Burghardt, Irene

Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems

Burghardt, Irene - Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Complex Molecular Phenomena

1. Photoexcitation Dynamics on the Nanoscale
O. V. Prezhdo, W. R. Duncan, C. F. Craig, S. V. Kilina, B. F. Habenicht

2. Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in Molecular Systems
B. Brüggemann, D. Tsivlin, V. May

3. Exciton and Charge-Transfer Dynamics in Polymer Semiconductors
Eric R. Bittner, John Glen S. Ramon

4. Dynamics of Resonant Electron Transfer in the Interaction Between an Atom and a Metallic Surface
J. P. Gauyacq, A. G. Borisov

5. Nonadiabatic Multimode Dynamics at Symmetry-Allowed Conical Intersections
H. Köppel

6. Non-Markovian Dynamics at a Conical Intersection: Ultrafast Excited-State Processes in the Presence of an Environment
I. Burghardt

7. Density Matrix Treatment of Electronically Excited Molecular Systems: Applications to Gaseous and Adsorbate Dynamics
D. A. Micha, A. Leathers, B. Thorndyke

8. Quantum Dynamics of Ultrafast Molecular Processes in a Condensed Phase Environment
M. Thoss, I. Kondov, H. Wang

Part II. New Methods for Quantum Molecular Dynamics in Large Systems

9. Decoherence in Combined Quantum Mechanical and Classical Mechanical Methods for Dynamics as Illustrated for Non-Born–Oppenheimer Trajectories
Donald G. Truhlar

10. Time-Dependent, Direct, Nonadiabatic, Molecular Reaction Dynamics
Y. Öhrn, E. Deumens

11. The Semiclassical Initial Value Series Representation of the Quantum Propagator
Eli Pollak

12. Quantum Statistical Dynamics with Trajectories
G. Ciccotti, D. F. Coker, Raymond Kapral

13. Quantum–Classical Reaction Rate Theory
G. Hanna, H. Kim, R. Kapral

14. Linearized Nonadiabatic Dynamics in the Adiabatic Representation
D. F. Coker, S. Bonella

15. Atom–Surface Diffraction: A Quantum Trajectory Description
A. S. Sanz, S. Miret-Artés

16. Hybrid Quantum/Classical Dynamics Using Bohmian Trajectories
C. Meier, J. A. Beswick

17. Quantum Hydrodynamics and a Moment Approach to Quantum–Classical Theory
I. Burghardt, K. B. Møller, K. H. Hughes


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