Feil, Robert

Conditional Mutagenesis: An Approach to Disease Models

Feil, Robert - Conditional Mutagenesis: An Approach to Disease Models, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Tools for Conditional Mutagenesis

1. Conditional Somatic Mutagenesis in the Mouse Using Site-Specific Recombinases
R. Feil

2. Cre/loxP-Mediated Chromosome Engineering of the Mouse Genome
V. Brault, V. Besson, L. Magnol, A. Duchon, Y. Hérault

3. Tetracycline-Controlled Genetic Switches
R. Sprengel, M. T. Hasan

4. Novel Gene Switches
W. Weber, M. Fussenegger

5. Improved Embryonic Stem Cell Technologies
J. S. Drape, A. Nagy

6. Gene Trap Mutagenesis
A. Abuin, G. M. Hansen, B. Zambrowicz

7. RNA Interference in Mice
R. Kühn, S. Streif, W. Wurst

8. Viral Vectors: A Wide Range of Choices and High Levels of Service
P. Osten, V. Grinevich, A. Cetin

9. Conditional Mutagenesis by Cell-Permeable Proteins: Potential, Limitations and Prospects
C. Patsch, F. Edenhofer

Part II. Examples of Conditional Disease Models

10. Analysis of Mouse Development with Conditional Mutagenesis
M. Lewandoski

11. Conditional Mouse Models of Cancer
D. Vignjevic, S. Fre, D. Louvard, S. Robine

12. Conditional Mutagenesis Reveals Immunological Functions of Widely Expressed Genes: Activation Thresholds, Homeostatic Mechanisms and Disease Models
J. Roes

13. Conditional Transgenesis and Recombination to Study the Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Plasticity and Memory
K. Baumgärtel, C. Fernández, T. Johansson, I. M. Mansuy

14. A Novel Conditional Knockout Strategy Applied to Serotonin Receptors
K. L. Stark, C. Gross, J. Richardson-Jones, X. Zhuang, R. Hen

15. Conditional Mouse Models for Friedreich Ataxia, a Neurodegenerative Disorder Associating Cardiomyopathy
H. Puccio

16. Animal Models in Cardiovascular Diseases: New Insights from Conditional Models
A. Nguyen Din Cat, Y. Sainte-Marie, F. Jaisser

17. Conditional Animal Models for the Study of Lipid Metabolism and Lipid Disorders
H. H. Bock, J. Herz, P. May

18. Conditional Mouse Models to Study Developmental and Pathophysiological Gene Function in Muscle
B. R. Wamhoff, S. Sinha, G. K. Owens

19. Analysis of Calcium Channels by Conditional Mutagenesis
S. Moosmang, T. Kleppisch, J. Wegener, A. Welling, F. Hofmann

20. Conditional Mutagenesis of G-Protein Coupled Receptors and G-Proteins
S. Offermanns

21. Contribution of Targeted Conditional Somatic Mutagenesis to Deciphering Retinoid X Receptor Functions and to Generating Mouse Models of Human Diseases
D. Metzger, P. Chambon


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