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Data Science and Classification

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Table of contents

Part I. Similarity and Dissimilarity

1. A Tree-Based Similarity for Evaluating Concept Proximities in an Ontology
Emmanuel Blanchard, Pascale Kuntz, Mounira Harzallah, Henri Briand

2. Improved Fréchet Distance for Time Series
Ahlame Chouakria-Douzal, Panduranga Naidu Nagabhushan

3. Comparison of Distance Indices Between Partitions
Lucile Denœud, Alain Guénoche

4. Design of Dissimilarity Measures: A New Dissimilarity Between Species Distribution Areas
Christian Hennig, Bernhard Hausdorf

5. Dissimilarities for Web Usage Mining
Fabrice Rossi, Francisco Carvalho, Yves Lechevallier, Alzennyr Silva

6. Properties and Performance of Shape Similarity Measures
Remco C. Veltkamp, Longin Jan Latecki

Part II. Classification and Clustering

7. Hierarchical Clustering for Boxplot Variables
Javier Arroyo, Carlos Maté, Antonio Muñoz-San Roque

8. Evaluation of Allocation Rules Under Some Cost Constraints
Farid Beninel, Michel Grun Rehomme

9. Crisp Partitions Induced by a Fuzzy Set
Slavka Bodjanova

10. Empirical Comparison of a Monothetic Divisive Clustering Method with the Ward and the k-means Clustering Methods
Marie Chavent, Yves Lechevallier

11. Model Selection for the Binary Latent Class Model: A Monte Carlo Simulation
José G. Dias

12. Finding Meaningful and Stable Clusters Using Local Cluster Analysis
Hans-Joachim Mucha

13. Comparing Optimal Individual and Collective Assessment Procedures
Hans J. Vos, Ruth Ben-Yashar, Shmuel Nitzan

Part III. Network and Graph Analysis

14. Some Open Problem Sets for Generalized Blockmodeling
Patrick Doreian

15. Spectral Clustering and Multidimensional Scaling: A Unified View
François Bavaud

16. Analyzing the Structure of U.S. Patents Network
Vladimir Batagelj, Nataša Kejžar, Simona Korenjak-Cerne, Matjaž Zaveršnik

17. Identifying and Classifying Social Groups: A Machine Learning Approach
Matteo Roffilli, Alessandro Lomi

Part IV. Analysis of Symbolic Data

18. Multidimensional Scaling of Histogram Dissimilarities
Patrick J. F. Groenen, Suzanne Winsberg

19. Dependence and Interdependence Analysis for Interval-Valued Variables
Carlo Lauro, Federica Gioia

20. A New Wasserstein Based Distance for the Hierarchical Clustering of Histogram Symbolic Data
Antonio Irpino, Rosanna Verde

21. Symbolic Clustering of Large Datasets
Yves Lechevallier, Rosanna Verde, Francisco de A. T. Carvalho

22. A Dynamic Clustering Method for Mixed Feature-Type Symbolic Data
Renata M. C. R. Souza, Francisco de A. T. Carvalho, Daniel Ferrari Pizzato

Part V. General Data Analysis Methods

23. Iterated Boosting for Outlier Detection
Nathalie Cheze, Jean-Michel Poggi

24. Sub-species of Homopus Areolatus? Biplots and Small Class Inference with Analysis of Distance
Sugnet Gardner, Niël J. Roux

25. Revised Boxplot Based Discretization as the Kernel of Automatic Interpretation of Classes Using Numerical Variables
Karina Gibert, Alejandra Pérez-Bonilla

Part VI. Data and Web Mining

26. Comparison of Two Methods for Detecting and Correcting Systematic Error in High-throughput Screening Data
Andrei Gagarin, Dmytro Kevorkov, Vladimir Makarenkov, Pablo Zentilli

27. kNN Versus SVM in the Collaborative Filtering Framework
Miha Grcar, Blaž Fortuna, Dunja Mladenic, Marko Grobelnik

28. Mining Association Rules in Folksonomies
Christoph Schmitz, Andreas Hotho, Robert Jäschke, Gerd Stumme

29. Empirical Analysis of Attribute-Aware Recommendation Algorithms with Variable Synthetic Data
Karen H. L. Tso, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

30. Patterns of Associations in Finite Sets of Items
Ralf Wagner

Part VII. Analysis of Music Data

31. Generalized N-gram Measures for Melodic Similarity
Klaus Frieler

32. Evaluating Different Approaches to Measuring the Similarity of Melodies
Daniel Müllensiefen, Klaus Frieler

33. Using MCMC as a Stochastic Optimization Procedure for Musical Time Series
Katrin Sommer, Claus Weihs

34. Local Models in Register Classification by Timbre
Claus Weihs, Gero Szepannek, Uwe Ligges, Karsten Luebke, Nils Raabe

Part VIII. Gene and Microarray Analysis

35. Improving the Performance of Principal Components for Classification of Gene Expression Data Through Feature Selection
Edgar Acuña, Jaime Porras

36. A New Efficient Method for Assessing Missing Nucleotides in DNA Sequences in the Framework of a Generic Evolutionary Model
Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, Vladimir Makarenkov, Mathieu Blanchette, François-Joseph Lapointe

37. New Efficient Algorithm for Modeling Partial and Complete Gene Transfer Scenarios
Vladimir Makarenkov, Alix Boc, Charles F. Delwiche, Alpha Boubacar Diallo, Hervé Philippe


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