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Lasers, Clocks and Drag-Free Control

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Table of contents

1. Surveys

1. Fundamental Physics, Space, Missions and Technologies
Claus Lammerzahl, Hansjorg Dittus

2. General Theory of Relativity: Will It Survive the Next Decade?
Orfeu Bertolami, Jorge Páramos, Slava G. Turyshev

3. Is the Physics Within the Solar System Really Understood?
Claus Lammerzahl, Oliver Preuss, Hansjorg Dittus

2. Theory

4. Propagation of Light in the Gravitational Field of Binary Systems to Quadratic Order in Newton's Gravitational Constant
Gerhard Schäfer, Michael H. Brügmann

5. On the Radar Method in General-Relativistic Spacetimes
Volker Perlick

6. A Universal Tool for Determining the Time Delay and the Frequency Shift of Light: Synge's World function
Pierre Teyssandier, Christophe Le Poncin-Lafitte, Bernard Linet

7. Unified Formula for Comparison of Clock Rates and Its Applications
Chongming Xu, Xuejun Wu, Erwin Brüning

8. Gravity Tests and the Pioneer Anomaly
Marc-Thierry Jaekel, Serge Reynaud

9. Laser Ranging Delay in the Bimetric Theory of Gravity
Sergei M. Kopeikin, Wei-Tou Ni

3. Technologies

10. Measurement of the Shapiro Time Delay Between Drag-Free Spacecraft
Neil Ashby, Peter L. Bender

11. Laser Transponders for High-Accuracy Interplanetary Laser Ranging and Time Transfer
John J. Degnan

12. Unequal-Arm Interferometry and Ranging in Space
Massimo Tinto

13. Technology for Precision Gravity Measurements
Robert D. Reasenberg, James D. Phillips

14. Clocks and Accelerometers for Space Tests of Fundamental Physics
Lute Maleki, James M. Kohel, Nathan E. Lundblad, John D. Prestage, Robert J. Thompson, Nan Yu

15. Atom Interferometric Inertial Sensors for Space Applications
Philippe Bouyer, Franck Pereira Santos, Arnaud Landragin, Christian J. Bordé

16. Drag-Free Satellite Control
Stephan Theil

17. Drag-Free Control Design with Cubic Test Masses
Walter Fichter, Alexander Schleicher, Stefano Vitale

18. Solar Sail Propulsion: An Enabling Technology for Fundamental Physics Missions
Bernd Dachwald, Wolfgang Seboldt, Claus Lammerzahl

4. Missions and Projects

19. Testing Relativity with Space Astrometry Missions
Sergei A. Klioner

20. LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna, Requires the Ultimate in Lasers, Clocks, and Drag-Free Control
Albrecht Rüdiger, Gerhard Heinzel, Michael Tröbs

21. Lunar Laser Ranging Contributions to Relativity and Geodesy
Jürgen Müller, James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev

22. Science, Technology, and Mission Design for the Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity
Slava G. Turyshev, Michael Shao, Kenneth L. Nordtvedt Jr

23. LATOR's Measured Science Parameters and Mission Configuration
Kenneth L. Nordtvedt Jr

24. OPTIS: High-Precision Tests of Special and General Relativity in Space
Claus Lammerzahl, Hansjorg Dittus, Achim Peters, Silvia Scheithauer, Stephan Schiller

25. Testing Relativistic Gravity to One Part per Billion
Wei-Tou Ni, Antonio Pulido Patón, Yan Xia

26. Exploring the Pioneer Anomaly: Concept Considerations for a Deep-Space Gravity Probe Based on Laser-Controlled Free-Flying Reference Masses
Ulrich Johann, Claus Lammerzahl, Hansjorg Dittus

27. Pioneer Anomaly: What Can We Learn from LISA?
Denis Defrère, Andreas Rathke

Keywords: Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, Measurement Science and Instrumentation, Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences

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Astrophysics and Space Science Library
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658 pages
Natural Sciences

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