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Verifying Treaty Compliance

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Rudolf Avenhaus, Nicholas Kyriakopoulos, Michel Richard, Gotthard Stein

I.Conceptual Framework

2. Conceptual Framework
Rudolf Avenhaus, Nicholas Kyriakopoulos

II.Treaties and their Requirements

3. Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Treaties: An Ontology of Concepts and Characteristics
André Poucet

4. International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Challenges in Implementation
Jill N. Cooley

5. Verification under the Chemical Weapons Convention
Mohamed Daoudi, Ralf Trapp

6. Biological Weapons Convention
Kathryn Nixdorff

7. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Verification
Martin B. Kalinowski

8. Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe
Marc Zwilling

9. Developing the Climate Change Regime: The Role of Verification
Larry MacFaul

III.Field Experience

10. Experience and Challenges in Weapons of Mass Destruction Treaty Verification: A Comparative View
John Carlson

11. A Concrete Experience: The Iraq Case
Jacques G. Baute

12. Beyond Iraq: The New Challenges to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Regime
Michel Richard

IV.Formal Models of Verification

13. Formal Models of Verification
Rudolf Avenhaus, Morton Canty

V.Systems and Linkages - Crosscutting

14. Civil Reconnaissance Satellites: Opportunities and Challenges
Bhupendra Jasani

15. Change Detection: The Potential for Nuclear Safeguards
Irmgard Niemeyer, Sven Nussbaum

16. Aspects of Networking: Experience from Global Monitoring for Security and Stability
Iain Shepherd

17. Environmental Sample Analysis
Martin B. Kalinowski, Johann Feichter, Mika Nikkinen, Clemens Schlosser

18. Tracing the Origin of Diverted or Stolen Nuclear Material through Nuclear Forensic Investigations
Klaus Mayer, Maria Wallenius, Ian Ray

VI.Information Collection and Analysis

19. The Information Infrastructure of a Treaty Monitoring System
Nicholas Kyriakopoulos

20. The International Level
Dirk Schriefer

21. Open Source Information Collection, Processing and Applications
Louis-Victor Bril, João G. M. Gonçalves

22. The National Level
Michel Richard, Bernard Chartier

VII.Emerging Verification Technologies

23. Advanced Sensor Technologies
Jürgen Altmann

24. Monitoring Reactors with Cubic Meter Scale Antineutrino Detectors
Adam Bernstein, Nathaniel Bowden

25. Digital Verification Techniques in the Nuclear Safeguards System: Status and Perspectives
Bernd Richter

26. Emerging Verification Technologies
Wolfgang Rosenstock

27. A Sustainable Approach for Developing Treaty Enforcement Instrumentation
Marius Stein, Bernd Richter

VIII.Perspectives and Conclusions

28. Continuity and Change in International Verification Regimes
Erwin Häckel

29. Improving Verification: Trends and Perspectives for Research
Roland Schenkel

30. Concluding Remarks
Nicholas Kyriakopoulos


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