Christen, Yves

Insights into Receptor Function and New Drug Development Targets

Christen, Yves - Insights into Receptor Function and New Drug Development Targets, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Molecular and functional diversity of the TRPC family of ion channels. TRPC channels and their role in ROCE/SOCE
Lutz Birnbaumer, Eda Yildirim, Yanhong Liao, Joel Abramowitz

2. Functional Rescue of Misfolded Receptor Mutants
Shaun P. Brothers, P. Michael Conn

3. Obesity-related mutations of leptin and melanocortin receptors
Cécile Lubrano, Béatrice Dubern, Karine Clément

4. cAMP- and cGMP-dependent control of lipolysis and lipid mobilization in humans: putative targets for fat cell management
Max Lafontan, Michel Berlan, Coralie Sengenes, Cédric Moro, François Crampes, Jean Galitzky

5. Central Neuropeptide Receptors Involved in Water Balance: Application to Apelin
X. Iturrioz, A. Reaux-Le Goazigo, A. Hus-Citharel, N. Mota, L. Bodineau, A. Frugière, S. Messari, N. Chartrel, C. Kordon, A. Beaudet, H. Vaudry, F. Moos, C. Llorens-Cortes

6. Targeting regulators of G protein signaling (RGS proteins) to enhance agonist specificity
Richard R. Neubig

7. Dimeric GPCRs: what did we learn from the metabotropic glutamate receptors?
J. P. Pin, C. Goudet, J. Kniazeff, V. Hlavackova, C. Brock, V. Binet, D. Maurel, P. Rondard, J. Blahos, L. Prezeau

8. Guiding principles applied in the design of GPCR-selective hypothalamic hormone agonists and antagonists
J. Rivier, J. Gulyas, J. Erchegyi, S. C. Koerber, C. R. R. Grace, R. Riek, M. DiGruccio, M. Perrin, C. Rivier, V. Eltschinger, B. Waser, R. Cescato, J. C. Reubi, W. Vale

9. Mutations in G proteins and G protein-coupled receptors in human endocrine diseases
Allen Spiegel

10. A molecular dissection of the glycoprotein hormone receptors
Gilbert Vassart, Leonardo Pardo, Sabine Costagliola

11. Receptor Tyrosine Kinases as Targets for Cancer Therapy Development
Andreas Gschwind, Oliver M. Fischer, Axel Ullrich

12. Targets for pituitary tumor therapy
Shlomo Melmed

13. The endogenous cannabinoid system in the control of food intake and energy balance
Angelo A. Izzo


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