Boyle, Christine J. C.

Microbial Root Endophytes

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Table of contents

1. What are Endophytes?
Barbara Schulz, Christine Boyle

Part I. Endophytic Bacteria

2. Spectrum and Population Dynamics of Bacterial Root Endophytes
Johannes Hallmann, Gabriele Berg

3. Bacterial Endophytes as Elicitors of Induced Systemic Resistance
Joseph W. Kloepper, Choong-Min Ryu

4. Control of Plant Pathogenic Fungi with Bacterial Endophytes
Gabriele Berg, Johannes Hallmann

5. Role of Proteins Secreted by Rhizobia in Symbiotic Interactions with Leguminous Roots
Maged M. Saad, William J. Broughton, William J. Deakin

6. Research on Endophytic Bacteria: Recent Advances with Forest Trees
Richa Anand, Leslie Paul, Chris Chanway

Part II. Endophytic Fungi

7. Biodiversity of Fungal Root-Endophyte Communities and Populations, in Particular of the Dark Septate Endophyte Phialocephala fortinii s. l.
Thomas N. Sieber, Christoph R. Grünig

8. Endophytic Root Colonization by Fusarium Species: Histology, Plant Interactions, and Toxicity
Charles W. Bacon, Ida E. Yates

9. Microbial Endophytes of Orchid Roots
Paul Bayman, J. Tupac Otero

10. Fungal Endophytes in Submerged Roots
Felix Bärlocher

11. Nematophagous Fungi as Root Endophytes
Luis V. Lopez-Llorca, Hans-Börje Jansson, José Gaspar Maciá Vicente, Jesús Salinas

12. Molecular Diversity and Ecological Roles of Mycorrhiza-Associated Sterile Fungal Endophytes in Mediterranean Ecosystems
Mariangela Girlanda, Silvia Perotto, Anna Maria Luppi

13. Oidiodendron maius: Saprobe in Sphagnum Peat, Mutualist in Ericaceous Roots?
Adrianne V. Rice, Randolph S. Currah

14. Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi of Epacrids (Ericaceae)
John W. G. Cairney

15. Mutualistic Interactions with Fungal Root Endophytes
Barbara Schulz

16. Understanding the Roles of Multifunctional Mycorrhizal and Endophytic Fungi
Mark C. Brundrett

Part III. Methods

17. Isolation Procedures for Endophytic Microorganisms
Johannes Hallmann, Gabriele Berg, Barbara Schulz

18. Microbial Interactions with Plants: a Hidden World?
Guido V. Bloemberg, Margarita M. Camacho Carvajal

19. Application of Molecular Fingerprinting Techniques to Explore the Diversity of Bacterial Endophytic Communities
Leo S. Overbeek, Jim Vuurde, Jan D. Elsas


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