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Infectious Diseases in Critical Care

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Table of contents

Section I. General Aspects

1. Approach to the Febrile Patient in the Intensive Care Unit
G. T. Dimopoulos

2. Cardiovascular Monitoring in Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock
J. J. Guardiola, M. Saad, J. Yu

3. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Infection
L. Hammer, J.-F. Timsit

4. Opportunistic Infections in the Intensive Care Unit: A Microbiologic Overview
J. Vila, J. A. Martínez

5. Infections in Critically Ill Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
O. Len, J. Gavaldà, A. Pahissa

6. HIV in the Intensive Care Unit
P. Castro Rebollo, J. M. Nicolás, J. M. Gatell

7. Fungal Infections
R. A. Barnes, J. Sinha

8. Using Protocols To Improve the Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients with Infection: Focus on Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia and Severe Sepsis
S. T. Micek, M. H. Kollef

9. Microbial Surveillance in the Intensive Care Unit
S. Blot, P. Depuydt, K. Vandewoude

Section II. Use of Anti-infective Therapy in Critically III Patients

10. Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in the Intensive Care Unit
A. M. Bal, I. M. Gould

11. Antifungal Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit
J. A. Paiva, J. M. Pereira

12. Dose Adjustment and Pharmacokinetics of Antibiotics in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
J. A. Roberts, J. Lipman

13. Prescription of Antimicrobial Agents in Patients Undergoing Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
R. Freebairn, J. Cohen, J. Lipman

14. Methods for Implementing Antibiotic Control in the Intensive Care Unit
A. Sandiumenge

15. Use of Antibiotics in Pregnant Patients in the Intensive Care Unit
J.-E. Baños, N. Cruz, M. Farré

16. Immunomodulation in Sepsis
G. W. Waterer

17. Antibiotic Induced Diarrhea
O. J. Pérez-Jimenez

Section III. Infection Control/Epidemiology

18. Fundamentals of Infection Control and Strategies for the Intensive Care Unit
C. E. Edmiston, P. J. Wilson, B. F. Grahn

19. Antibiotic Resistance in the Intensive Care Unit
J. Vila, F. Marco

20. Epidemiology of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the Intensive Care Unit
R. G. Wunderink, D. L. Mendoza

21. How To Control MRSA Spread in the Intensive Care Unit
J.-R. Zahar, J.-F. Timsit

22. Epidemiology of Acinetobacter baumannii in the Intensive Care Unit
J. Garnacho-Montero, C. O. Leyba, J. A. Martín

Section IV. Bloodstream Infections and Infection Disease Emergencies

23. Brain Abscess
L. M. Mundy, S. J. Bersoff-Matcha

24. Falciparum Malaria
C. Feldman, G. A. Richards

25. Toxic Shock Syndromes
K. B. Laupland, H. Dele Davies

26. Acute Infective Endocarditis
C. N. Gentry, J. R. McDonald

27. Influenza
P. R. Brookmeyer, K. F. Woeltje

28. Bloodstream Infection in the Intensive Care Unit
J. Valles

29. Bloodstream Infections in Patients with Total Parenteral Nutrition Catheters
R. Sierra, A. Ramírez

30. Hemodialysis Catheter-Related Infections
R. Lombardi

31. Infection of Pulmonary Arterial and Peripheral Arterial Catheters
A. Rodríguez, J. Rello

32. Prevention of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections in Critical Care Patients
P. Muñoz, E. Bouza

33. Meningococcemia
P. Domingo, N. Barquet

34. Septic Shock
M. Llewelyn, J. Cohen

Section V. Respiratory Infections

35. Tracheobronchitis in the Intensive Care Unit
L. Morrow, D. Schuller

36. Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia
M. Bodí, J. Rello

37. Legionnaires’ Disease
J. Roig, M. Sabria, X. Castella

38. Adjunctive and Supportive Measures for Community-Acquired Pneumonia
G. W. Waterer, R. G. Wunderink

39. Respiratory Infection in Immunocompromised Neutropenic Patients
S. W. Crawford

40. Pneumonia in Non-Neutropenic Immunocompromised Patients
J. M. Cisneros, E. Cordero, J. Pachón

41. Community-Acquired Respiratory Complications in the Intensive Care Unit: Pneumonia and Acute Exacerbations of COPD
M. I. Restrepo, A. Anzueto

42. Management of Hospital-Associated Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit
J. Rello, L. Vidaur, E. Díaz, A. Rodríguez

43. Assessment of Resolution of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
M. L. Groth, M. S. Niederman

44. Invasive Devices in the Pathogenesis of Nosocomial Pneumonia
M. Valencia, T. T. Bauer, A. Torres

Section VI. Infections with Surgical Implications

45. Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
F. M. Pieracci, S. R. Eachempati, P. S. Barie

46. Sepsis in Obstetrics
D. Koulenti, H. Correa

47. Diagnosis and Management of Intra-abdominal Sepsis
T. L. Husted, E. W. Mueller, T. M. Lasky, M. A. Jafri, J. S. Solomkin

48. Surgical Site Infection Control in the Critical Care Environment
C. E. Edmiston, P. J. Wilson, B. F. Grahn

49. Severe Soft Tissue Infections: A Syndrome-Based Approach
A. Sitges-Serra

50. Vascular Graft Infections
R. Hasanadka, G. R. Seabrook, C. E. Edmiston

51. Acute Mediastinitis
K. P. Bhavan, D. K. Warren

52. Pancreatic Infection
R. Hasanadka, C. P. Johnson, C. E. Edmiston

53. Urinary Tract Infections
D. McRackan, C. Carson

54. Neurosurgical Infections in Intensive Care Unit Patients
E. M. Brown

55. Biliary Tract Infections
D. Holena, S. R. Eachempati, P. S. Barie

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, Pneumology/Respiratory System, Medical Microbiology

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