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Multimedia Cartography

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Table of contents

1. Multimedia Cartography
William Cartwright, Michael P. Peterson

2. Development of Multimedia
William Cartwright

3. The Internet and Multimedia Cartography
Michael P. Peterson

4. Development of Multimedia — Mobile and Ubiquitous
Georg Gartner

5. Elements of Multimedia Cartography
Michael P. Peterson

6. Designing Suitable Cartographic Multimedia Presentations
Doris Dransch

7. Design of Multimedia Mapping Products
Suzette Miller

8. Map Concepts in Multimedia Products
Ferjan Ormeling

9. Territorial Evolution of Canada — An Interactive Multimedia Cartographic Presentation
Eva M. Siekierska, Costas Armenakis

10. Wula Na Lnuwe’kati: A Digital Multimedia Atlas
Ken Francis

11. The Atlas of Canada — User Centred Development
R. Eric Kramers

12. Atlas of Switzerland 2 — A highly interactive thematic national atlas
René Sieber, Stefan Huber

13. AIS-Austria — An Atlas Information System of Austria
Karel Kriz, Alexander Pucher, Gernot Katzlberger

14. Toward a New Generation of Community Atlases — The Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica
Peter L. Pulsifer, Sébastien Caquard, D. R. Fraser Taylor

15. The Employment of 3D in Cartography — An Overview
Markus Jobst, Timothy Germanchis

16. Non-Photorealistic 3D Geovisualization
Jürgen Döllner

17. Real-Time Virtual Landscapes
Jürgen Döllner

18. Digital Globes
Andreas Riedl

19. Augmented Reality as a Medium for Cartography
Dieter Schmalstieg, Gerhard Reitmayr

20. Virtual Reality in Urban Planning and Design
Stephen Axford, Garry Keltie, Christine Wallis

21. Education and E-Learning with Virtual Landscapes
Christiane Katterfeld, Volker Paelke, Monika Sester

22. Cartography and the use of animation
Menno-Jan Kraak

23. Multimodal Analytical Visualisation of Spatio-Temporal Data
Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko

24. Games and Geography
Erik Champion

25. Virtual Queenscliff: A Computer Game Approach for Depicting Geography
Timothy Germanchis, William Cartwright, Christopher Pettit

26. Maps and LBS — Supporting wayfinding by cartographic means
Georg Gartner, Verena Radoczky

27. Adaptation in mobile and ubiquitous cartography
Tumasch Reichenbacher

28. A Real-World implementation of Multimedia Cartography in LBS: The Whereis® Mobile Application Suite
Scott Furey, Kirk Mitchell

29. Standards and Open Source for Cartographic Multimedia Applications
Markus Jobst

30. Scalable Vector Graphics and Web Map Publishing
Cristhiane Silva Ramos, W. Cartwright, Rosângela Doin de Almeida

31. Cartographic Approaches to Web Mapping Services
Rex G. Cammack

32. From Mapping Physical and Human Geographies to Mapping ‘Personal Geographies’: Privacy and Security Issues
William Cartwright

33. Location and Access: Issues Enabling Accessibility of Information
Liddy Nevile, Martin Ford

34. Use and Users of Multimedia Cartography
Corné P. J. M. Elzakker, Karen Wealands

35. Future Directions for Multimedia Cartography
D. R. Fraser Taylor, Tracey P. Lauriault

36. Postscript to Multimedia Cartography Edition 2
William Cartwright


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