Ravaioli, U.

Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors

Ravaioli, U. - Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Electron transport in curved low dimensional electron systems
N. Shaji, H. Qin, I. Knezevic, C. Deneke, O. G. Schmidt, M. A. Eriksson, R. H. Blick

2. Fabrication and Characterization of InAs Mesoscopic Devices
M. Koyama, M. Furukawa, H. Ishii, M. Nakai, T. Maemoto, S. Sasa, M. Inoue

3. Nonlinear Effects on Quantum Interference in Electron Billiards
C. A. Marlow, R. P. Taylor, M. Fairbanks, H. Linke

4. Prediction of Entanglement Detection by I-V Characteristics
T. Zibold, P. Vogl, A. Bertoni

5. Simulation of Entanglement Creation for Carrier-Impurity Scattering in a 2D System
P. Bordone, A. Bertoni

6. Super-Poissonian Current Fluctuations in Tunneling Through Coupled Quantum Dots
G. Kießlich, A. Wacker, E. Schöll

7. Ultrafast Formation of Coupled Phonon-Plasmon Modes in InP Observed with Femtosecond Terahertz Spectroscopy
C. Kübler, R. Huber, S. Tübel, F. Köhler, M. -C. Amann, A. Leitenstorfer

8. Optical Coherent Control of Polariton Modes in ZnSe Single-Quantum Wells
I. Kudyk, L. Wischmeier, T. Voss, I. Rückmann, J. Gutowski

9. Optical Properties of Coupled Quantum Disk-Waveguide Structure
M. Yamaguchi, H. Tanaka, M. Yokoi, H. Takagi, N. Sawaki

10. Picosecond Spin-Preserving Carrier Capture in InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots
S. Trumm, M. Wesseli, H. Krenner, D. Schuh, M. Bichler, J. J. Finley, M. Betz

11. Influence of Surfaces on the Pure Dephasing of Quantum Dots
T. Kuhn, B. Krummheuer, V. M. Axt

12. Exploiting the Non-Markovian Nature of Carrier-Phonon Dynamics: Multi-Pulse Control of Decoherence in Quantum Dots
P. Machnikowski, V. M. Axt, T. Kuhn, L. Jacak

13. Numerical Study of Weak Localization Effects in Disordered Cavities
L. Bonci, M. Macucci, G. Iannaccone, M. G. Pala

14. Carrier Scattering by Optical Phonons, Two-Phonon Processes in Photon Absorption, and Spontaneous Polarization in Wurtzites
Mitra Dutta, Gail J. Brown, Dinakar Ramadurai, Dwarakanath Geerpuram, Jiangyong Yang, Babak Kohanpour, Chen Chen, Michael A. Stroscio

15. Terahertz Plasma Oscillations in Nanotransistors
W. Knap, J. Lusakowski

16. High-Intensity THz Radiation From a Large Interdigitated Array Photoconductive Emitter
S. Winnerl, A. Dreyhaupt, F. Peter, D. Stehr, M. Helm, T. Dekorsy

17. Broadband Terahertz Emission From Ion-Implanted Semiconductors
J. Lloyd-Hughes, E. Castro-Camus, M. D. Fraser, H. H. Tan, C. Jagadish, M. B. Johnston

18. THz Collective Real-Space Oscillations of Ballistic Electrons in Wide Parabolic Potential Wells: an Exotic Transport Regime
M. Betz, S. Trumm, M. Eckardt, A. Schwanhäußer, S. Malzer, F. Sotier, A. Leitenstorfer, T. Müller, K. Unterrainer, G. H. Döhler

19. Effect of Injector Doping on Non-Equilibrium Electron Dynamics in Mid-Infrared GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Cascade Lasers
V. D. Jovanovic, D. Indjin, N. Vukmirovic, Z. Ikonic, P. Harrison, E. H. Linfield, H. Page, X. Marcadet, C. Sirtori, C. Worrall, H. Beere, D. A. Ritchie

20. Experimental Investigation of Hot Carriers in THz and Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers
G. Scamarcio, V. Spagnolo, M. S. Vitiello, C. Franco

21. Time- and Spectrally Resolved THz Photoconductivity in Quantum Hall Devices
C. Stellmach, Y. B. Vasilyev, R. Bonk, A. Hirsch, N. G. Kalugin, G. Hein, C. R. Becker, G. Nachtwei

22. Transport Properties and Terahertz Emission in Narrow Minigap GaAs-GaAlAs Superlattices
A. A. Andronov, E. P. Dodin, A. Yu. Klimov, V. V. Rogov, Yu. N. Nozdrin, D. I. Zinchenko, A. A. Marmalyuk, A. A. Padalitsa

23. Investigation of Antenna-Coupled MOM Diodes for Infrared Sensor Applications
Balázs Rakos, Heng Yang, Jeffrey A. Bean, Gary H. Bernstein, Patrick Fay, Árpád I. Csurgay, Wolfgang Porod

24. Transport and Noise in Ultrafast Unipolar Nanodiodes and Nanotransistors
T. González, A. M. Song, B. G. Vasallo, D. Pardo, J. Mateos

25. Monte Carlo Study of Coupled SO Scattering in Si MOSFETs with High ?- Dielectric Gate Stacks: Hot Electron and Disorder Effects
J. R. Barker, J. R. Watling, A. Brown, S. Roy, P. Zeitzoff, G. Bersuker, A. Asenov

26. Implementation of Separable Scattering Mechanisms in Three-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Devices
M. J. Gilbert, R. Akis, D. K. Ferry

27. A 2D-NEGF Quantum Transport Study of Unintentional Charges in a Double Gate Nanotransistor
A. Martinez, J. R. Barker, A. Svizhenko, M. Bescond, M. P. Anantram, A. R. Brown, A. Asenov

28. Wigner Function RTD Simulations with DMS Barriers
H. L. Grubin

29. High Field Transport in GaN and AlGaN/GaN Heterojunction Field Effect Transistors
S. Yamakawa, J. Branlard, M. Saraniti, S. M. Goodnick

30. Impact Ionization and High-Field Electron Transport in GaN
A. Kuligk, N. Fitzer, R. Redmer

31. Studies of High Field Transport in a High-Quality InN Film by Ultrafast Raman Spectroscopy
K. T. Tsen, D. K. Ferry, H. Lu, W. J. Schaff

32. Monte Carlo Investigation of Dynamic Transport in Nitrides
L. Reggiani, P. Shiktorov, E. Starikov, V. Gruzinskis, L. Varani, J. C. Vaissiere, J. P. Nougier

33. High-Field Transport in Nitride Channels: a Hot-Phonon Bottleneck
A. Matulionis, L. F. Eastman, J. Liberis

34. Quantum Transport and Spin Polarization in Strongly Biased Semiconductor Superlattices with Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling
P. Kleinert, V. V. Bryksin

35. Temperature Dependent Transport in Spin Valve Transistor Structures
R. Heer, J. Smoliner, J. Bornemeier, H. Brückl

36. Spin Filtering Effects in a Quantum Point Contact
R. Akis, D. K. Ferry

37. Exchange Effects in the Wigner-Function Approach
E. Cancellieri, P. Bordone, C. Jacoboni

38. Few-Particle Quantum Transmitting Boundary Method: Scattering Resonances Through a Charged 1D Quantum Dot
A. Bertoni, G. Goldoni

39. The R-S Approach to Tunnelling in Nanoscale Devices
M. Rudan, A. Marchi, R. Brunetti, S. Reggiani, E. Gnani

40. Monte Carlo Simulation of Solid-State Thermionic Energy Conversion Devices Based on Non-Planar Heterostructure Interfaces
Z. Bian, A. Shakouri

41. Simulations of Inelastic Tunnelling in Molecular Bridges
A. Gagliardi, G. C. Solomon, A. Pecchia, A. Carlo, T. Frauenheim, J. R. Reimers, N. S. Hush

42. Phonon Effects in Nanotubes: Phase Space Reduction and Electron Conductance
A. Raichura, M. Dutta, M. A. Stroscio

43. Carbon Nanotubes Films for Sensing Applications: From Piezoresistive Sensor to Gas Sensing
M. Lucci, P. Regoliosi, F. Brunetti, A. Reale, A. Carlo, E. Tamburri, A. Fiori, S. Orlanducci, M. L. Terranova, P. Lugli

44. Electro-Thermal Transport in Silicon and Carbon Nanotube Devices
E. Pop, D. Mann, J. Rowlette, K. Goodson, H. Dai

45. Silicon-Based Ion Channel Platforms
S. J. Wilk, L. Petrossian, M. Goryll, J. M. Tang, R. S. Eisenberg, M. Saraniti, S. M. Goodnick, T. J. Thornton

46. Implicit Water Simulations of Non-Equilibrium Charge Transport in Ion Channels
U. Ravaioli, T. A. Straaten, G. Kathawala

47. An Investigation of the Dependence of Ionic Conduction on the Dielectric Properties of Porin
S. J. Aboud, D. Marreiro, M. Saraniti

48. Physical Mechanisms for Ion-Current Levelling Off in the KcsA Channel Through Combined Monte Carlo/Molecular Dynamics Simulations
E. Piccinini, F. Affinito, R. Brunetti, C. Jacoboni, M. Rudan

49. Simulations of the Gramicidin A Channel by Using the TR-PNP Model
S. Hu, K. Hess

50. Phonon Emission and Absorption by Holes in the HOMO Bands of Duplex DNA
T. Yamanaka, M. Dutta, T. Rajh, M. A. Stroscio

51. An Impedance Network Model for the Electrical Properties of a Single-Protein Nanodevice
V. Akimov, E. Alfinito, C. Pennetta, L. Reggiani, J. Minic, T. Gorojankina, E. Pajot-Augy, R. Salesse

52. Field Effect Transistor Constructed of Novel Structure With Short-Period (GaAs)n/(AlAs)m Superlattice
V. T. Trofimov, M. V. Valeiko, N. A. Volchkov, A. I. Toropov, K. S. Zhuravlev, E. V. Kiseleva, S. V. Obolenskii, M. A. Kitaev, V. A. Kozlov

53. Predominance of Geminate Process of Exciton Formation in AlGaAs Layers at Low Excitation
E. V. Kozhemyakina, A. V. Efanov, K. S. Zhuravlev, J. Fuerst, H. Pascher

54. Electron-Distribution Function for the Boltzmann Equation in Semiconductors
O. Muscato

55. Giant Increase of Electron Saturated Drift Velocity in a MODFET Channel
V. G. Mokerov, J. Pozela, K. Pozela, V. Juciene

56. Technological Crossroads: Silicon or III–V for Future Generation Nanotransistors
M. J. Gilbert, D. K. Ferry

57. Optical Phonon Modes and Electron-Phonon Interaction in a Spheroidal Quantum Dot
M. Ishida, M. Yamaguchi, N. Sawaki

58. Terahertz Negative Differential Conductivity in Heterostructures due to Population Inversion and Bunching of Ballistic Electrons
V. A. Kozlov, A. V. Nikolaev, V. A. Verbus

59. Carrier Dynamics of Single ZnO Nanowires
L. Wischmeier, C. Bekeny, T. Voss

60. Traditional Hot-Electron MOS Devices for Novel Optoelectronic Applications
T. Dekorsy, J. Sun, W. Skorupa, M. Helm, L. Rebohle, T. Gebel

61. Investigation of Self- Heating Effects in Individual SOI Devices and Device-Device Interactions
M. Arifuzzaman, D. Vasileska

62. Measurements of the Electrical Excitation of QH-Devices in the Real Time Domain
G. Vasile, Ch. Stellmach, G. Hein, G. Nachtwei

63. Impact Ionization and Avalanche Multiplication in AlGaAs: a Time-Resolved Study
M. Betz, S. Trumm, M. Eckardt, A. Schwanhäußer, F. Sotier, A. Leitenstorfer, M. Hanson, D. Driscoll, A. C. Gossard, S. Malzer, G. H. Döhler

64. Fermi-Dirac Statistics in Monte Carlo Simulations of InGaAs MOSFETs
K. Kalna, L. Yang, A. Asenov

65. Monte Carlo Study of the Suppression of Diffusion Noise
L. Varani, E. Starikov, P. Shiktorov, V. Gruzhinskis, C. Palermo, J. -C. Vaissière, J. -P. Nougier

66. TeraHertz Emission From Nanometric HEMTs Analyzed by Noise Spectra
J. -F. Millithaler, L. Varani, C. Palermo, J. Mateos, T. González, S. Perez, D. Pardo, W. Knap, J. Lusakowski, N. Dyakonova, S. Bollaert, A. Cappy

67. Electron Transport in Novel Sb-based Quantum Cascade Lasers
V. Spagnolo, M. S. Vitiello, G. Scamarcio, D. G. Revin, J. W. Cockburn

68. Quantum Phonon-Limited High-Field Electron Transport in Semiconductors
G. Ferrari, E. Cancellieri, P. Bordone, C. Jacoboni

69. Transit Time and Velocity Distribution Functions in Decananometer Gate-Length SOI MOSFETs
M. J. Martín, R. Rengel

70. Collision of Fano Resonances in a Molecular Ring
E. R. Hedin, A. M. Satanin, Y. S. Joe

71. Simulation of Domain Formation in p-Si/SiGe Quantum Cascade Structures
Z. Ikonic, P. Harrison, R. W. Kelsall

72. Calculation of Optical Gain and Electron Relaxation Rates in Single- and Double-Phonon Resonant Quantum Cascade Lasers in a Magnetic Field
J. Radovanovic, A. Mircetic, V. Milanovic, Z. Ikonic, D. Indjin, P. Harrison, R. W. Kelsall

73. Curvature-Dependent Conductance Resonances in Quantum Cavities
G. J. Meyer, R. H. Blick, I. Knezevic

74. Mid-Infrared Optical Absorption in Germanium Under Intense Laser Fields
H. Furuse, Y. Nakata, H. Kubo, N. Mori

75. Interface Related Radiative Recombination on a Type-II Broken-Gap Single GalnAsSb/InAs Heterojunction
K. A. Korolev, K. D. Moiseev, V. A. Berezovets, M. P. Mikhailova, Yu. P. Yakovlev, R. V. Parfeniev, C. J. Meinning, B. D. McCombe

76. Drift and Diffusion in Superlattices Within the Wannier-Stark Approach
M. Rosini, L. Reggiani

77. Ballistic Transport in Arbitrary Oriented Nanowire MOSFETs
M. Bescond, N. Cavassilas, L. Raymond, A. Asenov

78. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Ultrathin Silicon-on-Insulator
P. P. Zhang, E. Tevaarwerk, B. N. Park, D. E. Savage, G. Celler, I. Knezevic, P. G. Evans, M. A. Eriksson, M. G. Lagally

79. Effect of Regular and Irregular Potential Perturbations in Mesoscopic Cavities
P. Marconcini, M. Macucci

80. Simulation of Electronic/Ionic Mixed Conduction in Solid Ionic Memories
Hyuck In Kwon, Umberto Ravaioli, Jong Duk Lee

81. Full-Band Modeling of Magnetic Semiconductors
S. Beysserie, I. Remond, S. Goodnick, M. Saraniti

82. Cellular Monte Carlo Modeling of AlxIn1-xSb/InSb Quantum Well Transistors
J. Branlard, N. Faralli, T. Dutta-Roy, S. M. Goodnick, D. K. Ferry, S. J. Aboud, M. Saraniti

83. Non-Parabolic Model for the Solution of 2-D Quantum Transverse States Applied to Narrow Conduction Channel Simulation
Z. Yang, A. Godoy, U. Ravaioli, F. Gámiz

84. Self-Consistent Quantum Transport Theory of Carrier Capture in Heterostructures
T. Kubis, A. Trellakis, P. Vogl


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