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Andrology for the Clinician

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Table of contents

1. Andrology: Definition, Clinical Issues and Prevalence
W. -B. Schill, F. Comhaire, T. B. Hargreave

2. Layout and How to Use the Book
F. Comhaire

3. Evidence-Based Medicine in Reproductive Medicine and Andrology
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

4. Economic Cost and Cost-Effectiveness
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

5. Ethics of Reproductive Research and Treatment
T. B. Hargreave

6. Human Tissue for Research
T. Hargreave

Part I.Diagnosing and Solving Clinical Problems

7. Gender Dysphoria
G. G. R. T’Sjoen

8. Disorders of Sexual Differentiation
G. G. R. T’Sjoen

9. Problem: Abnormal Pubertal Development
S. A. Wudy

10. The Consensus-Based Approach to Standardized Diagnosis and Management of the Infertile Male
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

11. The WHO Recommended Diagnostic Flow Chart
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

12. Implications of Multifactorial Aetiology in the Diagnosis and Management of Male Infertility
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

13. Sexual Dysfunction and Male Fertility
T. B. Hargreave

14. Reference Values of Semen Variables and Their Interpretation
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

15. Normal Spermatozoa and Isolated Abnormalities of Seminal Plasma
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

16. Immunological Causes
A. Mahmoud, F. Comhaire

17. Iatrogenic Causes of Abnormal Spermatozoa
G. Haidl

18. Systemic Causes of Male Infertility
A. Mahmoud, F. Comhaire

19. Congenital Disorders and Male Infertility
T. Hargreave

20. Acquired Testicular Damage
G. Haidl

21. Cause: Varicocele
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

22. Infection/Inflammation of the Accessory Sex Glands
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

23. Endocrine Factors
R. Weber

24. Oligo-Astheno-Teratozoo-Spermia with No Demonstrable Cause (Idiopathic O-A-T)
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

25. Azoospermia
G. R. Dohle

26. Erectile Dysfunction
T. B. Hargreave

27. Erectile Deformity, Including Peyronie’s Disease
T. B. Hargreave

28. Ejaculatory Dysfunction: Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation, Anejaculation, Low-Volume Ejaculation, Retrograde Ejaculation and Painful Ejaculation
T. B. Hargreave

29. Orgasm Dysfunction
T. B. Hargreave

30. Abnormal Libido
B. Brosig

31. Sexual Deviation and Paraphilias
M. Beutel

32. Controversies Regarding Postvasectomy Management
J. Shah, H. Fisch

33. Vasectomy Reversal
A. Belker

34. Male Contraception
D. Handelsman, G. Waites

35. Traditional Methods
D. Handelsman, G. Waites

36. Reproductive Tract Infections/Sexually Transmitted Diseases
F. R. Ochsendorf

37. HIV Infection
F. R. Ochsendorf

38. Testicular Torsion
C. F. Heyns, A. J. Visser

39. Blunt Testicular Trauma
J. Vale

40. Penile Fractures
W. D. Aiken

41. Priapism
P. Kumar, D. J. Ralph

42. Testicular Pain and Related Pain Syndromes
T. B. Hargreave, L. Turner-Stokes

43. Scrotal Benign Lesions, Epididymal Cysts, Epididymal Tumours
K. Turner

44. Testicular Cancer, CIS, Microcalcifications, TNM Classification
O. Ståhl, J. Eberhard, A. Giwercman

45. Penile Inflammations
F. -M. Köhn

46. Penile Cancer
I. D. C. Mitchell

47. Circumcision
C. F. Heyns, J. N. Krieger

48. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostatic Cancer
S. A. McNeill, S. K. W. Leung

49. Prostatitis
M. C. Bishop

50. Gynaecomastia and Benign Breast Hyperplasia Including Iatrogenic Causes
W. Krause

51. Skin Diseases of the Male Nipple
W. Krause

52. Male Breast Cancer
P. S. H. Soon, J. M. Dixon

53. Neuroendocrine Regulation of Testicular Function
J. M. Kaufman

54. Male Ageing: Wear and Tear
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

55. Organ Failure and Common Disease of the Ageing Male
E. J. H. Meuleman, F. Comhaire

Part II.Rationale

56. Anatomy and Histology of the Male Genital Tract
A. Meinhardt

57. Sexual Differentiation and Development
Y. L. Giwercman, A. Nordenskjöld

58. Physiology of Spermatogenesis
M. Bergmann

59. Physiology of Sexual Function
O. Baldo, I. Eardley

60. Endocrine Regulation
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

61. Immunology of the Testis and Excurrent Ducts
H. -C. Schuppe, A. Meinhardt

62. Male Contributions to the Biology of Conception and Fertilization
H. J. Tournaye

63. Disorders of Prenatal Sexual Development
P. Wieacker

64. Endocrine Disorders and the Role of Hormone Disrupters
A. Mahmoud, F. Comhaire

65. Infection/Inflammation of the Male Genital Tract as Cause of Abnormal Spermatozoa
C. Depuydt, A. Mahmoud, K. Everaert

66. Urethritis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
F. R. Ochsendorf

67. Disorders of Blood Flow: Arterial and Venous/Sexual Dysfunction and Varicocele
G. M. Colpi, M. Mancini, G. Piediferro, F. I. Scroppo

68. Effects of Lifestyle and Toxicants
J. P. Bonde

69. Influence of Systemic Diseases and Iatrogenic Factors on Sexual and Reproductive Functions
R. Bornman

70. Mechanisms of Pathogenesis of Uro-Genital Cancers
T. F. ’Aho, D. E. Neal

71. History and Examination for Andrological Problems
T. B. Hargreave

72. Semen Analysis and Sperm Function Tests
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

73. Cytomorphological Semen Analysis
G. Haidl, H. -C. Schuppe

74. Clinical Microbiology
H. G. Schiefer, A. Graevenitz

75. Hormonal Evaluation in Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction
D. Klingmüller, N. Bliesener, G. Haidl

76. Tumour Markers in Andrology
M. E. Bracke

77. Technical Investigations Including Imaging Procedures: Doppler, MRI, PET, Echo for Tumours
E. L. F. Nijs, R. H. Oyen

78. Technical Investigations Including Imaging Procedures: Colour Flow Doppler and Thermography for the Detection of Reflux in Varicocele
Y. Gat, M. Gornish

79. Evaluation of Testicular Biopsy Samples from the Clinical Perspective
M. Bergmann

80. Genetics and Male Infertility
T. B. Hargreave, D. J. Elliott

81. Tumour Genetics (Prostate/Testis/Penis)
O. Tatarov, D. Kirk

82. Introduction to Surgical Section
83. Surgical Procedures in Andrology
Christine Evans

84. Vasectomy Technique
T. B. Hargreave

85. Vasovasostomy and Vasoepididymostomy
A. M. Belker

86. Nonsurgical Cure of Varicocele by Transcatheter Embolization of the Internal Spermatic Vein(s) with a Tissue Adhesive
J. Kunnen, M. Kunnen

87. Hormonal Treatment of Infertility
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

88. Hormonal Male Contraception
D. J. Handelsman, G. M. H. Waites

89. Treatment of Gender Dysphoria
L. J. G. Gooren

90. Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
L. J. G. Gooren

91. Therapeutic Options for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostatic Cancer
Steve Ken Wing Leung, S. Alan McNeill

92. Partial Androgen Deficiency of the Ageing Male (PADAM) and Testosterone Supplementation: Use, Misuse or Abuse?
D. Vanderschueren

93. Abuse of Androgens
H. -C. Schuppe, A. Jung, W. -B. Schill

94. Exotic Hormones
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

95. Anti-Ageing Nutrition and Food Supplements
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

96. Nutriceuticals and Food Supplements in the Treatment of the Infertile Man
F. Comhaire, A. Mahmoud

97. Assisted Reproductive Techniques
W. Ombelet

98. Cryopreservation of Spermatozoa and Testicular Tissue Including Autotransplantation of Germinal Epithelium
F. -M. Köhn

99. Current Research and Future Prospects for Gene Therapy in Andrology
Y. Kojima, S. Sasaki, K. Kohri

100. Behavioural Therapy and Counselling
E. A. Jannini, A. Lenzi, G. Wagner

101. Donor Insemination, Egg and Embryo Donation
G. T. Kovacs, A. Trounson, K. Dawson

102. Aesthetic Andrology: Surgical Interventions
R. Ponchietti

103. Aesthetic Andrology: Skin Care for Men — Male Cosmetics and Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures
C. Müller, W. -B. Schill


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