Hoffmann, Karl Heinz

Parallel Algorithms and Cluster Computing

Hoffmann, Karl Heinz - Parallel Algorithms and Cluster Computing, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Implementions

1. Parallel Programming Models for Irregular Algorithms
Gudula Rünger

2. Basic Approach to Parallel Finite Element Computations: The DD Data Splitting
Arnd Meyer

3. A Performance Analysis of ABINIT on a Cluster System
Torsten Hoefler, Rebecca Janisch, Wolfgang Rehm

4. Some Aspects of Parallel Postprocessing for Numerical Simulation
Matthias Pester

Part II. Algorithms

5. Efficient Preconditioners for Special Situations in Finite Element Computations
Arnd Meyer

6. Nitsche Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems with Complicated Data
Bernd Heinrich, Kornelia Pönitz

7. Hierarchical Adaptive FEM at Finite Elastoplastic Deformations
Reiner Kreißig, Anke Bucher, Uwe-Jens Görke

8. Wavelet Matrix Compression for Boundary Integral Equations
Helmut Harbrecht, Ulf Kähler, Reinhold Schneider

9. Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems for Parabolic Systems
Peter Benner, Sabine Görner, Jens Saak

Part III. Applications

10. Parallel Simulations of Phase Transitions in Disordered Many-Particle Systems
Thomas Vojta

11. Localization of Electronic States in Amorphous Materials: Recursive Green’s Function Method and the Metal-Insulator Transition at E ? 0
Alexander Croy, Rudolf A. Römer, Michael Schreiber

12. Optimizing Simulated Annealing Schedules for Amorphous Carbons
Peter Blaudeck, Karl Heinz Hoffmann

13. Amorphisation at Heterophase Interfaces
Sibylle Gemming, Andrey Enyashin, Michael Schreiber

14. Energy-Level and Wave-Function Statistics in the Anderson Model of Localization
Bernhard Mehlig, Michael Schreiber

15. Fine Structure of the Integrated Density of States for Bernoulli–Anderson Models
Peter Karmann, Rudolf A. Römer, Michael Schreiber, Peter Stollmann

16. Modelling Aging Experiments in Spin Glasses
Karl Heinz Hoffmann, Andreas Fischer, Sven Schubert, Thomas Streibert

17. Random Walks on Fractals
Astrid Franz, Christian Schulzky, Do Hoang Ngoc Anh3, Steffen Seeger, Janett Balg, Karl Heinz Hoffmann

18. Lyapunov Instabilities of Extended Systems
Hong-liu Yang, Günter Radons

19. The Cumulant Method for Gas Dynamics
Steffen Seeger, Karl Heinz Hoffmann, Arnd Meyer


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