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Location Based Services and TeleCartography

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Table of contents

1. LBS and TeleCartography: About the book
Georg Gartner

Section I. General Aspects

2. Design constraints on operational LBS
Jonathan Raper

3. Location Based Services and GIS in Perspective
Bin Jiang, Xiaobai Yao

4. A Market and User View on LBS
Markus Uhlirz

5. What makes Location-Based Services fail?
Gerhard Navratil, Eva Grum

6. The Transition from Internet to Mobile Mapping
Michael P. Peterson

7. Theory and development of research in ubiquitous mapping
Takashi Morita

Section II. Positioning

8. Positioning LBS to the third dimension
Edward Verbree, Sisi Zlatanova

9. Altitude Determination of a Pedestrian in a Multistorey Building
Günther Retscher

10. Terminal-Centric Location Services in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Rudolf Pailer, Florian Wegscheider, Joachim Fabini

11. WiKaF - A Knowledge-based Kalman-Filter for Pedestrian Positioning
Michael Thienelt, Andreas Eichhorn, Alexander Reiterer

12. Map-independent positioning of land vehicles with causative modified motion equations
Andreas Eichhorn

Section III. Modelling and Awareness

13. Shortest Path Search in Multi-Representation Street Databases
Steffen Volz

14. Region-Based Representation for Assistance with Spatio-Temporal Planning in Unfamiliar Environments
Inessa Seifert, Thomas Barkowsky, Christian Freksa

15. A Logic-Based Foundation for Spatial Relationships in Mobile GIS Environment
Mohammad Reza Malek, Andrew U. Frank, Mahmoud Reza Delavar

16. From Turn-By-Turn Directions to Overview Information on the Way to Take
Kai-Florian Richter

17. Geocoding Japanese Walking Directions using Sidewalk Network Databases
Masatoshi Arikawa, Kouzou Noaki

18. The concept of relevance in mobile maps
Tumasch Reichenbacher

19. A Knowledge-Based Map Adaptation Approach for Mobile Map Services
L. Tiina Sarjakoski, Tommi Koivula, Tapani Sarjakoski

20. A visual editor for OGC SLD files for automating the configuration of WMS and mobile map applications
Albrecht Weiser, Alexander Zipf

21. Towards Orientation-Aware Location Based Mobile Services
Rainer Simon, Harald Kunczier, Hermann Anegg

22. Geo-Services and Computer Vision for Object Awareness in Mobile System Applications
Patrick Luley, Lucas Paletta, Alexander Almer, Mathias Schardt, Josef Ringert

Section IV. Visualisation and Cartographic Communication

23. How to design a pedestrian navigation system for indoor and outdoor environments
Verena Radoczky

24. Dancing_without_gravity: A story of interface design
Ken Francis, Peter Williams

25. Landmarks and the perception of a space in web-delivered 3D-worlds
William Cartwright

26. Comparing the effects of different 3D representations on human wayfinding
Michael Wood, David G. Pearson, Colin Calder

27. An Approach towards Semantics-Based Navigation in 3D City Models on Mobile Devices
Jürgen Döllner, Benjamin Hagedorn, Steffen Schmidt

28. The World as a User Interface: Augmented Reality for Ubiquitous Computing
Dieter Schmalstieg, Gerhard Reitmayr

29. “Anywhere Augmentation”: Towards Mobile Augmented Reality in Unprepared Environments
Tobias Höllerer, Jason Wither, Stephen DiVerdi

30. Open Content Web Mapping Service: A Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Approach
Rex G. Cammack

Section V. Applications

31. Mobile Landscapes: Graz in Real Time
Carlo Ratti, Andres Sevtsuk, Sonya Huang, Rudolf Pailer

32. The Spatial Accuracy of Mobile Positioning: Some experiences with Geographical Studies in Estonia
Rein Ahas, Jaak Laineste, Anto Aasa, Ülar Mark

33. A Framework for Decision-Centred Visualisation in Civil Crisis Management
Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko

34. Providing an Information Infrastructure for Map Based LBS - The approach of the City of Vienna
Erich Wilmersdorf

35. MoGeo: A location-based educational service
David A. Bennett, Marc P. Armstrong, Jerry D. Mount

36. Bata Positioning System - A real time tracking system for the world’s largest relay race
B. J. Köbben, D. Boekestein, S. P. Ekkebus, P. G. Uithol

37. Smartphone-based information and navigation aids for public transport travellers
Karl Rehrl, Nicolas Göll, Sven Leitinger, Stefan Bruntsch, Hans-Jörg Mentz

38. EASYGO — A public transport query and guiding LBS
Lilian S. C. Pun-Cheng, Esmond C. M. Mok, Geoffrey Y. K. Shea, W. Y. Yan

39. Mobile City Explorer: An innovative GPS and Camera Phone Based Travel Assistant for City Tourists
Siegfried Wiesenhofer, Helmut Feiertag, Markus Ray, Lucas Paletta, Patrick Luley, Almer Alexander, Schardt Mathias, Ringert Josef, Paul Beyer

40. Development of Cultural Inheritance Information System using LBS Technologies for Tourists
Byoung-Jun Kang, Yosoon Choi, Hyeong-Dong Park

41. LWD-Infosystem Tirol — visual information about the current avalanche situation via mobile devices
Michaela Kinberger, Karel Kriz, Patrick Nairz

42. Spatial tracking in sport
László Zentai, Antal Guszlev


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