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Pediatric Surgery Digest

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Introduction
Zacharias Zachariou

II. General Considerations

2. Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition in Infants and Children
Athanasios Zavitsanakis

3. Emergencies/Resuscitation
Ernest Heurn

4. Blood/Blood Products Transfusion
Ernest Heurn

5. Pain Management
Ernest Heurn

6. Wounds/Surgical Techniques
Juan A. Tovar

7. Minimal Invasive Surgery Principles
Zacharias Zachariou

8. Imaging in Pediatric Surgery
Ognyan Brankov

9. Expert Opinion
Ioan Paraian

10. Special Situations
Steffen Berger, Valerie Oesch

11. Birth Trauma
Ray Fitzgerald, Ingo Königs

12. Skull
Ray Fitzgerald, Ingo Königs

13. Spinal Column
Ray Fitzgerald, Ingo Königs

14. Face
Peter Raine

15. Neck
Peter Raine

16. Thorax
Alexander Rokitansky

17. Diaphragm
Juan A. Tovar

18. Esophagus
Zacharias Zachariou

19. Abdominal Wall
Ole Henrik Nielsen

20. Abdomen
Zacharias Zachariou

21. Stomach and Duodenum
Paul D. Losty, Sarah L. Almond, Nicola P. Smith, Zacharias Zachariou

22. Intestinal Congenital Malformations
Aigars Petersons, Leif Olsen

III. Specific Diseases

23. Intestinal Diseases
Jean Michel Guys, Geraldine Hery, Mirna Haddad

24. Anorectal Diseases
Risto J. Rintala, Leif Olsen

25. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Leif Olsen

26. Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Leif Olsen

27. Liver and Pancreas
Claude Le Coultre, Jean-Bernard Otte, Constantin Tica

28. Pediatric Surgical Oncology
Ray Fitzgerald, Jan Godzinski, Antonio Gentil Martins, Jean-Bernard Otte, Peter Raine, Alexander Rokitansky, Constantin Tica, Zacharias Zachariou

29. Urogenital Tract
Wolfram Kluwe

30. Penis
Ahmed T. Hadidi

31. Testicles
Gian Battista Parigi

32. Vagina and External Female Genitalia
Gian Battista Parigi

33. Ovarian Cysts
Gian Battista Parigi

34. Kidney and Bladder
Andras Pinter

35. Kidney Insufficiency
Zacharias Zachariou

36. Skin and Soft Tissues
Aigars Petersons

37. Osteoarticular System
Antonio Gentil Martins

38. Skeletal System
Theddy Slongo

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