Klenke, Reinhard A.

Human - Wildlife Conflicts in Europe

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Table of contents

1. Policy Brief
Klaus Henle, Andreas Kranz, Reinhard A. Klenke, Irene Ring

2. Introduction
Klaus Henle, Irene Ring, Reinhard A. Klenke, Andreas Kranz, Niels Jepsen, Felix Rauschmayer

Part I. Lessons Learned from the Analysis of Model Conflicts

3. Baltic Seal Reconciliation in Practice
Karl Bruckmeier, Håkan Westerberg, Riku Varjopuro

4. Reconciliation of the Conflict Between Otters and Fish Farmers
Margarida Santos-Reis, Rui Santos, Paula Antunes, Teresa Sales-Luís, Jorge Gomes, Dália Freitas, Luisa Madruga

5. Otters Causing Conflicts
Kateřina Poledníková, Andreas Kranz, Lukáš Poledník, Jaroslav Myšiak

6. Otters in Saxony: A Story of Successful Conflict Resolution
Reinhard Klenke, Irene Ring, Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Randi Habighorst, Vivien Weiss, Heidi Wittmer, Bernd Gruber, Simone Lampa, Klaus Henle

7. Comparative Analysis of the Conflicts Between Carp Pond Farming and the Protection of Otters (Lutra lutra) in Upper Lusatia and South Bohemia
Jaroslav Myšiak, Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Irene Ring

8. Cormorants in Denmark
Niels Jepsen, Thomas Olesen

9. Screening the Cormorant Conflict on the European Level
Felix Rauschmayer, Vivien Weiss

10. The Golden Eagle Compensation Scheme in Finland as an Example of Incentive Measures
Leila Suvantola

Part II. A Generic Framework for the Development of Conflict Reconciliation Action Plans

11. Module 1: Screening of the Conflict
Andreas Kranz, Felix Rauschmayer, Irene Ring

12. Module 2: Wildlife Abundance and Habitat
Margarida Santos-Reis, Reinhard Klenke, Klaus Henle

13. Module 3: Diet and Damage Assessment
Håkan Westerberg, Klaus Henle

14. Module 4: Legal and Institutional Framework
Jukka Similä, Riku Varjopuro, Randi Habighorst, Irene Ring

15. Module 5: Regional Economics and Policy Analysis
Rui Santos, Paula Antunes, Irene Ring

16. Module 6: Stakeholder Analysis
Douglas Clyde Kongshøj Wilson

17. Module 7: Ecological Mitigation
Andreas Kranz

18. Module 8: Management and Viability of Target Species: Modeling and Monitoring
Karin Frank, Peter M. Alberti, Klaus Henle, Reinhard Klenke

19. Module 9: Development of Policy Instruments
Irene Ring, Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Rui Santos

20. Module 10: Designing Participatory Decision Strategies
Felix Rauschmayer

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Biogeosciences, Nature Conservation, Environmental Management, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

Publication year
Environmental Science and Engineering
Page amount
14 pages
Natural Sciences

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