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Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channels

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction on TRP Channels
V. Flockerzi

Part I. TRPC Channel Subfamily

2. TRPC1 Ca2+-Permeable Channels in Animal Cells
G. Rychkov, G. J. Barritt

3. TRPC2: Molecular Biology and Functional Importance
E. Yildirim, L. Birnbaumer

4. TRPC3: A Multifunctional, Pore-Forming Signalling Molecule
P. Eder, M. Poteser, K. Groschner

5. Ionic Channels Formed by TRPC4
A. Cavalié

6. Canonical Transient Receptor Potential 5
D. J. Beech

7. TRPC6
A. Dietrich, T. Gudermann

8. TRPC7
T. Numaga, M. Wakamori, Y. Mori

Part II. TRPV Channel Subfamily

9. Capsaicin Receptor: TRPV1 A Promiscuous TRP Channel
S. C. Pingle, J. A. Matta, G. P. Ahern

10. 2-Aminoethoxydiphenyl Borate as a Common Activator of TRPV1, TRPV2, and TRPV3 Channels
C. K. Colton, M. X. Zhu

11. TRPV4
T. D. Plant, R. Strotmann

12. TRPV5, the Gateway to Ca2+ Homeostasis
A. R. Mensenkamp, J. G. J. Hoenderop, R. J. M. Bindels

13. TRPV6
U. Wissenbach, B. A. Niemeyer

Part III. TRPM Channel Subfamily

14. TRPM2
J. Eisfeld, A. Lückhoff

15. TRPM3
J. Oberwinkler, S. E. Philipp

16. Insights into TRPM4 Function, Regulation and Physiological Role
R. Vennekens, B. Nilius

17. TRPM5 and Taste Transduction
E. R. Liman

18. TRPM6: A Janus-Like Protein
M. Bödding

19. The Mg2+ and Mg2+-Nucleotide-Regulated Channel-Kinase TRPM7
R. Penner, A. Fleig

20. TRPM8
T. Voets, G. Owsianik, B. Nilius

Part IV. Other TRP Channels

21. TRPA1
J. García-Añoveros, K. Nagata

22. TRPP2 Channel Regulation
R. Witzgall

Part V. TRP Proteins and Specific Cellular Functions

23. Know Thy Neighbor: A Survey of Diseases and Complex Syndromes that Map to Chromosomal Regions Encoding TRP Channels
J. Abramowitz, L. Birnbaumer

24. TRP Channels of the Pancreatic Beta Cell
D. A. Jacobson, L. H. Philipson

25. TRP Channels in Platelet Function
K. S. Authi

26. TRP Channels in Lymphocytes
E. C. Schwarz, M. -J. Wolfs, S. Tonner, A. S. Wenning, A. Quintana, D. Griesemer, M. Hoth

27. Link Between TRPV Channels and Mast Cell Function
H. Turner, K. A. Carmen, A. Stokes

28. TRPV Channels’ Role in Osmotransduction and Mechanotransduction
W. Liedtke

29. Nociception and TRP Channels
M. Tominaga

Part VI. TRP Proteins — Integrators of Multiple Inputs

30. Regulation of TRP Ion Channels by Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-Bisphosphate
F. Qin

31. TRPC, cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinases and Cytosolic Ca2+
X. Yao

32. Trafficking of TRP Channels: Determinants of Channel Function
I. S. Ambudkar

33. TRPC Channels: Interacting Proteins
K. Kiselyov, D. M. Shin, J. -Y. Kim, J. P. Yuan, S. Muallem

34. TRPC Channels: Integrators of Multiple Cellular Signals
J. Soboloff, M. Spassova, T. Hewavitharana, L. -P. He, P. Luncsford, W. Xu, K. Venkatachalam, D. Rossum, R. L. Patterson, D. L. Gill

35. Phospholipase C-Coupled Receptors and Activation of TRPC Channels
M. Trebak, L. Lemonnier, J. T. Smyth, G. Vazquez, J. W. Putney

36. Erratum


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