Reusch, Bernd

Computational Intelligence, Theory and Applications

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Table of contents

1. From Search Engines to Question-Answering Systems: The Problems of World Knowledge, Relevance, Deduction, and Precisiation
Lotfi A. Zadeh

2. A Fuzzy Approach to Optimal R&D Project Portfolio Selection
Christer Carlsson, Robert Fullér, Péter Majlender

3. Choquet Integration and Correlation Matrices in Fuzzy Inference Systems
R. A. Marques Pereira, P. Serra, R. A. Ribeiro

4. Linguistic Summarization of Some Static and Dynamic Features of Consensus Reaching
Janusz Kacprzyk, Slawomir Zadrozzny, Anna Wilbik

5. Consistency for Nonadditive Measures: Analytical and Algebraic Methods
Antonio Maturo, Massimo Squillante, Aldo Ventre

6. Neuro-Fuzzy Kolmogorov's Network with a Modified Perceptron Learning Rule for Classification Problems
Vitaliy Kolodyazhniy, Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Valeriya Poyedyntseva, Andreas Stephan

7. A Self-Tuning Controller for Teleoperation System using Evolutionary Learning Algorithms in Neural Networks
Habib Allah Talavatifard, Kamran Razi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

8. A Neural-Based Method for Choosing Embedding Dimension in Chaotic Time Series Analysis
Sepideh J. Rastin, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

9. On Classification of Some Hopfield-Type Learning Rules via Stability Measures
Mohammad Reza Rajati, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

10. A New Genetic Based Algorithm for Channel Assignment Problems
Seyed Alireza Ghasempour Shirazi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

11. Max-Product Fuzzy Relational Equations as Inference Engine for Prediction of Textile Yarn Properties
Yordan Kyosev, Ketty Peeva, Ingo Reinbach, Thomas Gries

12. Automatic Defects Classification and Feature Extraction Optimization
Bernd Kuhlenkötter, Carsten Krewet, Xiang Zhang

13. Short-Term Load Forecasting in Power System Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine
Ganyun LV, Xiaodong Wang, Yuanyuan Jin

14. Fifteen Years of Fuzzy Logic in Dortmund
R. Mesiar, Vilém Novák

15. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
R. Parvathi, M. G. Karunambigai

16. On Some Intuitionistic Properties of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Implications and Negations
Trifon A. Trifonov, Krassimir T. Atanassov

17. On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Negations
Krassimir T. Atanassov

18. A Simulation Model for Trust and Reputation System Evaluation in a P2P Network
Roberto Aringhieri, Daniele Bonomi

19. A Fuzzy Trust Model Proposal to Ensure the Identity of a User in Time
Antonia Azzini, Stefania Marrara

20. Quantification of the Effectiveness of the Markov Model for Trustworthiness Prediction
Farookh Khadeer Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam S. Dillon

21. Fuzzy-Genetic Methodology for Web-based Computed-Aided Diagnosis in Medical Applications
F. Toro, J. Aroba, J. M. Lopez

22. Weight Optimization for Loan Risk Estimation with Genetic Algorithm
Irina Lovtsova

23. A Fuzzy Feature Extractor Neural Network and its Application in License Plate Recognition
Modjtaba Rouhani

24. Nearest Interval Approximation of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Number
Adrian I. Ban

25. On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Expert Systems With Temporal Parameters
Panagiotis Chountas, Evdokiya Sotirova, Boyan Kolev, Krassimir Atanassov

26. Generalized Fuzzy Cardinalities of IF Sets
Pavol Král

27. Towards Usage Policies for Fuzzy Inference Methodologies for Trust and QoS Assessment
Stefan Schmidt, Robert Steele, Tharam S. Dillon

28. Simulating a Trust-Based Peer-to-Peer Metadata Publication Center
Paolo Ceravolo, Alessio Curcio, Ernesto Damiani, Micol Pinelli

29. The Complex Facets of Reputation and Trust
Karl Aberer, Zoran Despotovic, Wojciech Galuba, Wolfgang Kellerer

30. Fuzzy Covering Relation and Ordering: An Abstract Approach
Branimir Šešelja

31. Measures of Differentiability
Martin Kalina, Alexander Šostak

32. Lipschitz Continuity of Triangular Norms
Andrea Mesiaro´

33. Formal Models of Knowledge Operators: Rough-Set-Style and Fuzzy-Set-Style Approaches
Ewa Orlowska

34. Using a Fuzzy Model for Combining Search Results from Different Information Sources to Build a Metasearch Engine
Wiratna S. Wiguna, Juan J. Fernández-iébar, Ana García-Serrano

35. Some Fuzzy Counterparts of the Language uses of And and Or
Sergio Guadarrama, Eloy Renedo, Enric Trillas

36. Fuzzy Sets Versus Language
Enric Trillas, Eloy Renedo, Sergio Guadarrama

37. Some Properties of Fuzzy Languages
Claudio Moraga

38. General Form of Lattice Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Andreja Tepavçevic, Marijana Gorjanac Ranitovic

39. A Note on Generated Pseudo-Operations with Two Parameters as a base for the Generalized Pseudo-Laplace Type Transform
Ivana Štajner-Papuga

40. Fuzzy All-Pairs Shortest Paths Problem
Miloš šeda

41. Optimal Toll Charges in a Fuzzy Flow Problem
Stephan Dempe, Tatiana Starostina

42. Modified Interval Global Weights in AHP
Tomoe Entani, Hideo Tanaka

43. Fuzzy Approaches to Trust Management
Elizabeth Chang, Ernesto Damiani, Tharam S. Dillon

44. Proposal of Holographic 3D-Movie Generation Using Coherent Neural-Network Interpolation
Akira Hirose, Tomoaki Higo

45. Blur Identification Using Neural Network for Image Restoration
Igor Aizenberg, Dmitriy Paliy, Claudio Moraga, Jaakko Astola

46. Solving the Parity n Problem and Other Nonlinearly Separable Problems Using a Single Universal Binary Neuron
Igor Aizenberg

47. Some Novel Real/Complex-Valued Neural Network Models
Ramamurthy Garimella

48. Extending the Fuzzy Rule Interpolation "FIVE" by Fuzzy Observation
Szilveszter Kovács

49. Fuzzy Rule Interpolation Based on Polar Cuts
Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, Szilveszter Kovács

50. Approximate Reasoning Using Fodor's Implication
Adrian Giurca, Ion Iancu

51. Brain-, Gene-, and Quantum-Inspired Computational Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities
Nikola Kasabov

52. Incremental Learning for E-mail Classification
Sigita Misina

53. Reduction of Search Space for Instance-Based Classifier Combination
Anatoly Sukov, Arkady Borisov

54. Linguistic Matrix Aggregation Operators: Extensions of the Borda Rule
José Luis García-Lapresta, Bonifacio Llamazares, Miguel Martínez-Panero

55. An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Biobjective QAP
Istvan Borgulya

56. On a Hill-Climbing Algorithm with Adaptive Step Size: Towards a Control Parameter-Less Black-Box Optimisation Algorithm
Lars Nolle

57. Self-Adaptive Baldwinian Search in Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
Tarek A. El-Mihoub, Adrian A. Hopgood, Lars Nolle, Alan Battersby

58. Intragenerational Mutation Shape Adaptation
Stefan Berlik, Bernd Reusch

59. The Choquet-Integral as an Aggregation Operator in Case-Based Learning
Eyke Hüllermeier

60. Fuzzy Sets and Multicriteria Decision Making
R. Mesiar

61. Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jerzy Martyna

62. Outlier Resistant Recursive Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms
Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Illya Kokshenev, Yevgen Gorshkov, Vitaliy Kolodyazhniy

63. Fuzzy Set Theory – 40 Years of Foundational Discussions
Siegfried Gottwald

64. Fuzzy Control – Expectations, Current State, and Perspectives
Mirko Navara, Milan Petrík

65. Fuzzy Sets in Categories of Sets with Similarity Relations
Jirí Mockor

66. Fuzzy Sets as a Special Mathematical Model of Vagueness Phenomenon
Vilém Novák

67. Fuzzy IF-THEN Rules from Logical Point of View
Irina Perfilieva

68. Synthesizing Adaptive Navigational Robot Behaviours Using a Hybrid Fuzzy A* Approach
Antony P. Gerdelan, Napoleon H. Reyes

69. Fuzzy Impulse Noise Reduction Methods for Color Images
Stefan Schulte, Mike Nachtegael, Valérie Witte, Dietrich Weken, Etienne E. Kerre

70. Use of Variable Fuzzy Sets Methods for Desertification Evaluation
Wu Li, Guo Yu, Chen Shouyu, Zhou Huicheng

71. A Fuzzy Ultrasonic System for Estimating Degradation of Insulating Oil
Yutaka Hata, Kensuke Iseri, Syoji Kobashi, Katsuya Kondo, Kazuhiko Taniguchi

72. A Genetic Algorithm-Based Fuzzy Inference System in Prediction of Wave Parameters
M. Zanganeh, S. J. Mousavi, A. Etemad-Shahidi

73. Estimation of Degree of Polymerisation and Residual Age of Transformers Based on Furfural Levels in Insulating Oil Through Generalized Regression Neural Networks
K. S. Madhavan, T. S. R. Murthy, R. Sethuraman

74. Fuzzy Shortest Paths in Fuzzy Graphs
Amir Baniamerian, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj

75. Improving Vegas Algorithm Using PID and Fuzzy PID Controllers
Aria Shahingohar, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj, Mehdi Karrari, Mohammad Hossein Yaghamae

76. A Fuzzy-Based Automation Level Analysis in Irrigation Equipment
Mohsen Davoudi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj, Mehdi Davoudi

77. Motorized Skateboard Stabilization Using Fuzzy Controller
Mohsen Davoudi, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj, Mehdi Davoudi


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