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Proceedings of the 15th International Meshing Roundtable

Proceedings of the 15th International Meshing Roundtable


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Table of contents

Session 1A. 2D Meshing

1. Non-Local Topological Clean-Up
Guy Bunin

2. Quad-Dominant Mesh Adaptation Using Specialized Simplicial Optimization
Ko-Foa Tchon, Ricardo Camarero

3. Mesh Modification Under Local Domain Changes
Narcís Coll, Marité Guerrieri, J. Antoni Sellarès

4. The Cost of Compatible Refinement of Simplex Decomposition Trees
F. Betul Atalay, David M. Mount

Session 1B. Applications

5. Patient-Specific Vascular NURBS Modeling for Isogeometric Analysis of Blood Flow
Yongjie Zhang, Yuri Bazilevs, Samrat Goswami, Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Thomas J.R. Hughes

6. Rapid Meshing of Turbomachinery Rows Using Semi-Unstructured Conformal Grids
Manuel A. Burgos, Roque Corral, Jaime Fernández-Castañeda, Carlos López

7. Hybrid Mesh Generation for Viscous Flow Simulation
Yuanli Wang, Samuel Murgie

8. of Forming Processes in Three Dimensions A Remeshing Procedure for Numerical Simulation
L. Giraud-Moreau, H. Borouchaki, A. Cherouat

Session 2. Mesh Adaptation

9. A Solution-Based Adaptive Redistribution Method for Unstructured Meshes
Yasushi Ito, Alan M. Shih, Roy P. Koomullil, Bharat K. Soni

10. Analysis of Hessian Recovery Methods for Generating Adaptive Meshes
Konstantin Lipnikov, Yuri Vassilevski

11. Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Evolving Triangulated Surfaces
Xiangmin Jiao, Andrew Colombi, Xinlai Ni, John C. Hart

12. Multi-Dimensional Continuous Metric for Mesh Adaptation
Frédéric Alauzet, Adrien Loseille, Alain Dervieux, Pascal Frey

13. How Efficient are Delaunay Refined Meshes? An Empirical Study
Bruce Simpson

Session 3A. Mesh Optimization

14. Small Polyhedron Reconnection: A New Way to Eliminate Poorly-Shaped Tetrahedra
Jianfei Liu, Shuli Sun

15. Optimal Mesh for P
1 Interpolation in H
1 Seminorm
Jean-François Lagüe, Frédéric Hecht

16. Mesh Smoothing Based on Riemannian Metric Non-Conformity Minimization
Yannick Sirois, Julien Dompierre, Marie-Gabrielle Vallet, François Guibault

17. On Asymptotically Optimal Meshes by Coordinate Transformation
Guillermo D. Cañas, Steven J. Gortler

Session 3B. Meshing Algorithms

18. High Quality Bi-Linear Transfinite Meshing with Interior Point Constraints
Nilanjan Mukherjee

19. Implementation in ALBERTA of an Automatic Tetrahedral Mesh Generator
R. Montenegro, J.M. Cascón, J.M. Escobar, E. Rodríguez, G. Montero

20. Sparse Voronoi Refinement
Benoít Hudson, Gary Miller, Todd Phillips

Session 4. Geometry

21. Volume and Feature Preservation in Surface Mesh Optimization
Xiangmin Jiao

22. for Surrogate Geometry On the Use of Loop Subdivision Surfaces
Per-Olof Persson, Michael J. Aftosmis, Robert Haimes

23. Surface Mesh Generation for Dirty Geometries by Shrink Wrapping using Cartesian Grid Approach
Y. K. Lee, Chin K. Lim, Hamid Ghazialam, Harsh Vardhan, Erling Eklund

24. A Hole-Filling Algorithm for Triangular Meshes Using Local Radial Basis Function
John Branch, Flavio Prieto, Pierre Boulanger

Session 5A. Hexahedral Meshing

25. A Constructive Approach to Constrained Hexahedral Mesh Generation
Carlos D. Carbonera, Jason F. Shepherd, Jason F. Shepherd

26. Automatic Hexahedral Mesh Generation with Feature Line Extraction
Masayuki Hariya, Ichiro Nishigaki, Ichiro Kataoka, Yoshimitsu Hiro

27. Unconstrained Paving and Plastering: Progress Update
Matthew L. Staten, Robert A. Kerr, Steven J. Owen, Ted D. Blacker

28. An Automatic and General Least-Squares Projection Procedure for Sweep Meshing
Xevi Roca, Josep Sarrate

Session 5B. Delaunay Meshing

29. On Refinement of Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations
Hang Si

30. Smooth Delaunay-Voronoï Dual Meshes for Co-Volume Integration Schemes
Igor Sazonov, Oubay Hassan, Kenneth Morgan, Nigel P. Weatherill

31. A Study on Delaunay Terminal Edge Method
Maria-Cecilia Rivara

32. Generalized Delaunay Mesh Refinement: From Scalar to Parallel
Andrey N. Chernikov, Nikos P. Chrisochoides

Keywords: Engineering, Numerical and Computational Methods in Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Applications of Mathematics, Simulation and Modeling, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics

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