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Ocular Traumatology

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Table of contents

I. Section I

1. Terminology of Mechanical Injuries: the Birmingham Eye Trauma Terminology (BETT)
Ferenc Kuhn, Robert Morris, Viktória Mester, C. Douglas Witherspoon

2. Classification of Mechanical Eye Injuries
Ferenc Kuhn, Dante Pieramici

3. Predicting the Severity of an Eye Injury: the Ocular Trauma Score (OTS)
Ferenc Kuhn, Robert Morris, Viktória Mester, C. Douglas Witherspoon, LoRetta Mann

4. Counseling the Injured Individual and the Family
Ferenc Kuhn, Robert Morris

5. From the Other Side: the Patient’s Viewpoint
Gábor Kocsis

6. Myths and Truths in Ocular Traumatology
Ferenc Kuhn, Dante Pieramici

7. Clinical Epidemiology, Prevention, and Rehabilitation
Ferenc Kuhn

8. Strategic Thinking in Ocular Traumatology
Ferenc Kuhn

9. Evaluation
Ferenc Kuhn

10. Emergency Management
Ferenc Kuhn

II. Section II

11. Conjunctiva
Ferenc Kuhn

12. Cornea
Ferenc Kuhn

13. Sclera and Limbus
Ferenc Kuhn

14. Tissue Prolapse
Ferenc Kuhn

15. Anterior Chamber
Ferenc Kuhn

16. Iris and Pupil
Ferenc Kuhn

17. Lens
Ferenc Kuhn, Viktória Mester

18. Ciliary Body and Choroid
Ferenc Kuhn

19. Vitreous and Retina
Ferenc Kuhn

20. Trauma By Blunt Object: Contusions
Ferenc Kuhn

21. Open Globe Injury: a Brief Overview
Ferenc Kuhn

22. Trauma By Blunt Object: Ruptures
Ferenc Kuhn

23. Penetrating Injuries and IOFBs
Ferenc Kuhn

24. Perforating Injuries
Ferenc Kuhn

25. Injury Involving the Entire Globe
Ferenc Kuhn, Robert Morris, C. Douglas Witherspoon

26. Ocular Trauma in Children and in Elderly Patients
Ferenc Kuhn

27. Endophthalmitis
Ferenc Kuhn

28. Posttraumatic Glaucoma
Ferenc Kuhn

29. Hypotony
Ferenc Kuhn

30. Endoscopy
Claude Boscher, Ferenc Kuhn

III. Section III

31. Chemical Injuries
Norbert F. Schrage, Ferenc Kuhn

32. Electromagnetic Trauma
Yaniv Barkana, Michael Belkin, Ferenc Kuhn

33. The Effects of Systemic Trauma on the Eye
Wolfgang Schrader, Ferenc Kuhn

34. Anterior Chamber


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