Bar-Yam, Yaneer

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

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Table of contents

1. Complex Behavior of Simple Systems
Julien Clinton Sprott

2. Thresholds, Bifurcations and Mental Control: An Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Psychotherapy
Keith Warren, Julien C. Sprott

3. Study of Pattern Formation by Peafowl using LEM Multi-Agent Simulator
Anju Dahiya, Serguei Krivov

4. The Contribution Of Complexity Theory To The Study Of Socio-Technical Cooperative Systems
Bernard Pavard, Julie Dugdale

5. Complexity Theory of Art: Recent Investigations
Igor Yevin

6. Complexity, Emergence and Pathophysiology: Using Non-Adaptive Inflammatory Response
Gary An, Irene Ann Lee

7. Self-Organization of Population Structure in Biological Systems
Guy A. Hoelzer

8. Spatial Periodicity in Mycelial Fungi Growth with Respect to Their Life Strategies
Elena Bystrova, Anton Bulianitsa, Ludmila Panina, Evgenia Bogomolova, Vladimir Kurochkin

9. In Search of Scaling in Brain
J. Bhattacharya, P. P. Kanjilal, S. H. Nizamie

10. Co-operation in the Brain in Higher Cognitive Functioning
J. Bhattacharya, H. Petsche, E. Pereda

11. A Complex System for the Visualization of Music
Jack Ox

12. Plasma Experiments with Relevance for Complexity Science
Erzilia Lozneanu, Sebastian Popescu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

13. Ball Lightning as a Self-Organized Complexity
Erzilia Lozneanu, Sebastian Popescu, Mircea Sanduloviciu

14. Self-Organisation in Metabolic Pathways
D J Raine, V Norris

15. Modelling Bacterial Hyperstructures with Cellular Automata
Loïs Sceller, Camille Ripoll, Maurice Demarty, Armelle Cabin-Flamand, Thomas Nyström, Milton Saier, Vic Norris

16. Environmental Complexity: Information For Human-Environment Well-Being
Alice Ware Davidson, Yaneer Bar-Yam

17. Use of an Object-Based Model to Represent Complex Features of Ecosystems
Lael Parrott, Robert Kok

18. Complexity of Predictive Neural Networks
Mark A. Kon, Leszek Plaskota

19. Locating Self-Organization at the Edge of Chaos
Howard A. Blair

20. Strategic Planning Amidst Massive Uncertainty in Complex Adaptive Systems: the Case of Defense Planning
Paul K. Davis

21. Formalizing the Gene Centered View of Evolution
Yaneer Bar-Yam, Hiroki Sayama

22. The Structure of Instantaneous Phase Resetting in a Neural Oscillator
Sorinel A. Oprisan, Carmen C. Canavier

23. On Analysis of the Periodicity Attributes of the Photo-Plethysmograph Signal to Assess the Cardiovascular State
P P Kanjilal, S Bandyopadhyay, J Bhattacharya

24. Pattern Formation by Autonomous Mobile Robots
Paola Flocchini, Giuseppe Prencipe, Nicola Santoro, Peter Widmayer

25. Punctuated equilibrium, modularity, and A-Life
Ravi Jonnal, Anthony Chemero

26. Agent-based Modeling of Disrupted Market Ecologies: A Strategic Tool to Think and Learn With
Michael J. Jacobson, Mary Ann Allison, Glen E. P. Ropella

27. Considerations about universality in phase-ordering of binary liquids
Alexander J. Wagner

28. Complexity and Simplicity in Ecosystems: The case of forest management
Michael Hauhs, Holger Lange, Alois Kastner-Maresch

29. Cell State Dynamics and Tumorigenesis in Boolean Regulatory Networks
Sui Huang

30. The role of spontaneous pattern formation in the creation and maintenance of biological diversity
Hiroki Sayama, Les Kaufman, Yaneer Bar-Yam

31. Developing Understanding of Ecological-Economic Systems
Thomas Maxwell, Robert Costanza, Alexey Voinov, Mattias Ruth

32. Self-Healing Structures in Amorphous Computing
Jeremy Zucker

33. Phase Transitions in the Computational Complexity of “Elementary” Cellular Automata
Sitabhra Sinha

34. Chaotic Dynamics of Tumor Growth and Regeneration
Ceferino Obcemea

35. Language as a Model of Biocomplexity
Sungchul Ji

36. Social Constraints and Cybernetic Explanations
Christina Stoica, Jürgen Klüver


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