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Offshore Wind Energy

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Table of contents

1. Offshore Wind Energy Use
Udo Paschedag

2. Strategy of the German Government
Cornelia Viertl

3. Legal Framework Conditions for the Licensing of Offshore Wind Farms
Guido Wustlich, Michael Heugel

4. Protection of the Marine Nature and Environment
Thomas Merck

5. Ecological Research Initiated by the German Federal Government in the North and Baltic Seas
Joachim Kutscher

6. Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena): Investigation of Density, Distribution Patterns, Habitat Use and Acoustics in the German North and Baltic Seas
Ursula Siebert, Harald Benke, Guido Dehnhardt, Anita Gilles, Wolf Hanke, Christopher G Honnef, Klaus Lucke, Stefan Ludwig, Meike Scheidat, Ursula K Verfuß

7. Distribution of Harbour Seals in the German Bight in Relation to Offshore Wind Power Plants
Dieter Adelung, Mandy A M Kierspel, Nikolai Liebsch, Gabriele Müller, Rory P Wilson

8. Research on Marine Mammals Summary and Discussion of Research Results
Barbara Frank

9. Bird Migration and Offshore Wind Turbines
Ommo Hüppop, Jochen Dierschke, Klaus-Michael Exo, Elvira Fredrich, Reinhold Hill

10. Possible Conflicts between Offshore Wind Farms and Seabirds in the German Sectors of North Sea and Baltic Sea
Volker Dierschke, Stefan Garthe, Bettina Mendel

11. Distribution and Assemblages of Fish Species in the German Waters of North and Baltic Seas and Potential Impact of Wind Parks
Siegfried Ehrich, Matthias H F Kloppmann, Anne F Sell, Uwe Böttcher

12. Benthos in the Vicinity of Piles: FINO 1 (North Sea)
Alexander Schröder, Covadonga Orejas, Tanja Joschko

13. The Impact of Wind Engine Constructions on Benthic Growth Patterns in the Western Baltic
Michael L Zettler, Falk Pollehne

14. Effect of Electromagnetic Fields on Marine Organisms
Ralf Bochert, Michael L Zettler

15. Installation and Operation of the Research Platform FINO 1 in the North Sea
Gundula Fischer

16. Standard Procedures for the Determination and Assessment of Noise Impact on Sea Life by Offshore Wind Farms
Karl-Heinz Elmer, Wolf-Jürgen Gerasch, Thomas Neumann, Joachim Gabriel, Klaus Betke, Rainer Matuschek, Manfred Schultz - von Glahn

17. Collisions of Ships with Offshore Wind Turbines: Calculation and Risk Evaluation
Florian Biehl, Eike Lehmann

18. Environmental Impact Assessment in the Approval of Offshore Wind Farms in the German Exclusive Economic Zone
Julia Köller, Johann Köppel, Wolfgang Peters

19. European Review of Environmental Research on Offshore Wind Energy
Elke Bruns, Ines Steinhauer

20. Conclusion and Perspective
Julia Köller, Johann Köppel, Wolfgang Peters


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