Brüggemann, Rainer

Partial Order in Environmental Sciences and Chemistry

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Table of contents

1.Chemistry and Partial Order

1. Partial Ordering of Properties: The Young Diagram Lattice and Related Chemical Systems
Sherif El-Basil

2. Hasse Diagrams and their Relation to Molecular Periodicity
Ray Hefferlin

3. Directed Reaction Graphs as Posets
D. J. Klein, T. Ivanciuc

2.Environmental Chemistry and Systems

4. Introduction to partial order theory exemplified by the Evaluation of Sampling Sites
Rainer Brüggemann, Lars Carlsen

5. Comparative Evaluation and Analysis of Water Sediment Data
Stefan Pudenz, Peter Heininger

6. Prioritizing PBT Substances
Lars Carlsen, John D. Walker

3.Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships

7. Interpolation Schemes in QSAR
Lars Carlsen

8. New QSAR Modelling Approach Based on Ranking Models by Genetic Algorithms - Variable Subset Selection (GA-VSS)
Manuela Pavan, Viviana Consonni, Paola Gramatica, Roberto Todeschini

4.Decision support

9. Aspects of Decision Support in Water Management: Data based evaluation compared with expectations
Ute Simon, Rainer Brüggemann, Stefan Pudenz, Horst Behrendt

10. A Comparison of Partial Order Technique with Three Methods of Multi-Criteria Analysis for Ranking of Chemical Substance
Rainer Brüggemann, Lars Carlsen, Dorte B. Lerche, Peter B. Sørensen

5.Field, Monitoring and Information

11. Developing decision support based on field data and partial order theory
Peter B. Sørensen, Dorte B. Lerche, Marianne Thomsen

12. Evaluation of Biomonitoring Data
Dieter Helm

13. Exploring Patterns of Habitat Diversity Across Landscapes Using Partial Ordering
Wayne L. Myers, G. P. Patil, Yun Cai

14. Information Systems and Databases
Kristina Voigt, Rainer Brüggemann

6.Rules and Complexity

15. Contexts, Concepts, Implications and Hypotheses
Adalbert Kerber

16. Partial Orders and Complexity: The Young Diagram Lattice
William Seitz

7.Historical remarks

17. Hasse Diagrams and Software Development
Efraim Halfon

18. Introductory References


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