min-hang Pun, Jason Hok-chun Lo, Derek Chi-hang Louie, Li-man Li

70. Receding meniscus induced docking of yeast cells inside microfluidic channels at single-cell level
Min Cheol Park, Jae Young Hur, Keon Woo Kwon, Jee Won Park, Sang-Hyun Park, Kahp Y. Suh

71. Synthesis of ZnS/CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot Quantum Well in a Micro Reactor
Masato Uehara, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Hideaki Maeda

72. Micro-space synthesis of core-shell type semiconductor nanocrystals for thermo-sensing
Chan-Gi Lee, Masato Uehara, Yoshiko Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki Nakamura, Hideaki Maeda

73. Microfluidic Pulmonary System for Experimental Investigation of Cellular Injury due to Fluid Mechanical Stresses during Airway Reopening
D. Huh, H. Fujioka, J. B. Grotberg, Shuichi Takayama

74. A Flexible Microelectrode Array for Measurement and Evaluation of Peripheral Nerve Signal
Yong-Ho Kim, Chungkeun Lee, Kang Min Ahn, Jong Ho Lee, Yong-Jun Kim, Myoungho Lee

75. Artificial Accommodation System — a new approach to restore the accommodative ability of the human eye
Mark Bergemann, U. Gengenbach, G. Bretthauer, R. F. Guthoff

76. Biomedical heating applications of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Silvio Dutz, W. Andrä, R. Hergt, I. Hilger, R. Müller, J. Töpfer, M. Zeisberger, M. E. Bellemann

77. Gas-loaded PLA Nanoparticles as Ultrasound Contrast Agents
S. Kwon, M. A. Wheatley

78. Nano web based novel microchip for artificial kidney
Kwang Ho Lee, Duck Joong Kim, Byoung Goo Min, Sang Hoon Lee

79. Velocity measurements of blood flow in a rectangular PDMS microchannel assessed by confocal micro-PIV system
Rui Lima, Shigeo Wada, Shuji Tanaka, Motohiro Takeda, Ken-Ichi Tsubota, Takuji Ishikawa, Takami Yamaguchi

80. A Easily Manipulative Stimuli-responsive Micro-valve Array
Chenwei Liu, Yugong Xu, SungRak Kim, DuckJoong Kim, SangHoon Lee

81. Numerical Analysis of Deoxynucleotide Hybridization Characteristics using Single Reaction Cell Model
Heng-Chuan Kan

82. Fabrication and Evaluation of Polymeric Microvalve using the pH-Responsive Hydrogel Microsphere
Ji Young Park, D. J. Kim, S. R. Kim, J. Y. Baek, K. Sun, S. H. Lee

83. Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-Based Micro Chamber with Air Permeable Cover Sheet for the Protoplast of Nicotiana tabacum Culture
Jongil Ju, Jung-Moon Ko, Hyeon-Cheol Cha, SangHoon Lee

84. A microfluidic Device for Electrofusion of Two Plant Cells
Jongil Ju, Jung-Moon Ko, Hyeon-Cheol Cha, SangHoon Lee

85. Chip based Fabrication of Flexible Microfiber and Mechanical Characterization
Duck Joong Kim, S. R. Kim, J. Y. Park, K. H. Lee, S. H. Lee

86. Novel Valveless Micro Suction Pump Using a Solid Chemical Propellant
Kyo-in Koo, Myoung-Jun Jeong, Sunkil Park, HyunMin Choi, Gil-sub Kim, Dongil “Dan” Cho

87. Electrical characteristics of Human Skin of Including at Biological Active Points using Noninvasive measurement method
Min Soo Kim, Byung Kim, Geunbae Lim

88. Simulation Examination for Multilayer Flow System
Ryo Anraku, Takahiro Asai, Kenji Uchiyama, Akihiko Hattori, Manabu Tokeshi, Takehiko Kitamori

89. Thermal Diffusion of Kerr Nanobead under a Tightly-Focused Laser Beam
Romeric F. Pobre, C. A. Saloma

90. Risk Management and Measuring Productivity with POAS — Point of Act System —
Masanori Akiyama

91. Progress in Research of Digital Human in China
Shuqian Luo

92. Advanced Point of Care System for reducing Adverse Drug Events using 13.56/900 MHz RFID, Wi-Fi, Text-To-Speech Technology in Ajou University Hospital
Ho-Young Byun, Kyung-Jin Lee, Sang-Hun Lee, Young-Ho Lee, Un-Gu Kang, Byung-Moon Lee, Hee-Jung Hwang, Rae-Woong Park, Peom Park

93. An ECG Document Imaging System towards a Cardiology EMR
Jin-Sang Kim, S. -Y. Choi, I. -H Bae, Y. -N. Kim, J. -Y. Kim

94. Development of Web-Based Medical History Compiler
Nashrul Fazli Mohd Nasir, N. A. Kadri, M. G. Raha, C. A. Azlan

95. Development of a mobile patient data management system using ASP .Net
Nahrizul Adib Kadri, M. H. Mat Som, M. G. Raha, N. F. Mohd. Nasir

96. Telemedicine Applications of Speech Pathology Based on Online Collaboration Environments
Christos Pierrakeas, V. C. Georgopoulos, G. A. Malandraki

97. Differentiated Services Classification in Next Generation IP Home Telehealth applications
M. A. Valero, I. Pau, G. Gil, A. B. García, J. Carracedo

98. The Virtual Hospital as a Digital Tool for e-Health
Georgi Graschew, T. A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, P. M. Schlag

99. A Potential Application of Bluetooth in the Medical Field—HOLTER Applied by the Bluetooth Technology
Qiu Xu, Aijun Xu, Zhen Huang, Chengwei Li

100. Preliminary Design of a Community Telemedicine System for Tuberculosis Control
Allya Paramita Koesoema, Y. S. Irawan, S. Soegijoko

101. A BDI Agent Approach to Healthcare Web Services
Hoon Jin, In-Cheol Kim

102. Color Words Pick-out Test and Its Evaluation
Yuki Tanaka, Kouichi Shimura, Kumalasari, Masako Ozaki, Mitsuo Kaneko, Takaki Shimura

103. Development of low-cost Hardware supporting Mobile Home-Care
Basile P. Spyropoulos, A. Tzavaras, M. Botsivaly, K. Koutsourakis, E. Koulouris, D. Liargovas

104. Home intelligent care architecture to support health risk attendance
I. Pau, M. A. Valero, E. Gago, J. Carracedo

105. Mapping Semantic Web Service Descriptions to Planning Domain Knowledge
Hyun-Sik Kim, In-Cheol Kim

106. Passive and Cost effective People Location Tracking System for Indoor Environments Using Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
Vinay Kumar Singh, Hyotaek Lim, Risto Mallyaee, Wan Young Chung

107. Query Based Duplex Vital Signal Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Healthcare
Young-Dong Lee, Dae-Seok Lee, Gaurav Walia, Risto Myllylae, Wan-Young Chung

108. Suggestion of the dependency diagnosis support system focused on the expression change
Satoshi Takasu, Akihiko Sugiura, Keiichi Yonemura

109. The Role of Toe-gap Force for the Evaluation of Falling Risk on the Elderly
Kazuhiko Yamashita, Jun Umezawa, Yohei Nomoto, Shuichi Ino, Toru Ifukube, Hironori Koyama, Masashi Kawasumi

110. Design Of Real-time CEM for the Arden Syntax based Decision Supports
Hee Kyong Park, Jin Wook Choi, Jae Jun Hwang, Seung Min Ha

111. TumorAGENT — an interdisciplinary tumor database for translational research in breast cancer
Raffael Kurek, Robin Babel, Susan Clare, Andrea Endress, Victor Faessler, Olaf Fischbach, Michael Keckeisen, Harald Loeffler, Hans Neubauer, Erich Solomayer, Diethelm Wallwiener, Tanja Fehm

112. New aspects of PACS in DWDM network
Milan Sarek

113. Securely control Infusion Pumps via Internet for efficient Remote Therapy of Pain
Ulrich Grossmann, C. Schiessl, L. Jatobá, J. Ottenbacher, W. Stork, K. D. Mueller-Glaser

114. An Intelligent Homecare Emergency Service System for Elder Falling
Jiann-I Pan, Cheng-Jie Yung, Chung-Chao Liang, Lien-Fu Lai

115. A Wearable e-Health System with Multi-functional Physiological Measurement
Chuang-Chien Chiu, Tien-Wei Shyr, Hsiao-Chiu Chu, Yeh-Ching Chung, Chen-Yen Lan

116. Integration of Nuclear Medicine Network System to a Commercial
K. C. Im, Yong Choi, T. Y. Song, B-T Kim

117. Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Automatic Nerve Activity with MAR model
Satoe Shimizu, Naruhiro Shiozawa, Masaaki Makikawa

118. Estimation of Energy Expenditure during Walking Including UP/Down Hill
Ayuka Kawata, Naruhiro Shiozawa, Masaaki Makikawa

119. An Home Health Care Box Adaptive for Different Scenarios
Shu-Ling Hsiao, Lan Chang, Shih-Ming Lin, Chien-Shun Lo, Sheng-Ta Tsai, Pau-Choo Chung

120. Design and Implementation of a Lavatory Information System Using RFID Technology
Jip Min Jung, S. J. Jang, J. H. Lee, Y. Uh, Y. R. Yoon

121. Tomographical ECG Measurement Using Capacitance Type Multi Electrodes
Toshihiro Maruyama, Naruhiro Shiozawa, Masaaki Makikawa

122. The interoperable validation and the application of guidelines for DICOM CD data in Korea
Dong-Hoon Han, Hai-Jo Jung, Bong-Moon Jang, Hyuk Jang, Keon-Ho Yang, Chang-Lae Lee, Young-Kyu Kang, Hee-Joung Kim

123. Design and implementation of the system architecture for sharing medical information based HL7-CDA among hospitals by the XDS model of IHE
Bong-Mun Jang, Joong Il Kim, Keon Ho Yang, Dong Hoon Han, Hyo Min Cho, Haijo Jung, Hee-Joung Kim

124. Learner Behavior Prediction for Diabetes Health Education Based on Sequence Learning Algorithm
Hsien-Chang Wang, P. C. Yang, L. C. Hu

125. Study on seasonal dynamics of commonly occurred illnesses in Mongolia
S. Battulga, N. Purevbat, L. Ajnai, Ts. Oyunchimeg, B. Tsevelmaa, B. Ochirbat

126. An integrated Multi Parameters Wearable Telemetric System for Cardio-Pulmonary Signal Measurement
Tsung-Che Chou, Nan-Fu Chiu, Feng Ping, Shey-Shi Lu, Chang-Rung Yang, Szu-Yuan Lee, Chii-Wann Lin

127. Management of Medical Equipment for Prevention of Accidents — 13.56MHz RFID System
Matsuda Atsuko, Shindo Akiko, Marukami Terutaka, Tani Shoko, Fujimaru Kenichi, Nakao Toshinari, Miyamoto Masaki, Horio Hiroyuki, Inada Hiroshi

128. Immune System and Artificial Immune System Application
Chengwei Li, Hui Peng, Aijun Xu, Shoubin Wang

129. Establishment of patients’ information database in Mongolia
S. Battulga, L. Ajnai, N. Purevbat, B. Tsevelmaa, B. Ochirbat

130. Modifications to a communication protocol for a central station monitoring system in a wireless network
Irene Niubó Jorge, M. Mulet, H. Santos, T. Gual, A. Rodríguez

131. Integrated information network: establishing a medical imaging diagnosis system between hospitals
B. Enkhjargal, S. Lyankhtsetseg

132. Integrated information network: establishing a medical imaging diagnosis system between hospitals
B. Enkhjargal, S. Lyankhtsetseg

133. Wellbeing life care agent based decision support system framework for metabolic syndrome disease in ubiquitous
Insung Jung, Kyoungjin Lee, Seoungchan Park, Raewoong Park, Beom Park, Gi-Nam Wang

134. Radon Concentration Measurement in the some Water Sources of Mashhad Region in Iran
Ali Asghar Mowlavi, Alireza Binesh

135. Analysis of EEG signal by Pattern Recognition methods using Wavelets
Kartik Samala Naga, Abhishek Dutta, Atanu Sen, Vaibhav Netkar, T.M Sridhar

136. Analysis of temporal perception for audio-visual stimulation
Mi Yu, Sang-Min Lee, Yong-Jun Piao, Tae-Kyu Kwon, Nam-Gyun Kim

137. A System for Detecting Electrocardiographic Potential through Underwear Worn by an Infant from Its Dorsal Surface
A. Ueno, Y. Akabane, A. Mizuta, S. Kataoka, H. Hoshino, Y. Ishiyama

138. The Instrument for Non-Invasive Detection of Intracranial High Pressure with Flash Visual Evoked Potential Picked-Up
Zhong Ji, Shuren Qin, Zhiyu Ding

139. In Situ Membrane Formation Using Laminar Fluids
Joseph F. Gargiuli, G. Nair, H. Gulhane, P. Vadgama

140. Digital Data Communication through the Human Body for Biomedical Monitoring Sensor
Marc Simon Wegmueller, Michael Oberle, Norbert Felber, Niels Kuster, Wolfgang Fichtner

141. From Dielectrical Properties of Human Tissue to Intra-Body Communications
Marc Simon Wegmueller, Michael Oberle, Niels Kuster, Wolfgang Fichtner

142. Implantable stimulator featuring multiple programs, adjustable stimulation amplitude and bi-directional communication for implantation in mice
M. Russold, J. C. Jarvis

143. Dynamic Electrical Characteristics of the Muscle with the Fatigue during Exercise
Takuto Ikai, Ryosuke Saigou, Masaki Kyoso, Masa Ishijima

144. Pulse Wave Velocity in Continuous Blood Pressure Measurements
Kalju Meigas, J. Lass, D. Karai, R. Kattai, J. Kaik

145. Magnetic motion measurement using BPNN
Yoshinobu Terahashi, Masatake Akutagawa, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

146. The investigation of low energy defibrillation methods
Zuxiang Fang, Xiaomei Wu, Cuiwei Yang

147. A calorimetric biosensor and its application for detecting a cancer cell with optical imaging
Se-Chul Park, Eun-Jin Cho, Se-Young Moon, Seung-Il Yoon, Yong-Jun Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim, Jin-Suck Suh

148. Design of Portable Integrated Diode-Based Biosensor for Diabetic Diagnoses
M. T. Moskowitz, W. C. Jeon

149. Measurement and simulation of the dissolved oxygen concentration and the pH value at the O2-FET
Joachim Wiest, M. Brischwein, S. Blank, H. Grothe, B. Wolf

150. Miniature isothermal amplification reactor with an integrated optical detection unit
Szu-Yuan Lee, Lung-Jieh Yang, Deirdre R. Meldrum, Chun-Nan Lee, Chii-Wann Lin

151. On-Line Measurement of Blood Urea Based in Optical Sensing by Employ in Hemodialysis Treatment
Gustavo Adolfo Martinez

152. Multiparametric automated screening system based on a 24-Well-Microplate for living cells and tissues
Volker Lob, T. Geisler, M. Brischwein, J. Ressler, B. Wolf

153. Thermal conductivity as a probe for real-time PCR
S. B Noh, B. K Park, D. Kim, J. S Kim, Geunbae Lim

154. The ten most important biomedical engineering devices
J. G. Webster

155. Comparison between Different Pulse Hemometer Sensors by Monitoring Fractional Oxygen Saturation of Hemoglobin
Omar Abdallah, M. Schoenegg, A. Bolz

156. ECG electrodes for a context-aware cardiac permanent monitoring system
Jörg Ottenbacher, L. Jatoba, U. Großmann, W. Stork, K. Müller-Glaser

157. A miniature sternal skin-attached hot flash recorder
J. G. Webster, D. E. Bahr, M. C. Shults, D. G. Grady, J. Macer

158. Non-contact Respiration Monitoring Method for Screening Sleep Respiratory Disturbance Using Slit Light Pattern Projection
Hirooki Aoki, Kohji Koshiji

159. Continuous multi-parameter health monitoring system
O. Chetelat, J. Sola i Caros, J. Krauss, S. Dasen, S. Droz, R. Gentsch, J. -M. Koller, J. Luprano, A. O’Hare, P. Pilloud, P. Theurillat

160. The Development of Homecare Gateway for Integrating Bio-signals at Home
Yong K. Moon, Jae H. Kim, Yu H. Song, Dong H. Keum, Kyung K. Min, Sang S. Lee, Joung H. Mun

161. Identification of individuals for telemetric personal health monitoring systems
Alexander Scholz, S. Becker, J. Clauss, H. G. Gruber, B. Wolf

162. Impedance Monitoring of Virus-Induced Cytopathic Effect in Cells
Sungbo Cho, S. Becker, H. Briesen, H. Thielecke

163. Physical-Activity as Context-Information for Long-term Monitoring of Cardiovascular Diseases
Luciana C. Jatobá, U. Großmann, J. Ottenbacher, W. Stork, K. Müller-Glaser

164. Complex electronic implants and polymer packaging needs
Monika Schoenleber, Jaina Vaghela, Fanya Ismail, Mike Grahn, Catalin Popa, Ihtesham Rehman, Pankaj Vadgama

165. Current Source for Wideband Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Based on a Single Operational Amplifier
Fernando Seoane, R. Bragos, K. Lindecrantz

166. HomeCare — Smart embedded biotelemetry system
Marek Penhaker, M. Černý, L. Martinák, J. Spišák, A. Válková

167. Development of A Communication Arbiter for Mobile Telemedicine System with Multi Communication Links
Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Soegijardjo Soegijoko

168. Pressure and Output Flow Estimation of Pneumatically Controlled Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) with the help of Both Acceleration and Gyro Sensors
Dariusz Komorowski, S. Pietraszek, M. Darlak

169. A method for dynamically measuring the Soft Tissue Balance in the Total Knee Replacement
Jian Wu, You Wang, Kerong Dai, Qihang Wei, Datian Ye, Xiuwang Li, Ming Zhao

170. NYU device: automation of the Weight-drop rod
L. R. G. Vialle, Luiz Rodrigo Grochocki, P. Nohama

171. Using a Two Dimension Abdominal Surface Vibration Measurement System for Diagnosis of Gut Function
Chia-Hung Chien, Cheng-Yi Wang, Fok-Ching Chong

172. SENSATION - New Nanosensors and Application of Nonlinear Dynamics for Analysis of Biosignals Measured by These Sensors
I. Bal, Wlodzimierz Klonowski

173. Reliability Improvement for an RFID-based Psychiatric Patient Tracking System
Chieh-Ling Huang, Shu-Ling Hsiao, Yu-Chia Hsu, Pau-Choo Chung, Ming-Hua Tsai, Yen-Kuang Yang

174. Medical X-ray PIV technique for visualizing quantitative velocity field distributions of blood flows
Dae-hyun Yim, Guk Bae Kim, Do-il Kim, Hyoung-Koo Lee, Sang Joon Lee

175. Wireless Grip and Acceleration Measurement System for Putting Stroke Analysis
H. S. Kim, Jeong Han Yi, G. R. Tack, J. S. Choi, Y. T. Lim

176. Implementation and evaluation of the power device in an implantable biomedical system
Chih-Kuo Liang, Shih-Chung Chen, Jung-Tai Cheng

177. Measurement of Bioelectrical Impedance during Ischemia in the Rat Liver
S. S. Yun, Hyoun-Jin Shin, H. S. Ahn, S. M. Yun, S. O. Shin, Y. D. Hwang

178. Analysis of Parameters of Bioelectrical Impedance for Motion Discrimination
Takao Nakamura, T. Kusuhara, Y. Yamamoto

179. Research of body movement during sleep with an infrared triangulation distance sensor, wavelets and neuro-fuzzy reasoning
Yong Ju Yang, Jae Woo Shin, Seung Jin Jang, Hyun Sook Lee, Young Ro Yoon

180. Selection of identifiable parameters from the reduced model for forced expiration
J. Mroczkah, Adam G. Polak

181. Measurement and Significance of Pacemaker Pulse Parameters
Milan Tannenberg, M. Sepši

182. Evaluation of Closed Eye Motion Monitoring by Wireless Communication
Hsieh Chi-Wen, Wang Sheng-Hung, Jong Tai-Lang

183. Neonatal Respiratory Monitoring System
Dayane Luiza Fioreze Scolaro, C. J. E. Montero, G. R. Scolaro, V. Vigolo, J. Oliveira, M. A. B. Rodrigues

184. 3 Dimensional Power Receiver for In Vivo Robotic Capsules
Jong Dae Kim, Munho Ryu, Jongwon Kim, Hyun Uk Chin

185. Estimation of an Aortic Pressure Waveform from Radial Pulse using ARX Model
Young Ju Jeon, Yoon Sub Eom, Jun Oh Hwang, Heui Kyung Yang, Jae Joong Im, Sung Ha Park, Nam Sik Jung

186. Study of Human Affective Response on Multimedia Contents
Chang-Wei Hsieh, Chi-Te Shen, Yi-Ping Chao, Jyh-Horng Chen

187. Relationship between skin impedance calculated by a transformation method and measured impedance
Hiromi Isshiki, T. Inoue, Y. Kinouchi

188. Basis research of nail style photoplethysmogram measurement system for motion artifact reduction
Yong Uk Jeon, Ji Cheol Kim, Do Un Jeong, Cheol Han Kim, J. H. Ro, Gye Rok Jeon

189. Angular Displacement Measurement using Optical Fiber
Lee-Yon Hong, Jeong-Whan Lee, Jae-Hoon Jun, Kang-Hwi Lee, Kyeong-Seop Kim, Dong-Jun Kim, Kyung-Ho Kim

190. Memory Performance, Hyperoxia, and Heart Rate Following Oxygen Administration
Soon-Cheol Chung, J. H. You, J. H. Kwon, G. R. Tack, B. Lee, J. H. Yi, S. H. Son

191. Location Estimation of In Vivo Robotic Capsule Relative to Arrayed Power Transmission Coils
Ji Soo Hwang, Jong Dae Kim, Munho Ryu, Jongwon Kim

192. Determination of the number of turns of the power receiving coil For the in vivo robotic capsule
Jong Dae Kim, Munho Ryu, Jongwon Kim, Hyun Uk Chin

193. X-Ray-Detector with CMOS Sensor Camera
Y. Pititeeraphab, B. Laksanapanai, Polsart Lertprasert, C. Pintaviroo

194. The Implementation of an Internet Based Automatic Animal Behavior Experiment System
Yan-Chay Li, Yu-Jen Chen, Ke-Nung Huang, Sun-Lon Jen, Ming-Shing Young

195. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis of Skin Rubor for Early Detection of Pressure Ulcer
Tomoka Uchiyama, Y. Ohta

196. Design of small acoustic filters for the hearing protection device
Y. J. Lee, D. H. Kim, G. D. Kim, P. U. Kim, S. H. Lee, J. H. Cho, Myoung Nam Kim

197. FEA of small acoustic filters for the hearing protection device
Y. J. Lee, D. H. Kim, G. D. Kim, P. U. Kim, S. H. Lee, J. H. Cho, Myoung Nam Kim

198. Effect of factitious breathing on pulse transit time and heart rate
Byeongcheol Choi, Sungmin Kim, Dongkun Jung, Gyerok Jeon

199. Proposal of a PPG Transducer for Monitoring Vital Signals of Patients in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Programs
Leandro Schwarz, F. C. A. Paim, M. A. Sovierzoski, J. Marino Neto, J. L. B. Marques

200. Impedance Matching by Series Condensers for Power Receivers of In Vivo Robotic Capsules
Munho Ryu, Jong Dae Kim, Jongwon Kim, Hyun Uk Chin

201. Consideration by Numerical Analysis on Electrical Bio-Impedance Method for Estimating Subcutaneous Fat Thickness
Makoto Kinoshita, Hirooki Aoki, Kohji Koshiji

202. Examination on Relationship between Electrical Bio-impedance and Fat Thickness Using Gel Phantom Model
Yuji Machii, H. Aoki, K. Koshiji

203. Proposal on Nonrestraint Pulmonary Function Test Using Active 3D Measurement for Body Surface
Yuya Mizobe, Hirooki Aoki, Kohji Koshiji

204. Methodology for Force Measurement Using Piezoelectric Ceramic
K. Y. Shin, S. S. Lee, K. K. Min, D. W. Ko, Joung H. Mun

205. Dynamic Characteristics of Analog Inclinometer
Sang Sik Lee, Young Hoon Lim, Joung H. Mun

206. Development of System for measuring Nerve-Conduction Velocity
Chungkeun Lee, Hangsik Shin, Yongho Kim, Yongjun Kim, Myoungho Lee

207. A Study on a Non-contacting Respiration Signal Monitoring System Using Doppler Ultrasound
Se Dong Min, Dae Joong Yoon, Sungwon Yoon, Myoungho Lee

208. A research for efficiency of hearing protection device using a small acoustic filter
K. H. Lee, Yung-jung Lee, M. N. Kim, J. H. Cho, S. H. Lee

209. SPR bio-sensor using white light source and OSA
Nyeon-Sik Eum, Ho-Jin Do, Do-Eok Kim, Shin-Won Kang

210. Development of portable device for transmitting respiratory & ECG gating in list-mode PET data acquisition
Joong Il Kim, Hae-Jeong Park, Tae-Sung Kim, Mijin Yun, Jong Doo Lee

211. Linear Equation Method for Hematocrit Monitoring by Optical Transmittance
Phimon Phonphruksa, M. Chaichanyut, I. Potejanasaja, A. Naktawan, S. Tungjitkusolmun

212. Wearable EDA Sensor Gloves using Conducting Fabric and Embedded System
Y. B. Lee, S. W. Yoon, C. K. Lee, M. H. Lee

213. The 64/176-channel epicardial mapping system used in basic research and clinic diagnoses the complex arrhythmias
Xiaomei Wu, Zuxiang Fang, Cuiwei Yang

214. Dynamic 3D Epicardial Mapping of Whole-atrium
Cuiwei Yang, Zuxiang Fang, Xiaomei Wu, Anqi Lou, Jun Lu

215. The comparison of conventional cardiac pacing with single phase, dual-phase, and tri-phase cardiac pacing wave forms in dogs
Youngmin Choo, Chungkeun Lee, Dae-hun Kang, Wanjin Jeong, Myoungho Lee

216. Programmable Stimulus Pattern Generator for Biological Models
Patricia Soares de Melo Freire, R. Moraes

217. Trace elements in osteopenia/osteoporosis: A potential, quick, simple and cheap method for BMD assessment
M. Anwar Chaudhri, Wolfgang. Kemmler, John Watling

218. An Investigation on Different EEG Patterns From Awake to Deep Anesthesia: Application to improve methods of determining depth of anesthesia
B. Molaee Ardekani, M. B. Shamsollahi, L. Senhadji, E. Wodey, B. Vosoughi Vahdat

219. Denoising Functional MRI: A Comparative Study of Denoising Techniques (2D)
Mohamed Azim Mohamed, Fatma Abou-Chadi, Bassem K. Ouda

220. Movement analysis of patients with Parkinson’s disease using picture analysis
Blanka Storkova, Lubomir Pousek, Martin Jelinek, Nasser Hosseini, Bo Johnels

221. Analysis of fMRI Data Using Classical and Bayesian Approaches: A Comparative Study
Mohamed Azim Mohamed, Fatma Abou-Chadi, Bassem K. Ouda

222. A Basic Study on Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Analysis under Condition of Simulated Monotonous Automobile Driving
Takehiro Yamakoshi, K. Yamakoshi, P. Rolfe, S. Tanaka, M. Nogawa, Y. Sawada

223. A Study of Coronary Intravascular Ultrasound Rf Signals Using Wavelets
Anil Samuel, Richard Kirsner, James Cameron, David Tay, Ian Meredith

224. Neural networks for the novel diagnosis method based on clinical snoring sound analysis in apnea
T. Emoto, U. R. Abeyratne, M. Akutagawa, H. Nagashino, Y. Kinouchi

225. Heart Sound Analysis Using MFCC and Time Frequency Distribution
I. Kamarulafizam, Sh-Hussain. Salleh, J. M. Najeb, A. K. Ariff, A. Chowdhury

226. Multichannel filter for heartbeat detection in noisy ECG recordings
Nils Östlund, M. Karlsson, S. Karlsson, L. Berglin, K. Lindecrantz, L. Sandsjö, U. Wiklund

227. The Separation of Metabolizing Heat Based on Regularization method and Independent Component Analysis
Hai Liu, Guotai Jiang

228. A Frequency Domain Based Age Index for the Cardiovascular System
R W Jones, B. R. Mace, M. J. Harrison, J. L. Mohr

229. A Novel Approach to Wheeze Detection
A. Alic, I. Lackovic, V. Bilas, D. Sersic, Ratko Magjarevic

230. Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea using Formant Features of Snore Signals
Andrew K. Ng, T. S. Koh, Eugene Baey, K. Puvanendran

231. Lung Sound Noise Reduction Using Gabor Time-Frequency Masking
Esra Saatci, A. Akan

232. Resonant modes of Otoacoustic Emissions
K. J. Blinowska, W. W. Jedrzejczak, W. Konopka

233. Doppler Ultrasound Wall Removal Based on the Spatial Correlation of Wavelet Coefficients
Dawei Jin, Yuanyuan Wang

234. Assessment of Cerebral Autoregulation Using Cross-Correlation Functions in Different Antihypertensive Drug Treatments
Ben-Yi Liau, Chuang-Chien Chiu, Shoou-Jeng Yeh

235. Postural Hand Tremor and the Repetitive Photic Stimulation — A Coherence Joint Time Frequency Study
Monica-Claudia Dobrea Serban, D. M. Dobrea

236. EMD: A novel technique for the study of tremor time series
Eduardo Rocon de Lima, A. O. Andrade, J. L. Pons, P- Kyberd, S. J. Nasuto

237. Decreased complexity of the EEG in patients with Methamphetamine dependence
K. Yun, H. K. Park, D. H. Kwon, S. N. Cho, Jaeseung Jeong

238. Forecasting of Ventricular Tachycardia using Scaling Characteristics and Entropy of Heart Rate Time Series
Mathias Baumert, N. Wessel, A. Schirdewan, A. Voss, D. Abbott

239. Prediction of motor timing using nonlinear analysis of local field potentials
K. Yun, M. Lebedev, Miguel A. L. Nicolelis

240. Atrial fibrillation recognizing using wavelet transform and artificial neural network confirmed by PCA and ICA
Radoslaw Dzik, Ewaryst Tkacz

241. Classifying ECG Beats Using ICA Features and Probabilistic Neural Network
Kuan-To Chou, Sung-Nien Yu

242. Frequency Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation Predicts Success for Low Energy Intracardiac Cardioversion
J. D. Diaz, O. J. Escalona, J. McC. Anderson, B. C. Glover, A. A. J. Adgey

243. Quick ECG Segmentation, Artifact Detection and Risk Estimation Methods for On-Line Holter Monitoring Systems
László Szilágyi, S. M. Szilágyi, A. Frigy, L. Dávid, Z. Benyó

244. An Application of Wavelet Transform (WT) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) for Electrogastrographic (EGG) Signals Artifacts Detection
Ewaryst Tkacz, Paweł Kostka, Barbara Mika

245. Hybrid Feature Vector Creation for Atrial Fibrillation Detection Improvement
Pawel Stanislaw Kostka, Ewaryst Tkacz

246. Continuous Wavelet Transform Analysis for the Classification of Surface Electromyography Signals
Jeff Kilby, G Mawston, H. Gholam Hosseini

247. Bioimpedance-based Identification of Malnutrition Using Fuzzy-Logic
Sebastian Wieskotten, S. Heinke, P. Wabel, U. Moissl, R. Isermann

248. Kalman Smoother and Its Application in Analysis of Snoring Sounds for the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Zhu Liang Yu, Wee Ser

249. Restoration of Magnetocardiography Signal Using Principal Component Analysis and Artificaial Neural Network
Chang-Beom Ahn, H. J. Lim, S. W. Kang, H. C. Park, C. B. Sohn, S. J. Oh

250. Bivariate Bayesian Detection of Atrial Arrhythmias Based on Dimensionality Reduction of Multi-feature Space
Rongrong Sun, Yuanyuan Wang

251. C++ Video-EEG Processing System With Sights to the Epileptic Seizure Detection
César Augusto Nogueira Jahnecke, L. Schwarz, M. A. Sovierzoski, F. M. Azevedo, F. I. M. Argoud

252. Nonlinear EEG-signal Analysis Reveals Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Cellular Phones
Wlodzimierz Klonowski

253. Single-Trail EEG Processing for Brain Computer Interface
Arao Funase, H. Nakatani, M. Mouri, T. Yagi, A. Cichocki, I. Takumi

254. Changes of EEG of rats after low-frequency rTMS
X. Huo, L. Li, Z. Yin

255. Nonstationary EEG Analysis using random-walk model
Y. G Ku, Masashi Kawasumi

256. The system for synchronize registration of biological signals during Head up Tilt Test
Kazimierz Peczalski, W. Jernajczyk, D. Wojciechowski

257. Brain Signal Source Localization from EEG During Recall of the Aural Stimulation
Tada Tomohiro, Masatake Akutagawa, Yoshio Kaji, Fumio Shichijo, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

258. Recursive smooth noise reduction using subspace approach: application to evoked potentials
Patrick Celka, Tim Cutmore

259. Approximate entropy (ApEn) analysis of the EEG in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) during cognitive tasks
Hansem Sohn, Wonhye Lee, Inhye Kim, Jaeseung Jeong

260. Principal Point Discrimination of Electrocardiogram for Automatic Diagnosis
H. S. Shin, C. Lee, Myoungho Lee

261. The Effect of Alcohol on Cortical Complexity in Healthy Subjects Measured by Approximate Entropy
Seongkyun Kim, Dai-Jin Kim, Jaeseung Jeong

262. Decreased Phase Synchronization of the EEG in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Chan-A Park, Ryuk-Jun Kwon, Seungyeon Kim, Hye-ran Jang, Jeong-Ho Chae, Taemin Kim, Jaeseung Jeong

263. Adaptive Threshold Determination for Automatic Detection of EEG Arousals in PSG Records Proceedings
Takenao Sugi, K. Horita, F. Kawana, M. Nakamura

264. Detection of onset and offset time of muscle activity in surface EMGs using the Kalman smoother
Jung Hoon Lee, Hun Shim, Hyun Sook Lee, Young Hee Lee, Young Ro Yoon

265. Coherence Between Spontaneous Eeg and Doppler Velocimetry of Cerebral Blood Flow in Newborns During Quiet Sleep
Daniel Alfonso Botero Rosas, A. F. C. Infantosi

266. Using the Discrete Hilbert Transform for the comparison between Tracé Alternant and High Voltage Slow patterns extracted from full-term neonatal EEG
Danilo Barbosa Melges, A. F. C. Infantosi, F. R. Ferreira, D. B. Rosas

267. Comparison of linear and nonlinear functional connectivity in Alcoholic patients
Hye-ran Jang, Hee-kyoung Ko, Charles-Francois Vincent Latchoumane, Jeong-Ho Chae, Jaeseung Jeong

268. Automatic Detection of ST and T episodes using Polynomial Approximation
G. Y. Jeong, Kee-Ho Yu

269. Improvement of an Algorithm for the Detection of Augmentation Point from the Aortic Pressure Waveform
Young Ju Jeon, Yoon Sub Eom, Jun Oh Hwang, Heui Kyung Yang, Jae Joong Im, Sung Ha Park, Nam Sik Jung

270. Minimizing MR Gradient and RF pulse Artefacts on ECG Signals for MRI Gating based on an Adaptive real-time digital filter
H. D. Park, B. R. Jang, S. P. Cho, H. J. Kim, K. H. Choi, K. J. Lee

271. Detection of EEG Arousals in Patients with Respiratory Sleep Disorder
S. P. Cho, H. S. Choi, H. K. Lee, K. J. Lee

272. Order Estimation and Screening of Apneic Snore Sound Using the Akaike Information Criterion
Kunihiko Inoue, Masatake Akutagawa, Takahiro Emoto, Udantha Abeyratne, Tetsuya Uemura, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

273. An Influence Analysis of a Measurement Posture Artifact of the Wrist Type Automatic Sphymomnometer
Jeechul Kim, Yonguk Jeon, Chulhan Kim, Doun. Jeong, Gyerok Jeon

274. Research on the change of the GSR values according to existence and nonexistence of alcohol
Ahyoung Jeon, Sanghwa Yun, Jaehee Jung, Chulhan Kim, Junghoon Ro, Gyerok Jeon

275. Research on the change of blood flow rate between normal and alcoholic subjects
Jae-hee Jung, Hyun Park, Ah-young Jeon, Chul-han Kim, Jung-hoon Ro, Gye-rok Jeon

276. Possibility of predicting Ht values during a plasma exchange therapy using back propagation neural network
Y. Nitta, M. Akutagawa, H. Miyamoto, T. Okahisa, Y. Ohnishi, M. Nishimura, S. Nakane, R. Kaji, Y. Kinouchi

277. Signal Processing by Reflectance Pulse Oximetry for Monitoring the fractional Oxygen Saturation and the Detektion of Anemia
Omar Abdallah, A. Bolz

278. Classification of Fetal Heart Rate Signals Based on Features Selected Using the Binary Particle Swarm Algorithm
G. Georgoulas, Chrysostomos Stylios, V. Chudacek, M. Macas, J. Bernardes, L. Lhotska

279. System to ECG Signals Variability Analysis: Heart Rate Variability and QT Interval Variability
Daiana Petry, V. Palodeto, D. O. H. Suzuki, J. L. B. Marques

280. Simulation study on artifact elimination in EEG signals by artificial neural network
Shingo Yoko, Masatake Akutagawa, Yoshio Kaji, Fumio Shichijo, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

281. A portable neurofeedback system and EEG-analysis methods for evaluation
Chang Su Ryu, Min Hee An, Yoon Cheol Na, Jin Ok Cho, Young Soo Han, Kyoung Hee Kim, Pyung Woon Park

282. Extended Carmeli’s Synchronization Measure for Noise Reduction Assessment Methodology
Patrick Celka

283. Development and Evaluation of an Improved Algorithm for Detection of Ventricular Fibrillation
Sung-Bin Park, Hyoung-Ro Yoon

284. Recognizing objects regardless of viewing angles enlarges the difference across the ERP component N1 amplitudes evoked by the objects
Gang Wang, K. Suemitsu, H. Nomoto

285. Extracting characteristic feature of a inert region from EEG
Masato Katayama, Masatake Akutagawa, Yoshio Kaji, Fumio Shichijo, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

286. EEG Analysis Using Neural Networks to Detect Changes of Brain Conditions during Operations
Yoshio Kaji, M. Akutagawa, F. Shichijo, H. Nagashino, Y. Kinouchi, S. Nagahiro

287. Noise reduction of PPG signal during Free Movements Using Adaptive SFLC (scaled Fourier linear combiner)
S. C. Kim, E. J. Hwang, D. W. Kim

288. A Development and Clinical Evaluation of Automated Diagnostic Algorithm for Atrial Fibrillation using 12-lead EKG
Hyun Ok Lee, Sang Joon Lee, Seok Hoon Jeong, Yong Ho Cho, John Jang, Dong Wook Kim, Jong Min Lee, Jeong Gwan Cho

289. Analysis on How Action Potentials of Cells in Aplysia juliana’s and Aplysia kurodai’s Abdominal Ganglia Change According to Temperature
Nam Gyu Hyun, Kwang Ho Hyun, Kwang Bum Hyun, Youn Sook Kang

290. Low complexity and power consumption design for pacemaker using shared MAC structure based on FPGA platform
H. S. Shin, C. Lee, J. Kim, Myoungho Lee

291. Signal Separation of the Biological Signal using ICA
Mizuki Nishioka, Masatake Akutagawa, Hirofumi Nagashino, Yohsuke Kinouchi

292. A Development of Motion Artifacts Reduction Algorithm for ECG signal In Textile Wearable Sensor
Sungwon Yoon, Seungpyo Lee, Yonghyeon Yun, Myoungho Lee

293. Methodology for Classification and Analysis of Neonate and Adult ECG
Viviane Palodeto, J. L. B. Marques

294. Differences in psychophysiological responses due to simulator sickness sensitivity
Soon-Cheol Chung, J. H. You, J. H. Kwon, B. Lee, G. R. Tack, J. H. Yi, S. Y. Lee

295. Classification of the EMG Signal using Cascaded Classifier
Jang-Woo Kwon, Jung-Ho Kim, Heung-Ho Choi

296. Influences of Oxygen Administration on Visuospatial Cognitive Performance and Physiological Signals
J. H. You, J. H. Kwon, Soon-Cheol Chung, G. R. Tack, B. Lee, J. H. Yi, S. Y. Lee

297. Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias via Spectral Analysis and Origin Separation
Saadia Ahmed, Amina Asghar, Tauseef Ahmed Rana, Syed Mohammad Imran Majeed

298. Training of Neural Networks, which have HRV input, using Back Propagation algorithm and Maximum Likelihood method
V. K. Hanumantha Rao Talari, Gurubatham Ravindran

299. Restoration of Transmembrane Potential Using Morphological Operators and Adaptive Alpha-Trimmed Mean Filtering
Viviane Palodeto, D. O. H. Suzuki, E. V. Garcia, C Royer, L. D. Leite, F. R. M. B. Silva, J. L. B. Marques

300. Prediction of the Acoustic Attenuation and Velocity Dispersion on Calcaneus Using Time-Domain Split Spectrum Processing (SSP) Technique
Pei.-Jarn Chen, T. Chen, H. G. Yang

301. Effect of Carnitine Ingestion on EEG
Junpei Imajo, Masatake Akutagawa, Yohsuke Kinouchi, Fumio Sichijo, Hiroshi Kido

302. A personal Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) detector based on ECG biometric technology
Tsu-Wang Shen, C. C. Lin, H. P. Shen, Y. L. Ou, C. H. Lin

303. Radiation induced changes in the motor unit conduction velocity of the sternocleidomastoideus muscle — A pilot study
Christer Grönlund, N. Östlund, J. Lindh, P. Bergström, J. S. Karlsson

304. Neonatal Cardiorespiratory Component Analysis Based on Covariance Lattice Method - a Qualitative Comparison of Spectral Estimation Techniques
Ahmadreza Hosseini-Yazdi, Saeid Sanei

305. Pattern Analysis of Neonatal Data using Topography of the spectral Sequences
Ahmadreza Hosseini-Yazdi, Saeid Sanei

306. A Wavelet Based Algorithm for Detecting Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia
Muazma Zahid, Muhammad Akbar, Sadaf Malik, Umair Ahsan, Imran Majeed, Zahid Sultan

307. Fractal analysis in normal EEG and epileptic EEG of rats
Ping Zhou, Feng Li, Wen-Yan Liu, Miao Yang

308. ECG Data Compression Using Wavelet Packet Technique on Binary Arithmetic Coding
Mirza Haris Baig

309. Clinical Diagnosis of Cardiac Disease Based on Support Vector Machine
Li Chengwei, Wang Shoubin, Xu Aijun, Peng Hui

310. Biophoton emission induced by ultrasonic irradiation
Hongbae Kim, Saeyoung Ahn, Jungdae Kim

311. Correlation between light scattering and reduction level of cytochrome oxidase in perfused brains of rats
Satoko Kawauchi, S. Sato, H. Ooigawa, H. Nawashiro, K. Shima, M. Kikuchi

312. Usefulness of Portable Optical Measuring Device Using Near-Infrared in Detection of Intracranial Hemorrhage
Jung Yul Park, J. Park, S. D. Kim, J. B. Lee, D. J. Lim

313. Attention-induced frontal brain activation in adolescents using near-infrared imaging
Yonghong Zhang, Xiaofei Fan, Jiacheng Liu, Jing Bai, Miao Peng, Lan Shuai, Yufeng Wang

314. Comparison of multiscale entropy of healthy and cancer tissue imaged by optical polarimeter
Tomasz Sołtysiński, A. Rodatus, N. Golnik, T. Pałko

315. Dual wavelength excitation pulsed photothermal radiometry for enhanced depth profiling of human skin
Chang-Seok Kim, Myung Yung Jeong, Byungjo Jung, Boris Majaron, Bernard Choi, J. Stuart Nelson

316. Development of in vivo fiber-optic Raman spectroscopy system with a miniaturized endoscope: demonstrations at the rat gastroesophageal epithelia
Yusuke Hattori, Y. Komachi, G. Kanai, T. Katagiri, T. Asakura, H. Tashiro, H. Sato

317. Laser-induced fluorescence of rat teeth after maternal administration of anti-neoplastic drugs
G. Liszka, Z. Drzazga, M. Kaszuba, A. Cholewka

318. Haptic Feedback of Trapping Force in Manipulating Optical Tweezers
Hirotsugu Minowa, Megumi Nakao, Tetsuo Sato, Tadao Sugiura, Kotaro Minato

319. Development of Laser Wavelength Conversion Devices for Selective Ablation of Dental Caries
Jung Hoon Ro, Gyerok Jeon, Changsoo Jung, Yeung Lak Lee, Nan Ei Yu

320. Gingival Fibromatosis
Jerzy Jankowski, Anna Janas, Grazyna Grzesiak-Janas

321. The new European Directive on Optical Radiation Casts its Shadow on Medical Practice using Lasers for Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical Purposes
Hans-Dieter Reidenbach

322. Spectroscopy of Intensity Fluctuations of Cell Dynamics, Tissue Reflectance and Auto-Fluorescence
S. B. Norina, J. Kim, J. -M. Yang, K. -S. Soh

323. Effects of Ultraviolet LED on Bacteria
Mirei Mori, Akiko Hamamoto, Masayuki Nakano, Masatake Akutagawa, Akira Takahashi, Toshitaka Ikehara, Yohsuke Kinouchi

324. Noncontact Temperature Sensor Using an Infrared Optical Fiber for Medical Usages
Wook Jae Yoo, Bongsoo Lee, Dong Hyun Cho, Soon-Cheol Chung, Gye-Rae Tack, Sang-Hee Son

325. Evaluation of Periodontal Ligament under Orthodontic Force by using Optical Coherence Tomography
Jihoon Na, Jae Ho Baek, Eun Seo Choi, Seon Young Ryu, Byeong Ha Lee

326. Development of a High-resolution Flexible Ultrathin Endoscope Using a New Optical Design and a Contact Method
Dong Hyun Cho, Bongsoo Lee, Soon-Cheol Chung, Gye-Rae Tack, Jeong Han Yi

327. Discrimination between Cancer and Normal Tissue using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Dae-weon Lee, K. W. Seo, B. R. Min

328. Development of a non-contact diffuse optical tomography system for image reconstruction of blood vessel with NIR light
Wooseok Ko, Yoonkeun Kwak, Soohyun Kim

329. High sensitivity sensing membranes of high addressable potentiometric sensor for Bio material detection
Su Won Jang, Heng Yuan, Do Eok Kim, Kyu Jin Kim, Byoung Ho Kang, Nyeon Sik Eum, Shin Won Kang

330. Comparison of Five Different Methods for Obtaining the Modulation Transfer Function of a Diagnostic X-ray Machine
Amr Al-Dhukair, Nabil Maalej

331. Application of Small Angle X-Ray Scattering in differentiation among Beast Tumors
V. Changizi, A. Arab Kheradmand, MA. Oghabian

332. Demonstration of Enhanced K-edge Angiography Utilizing a Samarium X-ray Generator
Eiichi Sato, Etsuro Tanaka, Hidezo Mori, Toshiaki Kawai, Takashi Inoue, Akira Ogawa, Mitsuru Izumisawa, Kiyomi Takahashi, Shigehiro Sato, Toshio Ichimaru, Kazuyoshi Takayama

333. Fluoroscopy examinations in pediatrics in Rio de Janeiro
Ana Cecilia Pedrosa Azevedo, R. S. Ribeiro, M. C. B. Boechat

334. Comparison of the adaptive local tomographic reconstruction using the MLS-ART and the convolution back-projection (CBP) technique
Huaiqun (Harrison) Guan

335. Preliminary Study: Generation of a Kymogram Function using a Dual-Source Cardiac CT Scanner
Dirk Ertel, M. Kachelrieß, W. A. Kalender

336. Scatter Correction for X-ray Imaging Using Primary Modulation: A Phantom Study for CBCT
Lei Zhu, Robert Bennett, Rebecca Fahrig

337. Sensitive Depiction of Biomedical Tissue by Refraction Based Computed Tomography Using Synchrotron Radiation
Eiko Hashimoto, A. Maksimenko, H. Sugiyama, Keiichi Hirano, K. Hyodo, D. Shimao, Y. Nishino, T. Ishikawa, T. Yuasa, M. Ando

338. Age-related Reductions of Cerebral Blood Flow and White Matter Integrity by High-Field Perfusion and Diffusion MRI
G H Jahng, Norbert Schuff, A T. Du, Y. Zhang, S. Mueller, N. Cashdollar, J. Hlavin, M. W. Weiner

339. MRI-relaxometry BMD-measurements using conventional phase symmetrized rapid increased flip spin echo (PRISE) and standard gradient echo (GE)
Morteza Bakhtiary, N. Ryiahi-Alam, M. A. Oghabian, A. Ghasemzadeh, H. Ghanaati, S. Sarkar, B. Larijani, Z. Hamidy-Abarghouie, N. Shakery

340. Optimization of visual tasks for detecting visual cortex activity in fMRI studies
Ali Mirzajani, N. Riyahi-Alam, M. A. Oghabian, M. Bakhtiary, H. Saberi, K. Firouznia

341. Spatial frequency modulates the human visual cortical response to temporal frequency variation: an fMRI study
Ali Mirzajani, N. Riyahi-Alam, M. A. Oghabian, H. Saberi, K. Firouznia, M. Bakhtiary

342. A Novel Multi-modality Image-guided US-NIR Scanner for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
B. A. Winey, L. Liao, Y. Zhang, J. Helbig, V. Misic, K. Parker, T. Podder, Yan Yu

343. Air Gap Effect on Mammography Image Quality
Nabil Maalej, M. A. Kafi, A Nobah, A. A. Naqvi

344. Comparison of Computerised Assessment of Breast Density with Subjective BI-RADS Classification and Tabar’s Pattern from Two-View CR Mammography
Noriah Jamal, K-H Ng, S. Ranganathan, L. K. Tan

345. Development of Ultrasonic Nano-imaging System for Visualization of Cells
Yoshifumi Saijo, N. Hozumi, K. Kobayashi, N. Okada, C. K. Lee, H. Sasaki, T. Yambe, M. Tanaka

346. A compact soft x-ray microscope for high resolution hydrated cell imaging
Kyong Woo Kim, Youngman Kwon, Han Kyong Kim, Kwon Su Chon, Kyusil Choi, Dong Woo Kang, Sung Hoon Kang, Dae Gab Gweon, Jin Young Min, Kwon-Ha Yoon

347. Nano X-ray Computed Tomography System
Kyu Gyeom Kim, Jae Hee Kim, Jong Hyun Ryu, Jong Hwan Min, Kyong Woo Kim, Kwon-Ha Yoon

348. Automated Calcification Detection and Quantification in Intravascular Ultrasound Images by Adaptive Thresholding
Esmeraldo dos Santos Filho, Y. Saijo, A. Tanaka, T. Yambe, S. Li, M. Yoshizawa

349. Basic experiments of elastograpy for breast cancer by water bag pressing for obtaining elastic modulus
K. Ishida, Yoshinori Hayakawa, K. Tsuji, H. Doi, M. Kaitoo, M. Nakamura

350. Tissue Characterization of the Blood Vessel near the Body Surface Using Ultrasound
Takashi Ishiguro, Shinya Katsumata, Takaki Shimura, Hideto Sasaki, Hiroyuki Masuda, Kazuto Kobayashi, Kazuharu Umeda

351. Development of a Pupil-size Monitoring System for Autonomic-activity Estimation
Jeong-Chan Lee, Ji-Eun Kim, Park Kyung-Mo

352. Double-Exposure Dual Energy Subtraction Microradiography: A Phantom Study
Noriah Jamal, K-H Ng, L-M Looi, D. McLean

353. LINCE: a practical darkroom QC device
Ana Cecília Pedrosa Azevedo, S. R. Oliveira, M. O. Silva, L. A. G. Magalhães

354. Application of Texture Analysis to Differentiation of Dementia with Lewy Bodies from Alzheimer’s Disease on Magnetic Resonance Images
Naoki Kodama, Yasuhiro Kawase, Koichiro Okamoto

355. Small isotropic 3D diffusion tensor mapping of the rat brain using water-excitation diffusion-weighted 3D MP-RAGE MR sequence
Tomokazu Numano, K. Homma, N. Iwasaki, K. Hyodo, N. Nitta, T. Hirose

356. Anti-alias Image Reconstruction using Phase Scrambling Imaging Technique
Satoshi Ito, Shun Nakamura, Yoshifumi Yamada, Kunio Tanaka

357. Improvement of MR Image Resolution by Single Coil Multiple Image Reconstruction Technique
Na. Liu, Satoshi Ito, Yoshifumi Yamada, Masao Kasuga, Kunio Tanaka

358. Assessment of reproducibility of Geometric Distortion in MRI based on phantom measurements
M. Ashkanmehr, Nader Riyahi-Alam, M. A. Oghabian, A. Ghasemzadeh, M. Bakhtiary, H. Ghanaati, M. Pakravan

359. Improved Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion Method to Measure White Matter Perfusion at a 4 Tesla MRI
Geon-Ho Jahng, M. W. Weiner, N. Schuff

360. Development of an ambient lighting monitoring system for radiological image viewing application
Ahmad Azlan Che, K. H. Ng, N. F. Mohd. Nasir, N. A. Kadri

361. Digital fluoroscopy quality control measurements
Ibrahim Idris Suliman, R. T. M. Soldt, J. Zoetelief

362. Compton spectroscopy of clinical x-ray equipments by using a high-resolution Schottky CdTe detector
Koji Maeda, Masao Matsumoto

363. RF Coil Design for MRI Applications in Inhomogeneous Main Magnetic Fields
A. O. Yilmaz, B. M. Eyüboğlu

364. Analysis of liver positions for dynamic liver MRI
M. Eguchi, Toshizo Katsuda, A. Tabuchi, S. Takewa, T. Gotanda, R. Gotanda

365. Effects of Tissue Composition on the Accuracy of Microwave BreastTumour Imaging
Abas Sabouni, Sima Noghanian, Stephen Pistorius

366. A Filtering Based Scan Conversion Method in Ultrasound System
Longlong Hou, Dong C. Liu

367. A wavelet-based multiplication edge detection in low-dose motion X-rays images
Yuxin Zheng, Robert Allen

368. Constancy Test Radiography X-Ray Devices with CR Systems
Marcela Zakova

369. Analysis and Improvement of Radial Spin-Echo Diffusion-Weighted Images
Y. Han, J. Hwang, HyunWook Park

370. Angular Dependence on X-ray Image of Lesions at Articular Cartilage Depicted by X-ray Dark-Field Imaging
Daisuke Shimao, H. Sugiyama, T. Kunisada, M. Ando

371. Implementation of Concurrently 6-Readout Integrated Circuit for High Speed Flat Panel X-ray Detector Systems
Dae Woong Son, Kyung Jun Yoon, Sung Ho Cho, Sang Sik Kang, Ji Koon Pack, Sang Hee Nam

372. Evaluation of the visual verification of linac light and radiation fields using film and a-Se based digital radiography system
Ji-Koon Park, Byung-Yyul Cha, Jung-Uk Sin, Sang-Sik Kang, Chi-Won Choi, Sung-Kwang Park, Sang-Hee Nam

373. Development and Application of Gd2O3:Eu3+ Nano Phosphor for High Resolution Digital X-ray Imaging System
Kim So-yeong, Kang Sang-sik, Cha Byung-youl, Cho Sung-ho, Shin Jung-wook, Kim Kyung-jin, Nam Sang-hee

374. Real-time Magnification Radiography Utilizing a 100-µm-focus X-ray Generator
Eiichi Sato, Etsuro Tanaka, Hidezo Mori, Toshiaki Kawai, Takashi Inoue, Akira Ogawa, Mitsuru Izumisawa, Kiyomi Takahashi, Shigehiro Sato, Toshio Ichimaru, Kazuyoshi Takayama

375. Properties of energy subtraction images obtained by x rays with sharpened energy spectrum
Masachika Ohshita, Taku Kuramoto, Koji Maeda, Yoshitake Ueda

376. Sharpening of an energy band of diagnostic x-ray spectrum with metal filters
Taku Kuramoto, Masachika Ohshita, Koji Maeda, Yoshitake Ueda

377. Enhanced Magnification Angiography Utilizing a 100-µm-focus Tungsten Tube in Conjunction with Gadolinium-based Contrast Media
Yuichi Sato, Eiichi Sato, Shigeru Ehara, Etsuro Tanaka, Hidezo Mori, Toshiaki Kawai, Takashi Inoue, Akira Ogawa, Kiyomi Takahashi, Shigehiro Sato, Kazuyoshi Takayama

378. Analysis of influence of digital mammography on the individual average glandular dose against screen-film system
Yoshiharu Azuma, S. Goto, T. Sumimoto, Y. Takeda

379. Fractal Analysis of Normal CT Brain Im

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

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IFMBE Proceedings
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