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Modern Trends in Geomechanics

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Table of contents

Part I. General Aspects

1. Energy Methods for Constitutive Modelling in Geomechanics
I. F. Collins, A. T. T. Tai

2. Physical Background of Hypoplasticity
Gerd Gudehus

3. Thermodynamics of Porous Continua
G. T. Houlsby, A. M. Puzrin

4. Effective Stress Formulation of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
F. Molenkamp

5. Progress in Binary Medium Modeling of Geological Materials
Z.-J. Shen

Part II. Constitutive Modelling

6. Generic Constitutive Ingredients in CSSM Models for Sands
Y. F. Dafalias, A. G. Papadimitriou, X. S. LI, M. T. Manzari

7. State Boundary Surface in Hypoplasticity
D. Mašín, I. Herle

8. Modelling of Bonded Soils with Unstable Structure
R. Nova

9. An Evaluation of Different Constitutive Models to Predict the Directional Response of a Reconstituted Fine-Grained Soil
C. Tamagnini, D. Mašin, D. Costanzo, G. Viggiani

10. Two Elastoplastic Models for Small and Large Strains and Their Use in Engineering Practise
P. A. Vermeer, R. Schwab, T. Benz

11. Elastic Visco-Plastic Models for the Time-Dependent Stress–Strain Behaviour of Geomaterials
J.-H. Yin

Part III. Micromechanics

12. Micro-Polar Effects under Monotonic and Cyclic Shearing
E. Bauer, J. Tejchman, S. F. Tantono, W. Huang

13. Modeling the Post-localization Regime with Local Second Gradient Models: Non-uniqueness of Solutions and Nonpersistent Shear Bands
P. Bésuelle, R. Chambon

14. Confined Compression and Rod Penetration of a Dense Granular Medium: Discrete Element Modelling and Validation
Y. C. Chung, J. Y. Ooi

15. Application of Discrete Element Method to Geomechanics
M. Jiang, H.-S. Yu

16. The Role of Particle Crushing in Granular Materials
G. R. McDowell

17. Micromechanical Study of Damage and Permeability Variation in Brittle Rocks
J. J. Zhou, J. F. Shao, D. Lydzba

Part IV. Analytical and Numerical Methods

18. Hydrologically Driven Slope Failure Initiation in Variably Saturated Porous Media
R. I. Borja, G. Oettl, B. A. Ebel, K. Loague

19. A Survey of Some Mathematical Results for Highly Frictional Granular Materials
G. M. Cox, N. Thamwattana, J. M. Hill

20. Double-Slip and Spin: Dilatant Shear in a Reduced Cosserat Model
D. Harris

21. The Linear Matching Method for Limit and Shakedown Analysis
A. R. S. Ponter, M. Boulbibane

22. On Recent Analytical Results for Advective Transport in Fluid-Saturated Porous Media
A. P. S. Selvadurai

Part V. Granular Materials: Theory and Experiment

23. Unusual Soil Behaviour and its Challenge to Constitutive Modelling
J. Chu

24. Histotropy of Hostun RF Loose Sand
T. Doanh, Z. Finge, S. Boucq, Ph. Dubujet

25. Incremental Nonlinearity in Phenomenological and Multiscale Constitutive Relations
F. Nicot, F. Darve

26. Long-term Deformations in Soils due to Cyclic Loading
A. Niemunis, T. Wichtmann, T. Triantafyllidis

27. On the Factors Affecting the Formation of Shear Band Systems in Non-Cohesive Soils Under Extensional Strain
T. Triantafyllidis, H. Wolf, D. König

28. Acceleration Waves in Hypoplasticity - 2D Analysis
B. Weingartner, V. A. Osinov, W. Wu

Part VI. Engineering Applications

29. Static and Cyclic Behavior of a Silty Sand According to Tests on Undisturbed Samples
A. B. Huang, Y. T. Huang

30. The Role of Analysis in Non-Displacement Pile Design
R. Salgado

31. Assessment of Uncertainties in Wellbore Stability Analysis
Y. Sheng, D. Reddish, Z. Lu


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