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Progress in Marine Conservation in Europe

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Part I:.MPAs in the German EEZ — conventions and legal aspects

2. International conventions for marine nature conservation and marine protected areas relevant to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea
Henning Nordheim, Dieter Boedeker, Jochen C. Krause

3. Marine Protected Areas in the EEZ in light of international and European Community law — Legal basis and aspects of implementation
Detlef Czybulka, Thomas Bosecke

Part II:.Site selection procedure

4. Interpretation, identification and ecological assessment of the NATURA 2000 habitats “sandbank” and “reef”
Dieter Boedeker, Jochen C. Krause, Henning Nordheim

5. Rationale behind site selection for the NATURA 2000 network in the German EEZ
Jochen C. Krause, Dieter Boedeker, Ina Backhausen, Kathrin Heinicke, Annette Groß, Henning Nordheim

Part III:.Identification and assessments of habitats

6. Identification of submarine banks in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea with the aid of TIN modelling
Andreas Klein

7. Identification of submarine hard-bottom substrates in the German North Sea and Baltic Sea EEZ with high-resolution acoustic seafloor imaging
Markus Diesing, Klaus Schwarzer

8. Search for particularly valuable benthic areas within the German North Sea EEZ
Eike Rachor

9. Benthic assessment of marine areas of particular ecological importance within the German Baltic Sea EEZ
Michael L. Zettlera, Fritz Gosselckb

Part IV.Identification and assessments of sites — fish, mammals and birds

10. Survey of NATURA 2000 fish species in the German North and Baltic Seas
Ralf Thiel, Ina Backhausen

11. Utilisation of time and space by harbour seals (Phoca vitulina vitulina) determined by new remote-sensing methods
Nikolai Liebsch, Rory Paul Wilson, Dieter Adelung

12. Evaluating the distribution and density of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in selected areas in German waters
Meike Scheidat, Anita Gilles, Ursula Siebert

13. Seasonal and geographical variation of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) habitat use in the German Baltic Sea monitored by passive acoustic methods (PODs)
Ursula K. Verfuß, Christopher G. Honnef, Harald Benke

14. Identification of areas of seabird concentrations in the German North Sea and Baltic Sea using aerial and ship-based surveys
Stefan Garthe

15. The MINOS project: ecological assessments of possible impacts of offshore wind energy projects
Adolf Kellermann, Kai Eskildsen, Barbara Frank

Part V.Public awareness and consultation

16. Consultation and public involvement
Annika Wallaschek

17. Raising public awareness — “HabitatMareNATURA2000.de”
Katrin Wollny-Goerke


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