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Marine Surface Films

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Table of contents

1. Oil on troubled waters — a historical survey
Heinrich Hühnerfuss

2. Carlo Marangoni and the Laboratory of Physics at the High School “Liceo Classico Dante” in Firenze (Italy)
Giuseppe Loglio

3. Tribute to Erik John Bock
Nelson Frew

Chapter 1:.Chemical Characteristics of Sea Slicks and Oil Spills

4. Basic physicochemical principles of monomolecular sea slicks and crude oil spills
Heinrich Hühnerfuss

5. New chemical insights into the structure and morphology of sea slicks and their geophysical interpretations
Heinrich Hühnerfuss, Frank Hoffmann, Johannes Simon-Kutscher, Werner Alpers, Martin Gade

6. Sea slicks: variability in chemical composition and surface elasticity
Nelson M. Frew, Robert K. Nelson, Carl G. Johnson

7. Correlation studies of mass spectral patterns and elasticity of sea-slick materials
Nelson M. Frew, Robert K. Nelson, Carl G. Johnson

8. On surface renewal and sea slicks
Kristian B. Dysthe

Chapter 2:.Chemical Characteristics

9. Physicochemical effects of the marine microlayer on air-sea gas transport
Sean P. McKenna, Erik John Bock

10. Static and dynamic surface tension of marine water: onshore or platform-based measurements by the oscillating bubble tensiometer
Giuseppe Loglio, Boris Noskov, Piero Pandolfini, Reinhard Miller

11. Multiple scattering of surface waves by two-dimensional colloid systems
Boris A. Noskov, Giuseppe Loglio

12. Laboratory study of the damping of parametric ripples due to surfactant films
Stanislav A. Ermakov, Sergei V. Kijashko

13. Wave tank study of phase velocities and damping of gravity-capillary wind waves in the presence of surface films
Stanislav A. Ermakov, Irina A. Sergievskaya, Emma M. Zuikova, Vladimir Yu. Goldblat, Yury B. Shchegolkov

14. Laboratory measurements of artificial rain impinging on slick-free and slick-covered water surfaces
Nicole Braun, Martin Gade, Philipp A. Lange

15. Imaging surfactant concentration distribution at the air/water interface
Gerald M. Korenowski, Elizabeth A. Wagenen, Amir Hirsa

16. Imaging surfactant concentration distributions at the air/water interface
Gerald M. Korenowski, John R. Saylor, Elizabeth A. Wagenen, Joseph S. Kelley, Mark E. Anderson, Elizabeth J. Edwards

Chapter 3:.Modelling and Air-Sea Interactions

17. Variability of the wave number spectra of short surface waves in the ocean and their modulation due to internal waves and natural slicks
Paul A. Hwang

18. On the imaging of biogenic and anthropogenic surface films on the sea by radar sensors
Martin Gade

19. Slick radar image modelling with an extended “VIERS-1” wave spectrum
Harm Greidanus

20. Thermal imagery of surface renewal phenomena
David K. Woolf, Nicholas Ward

21. Infrared imaging: a novel tool to investigate the influence of surface slicks on air-sea gas transfer
Uwe Schimpf, Nelson M. Frew, Bernd Jähne

Chapter 4:.Remote Sensing Applications

22. Detection of oil spills by airborne sensors
Oliver Zielinski, Theo Hengstermann, Nils Robbe

23. Satellite monitoring of accidental and deliberate marine oil pollution
Guido Ferraro, Dario Tarchi, Joaquim Fortuny, Alois Sieber

24. Long-term microwave radar monitoring of ocean slicks at low grazing angles
Christine P Gommenginger, Simon R Boxall

25. Oil spills on ALMAZ-1 and ERS-1 SAR images: results from the DOSE-91 experiment
Konstantin Litovchenko, Andrei Ivanov

26. Estimation of average surface currents from ERS SAR images of oil-tank cleaning spills
Leonid Mitnik, Kun-Shan Chen, Chih-Tien Wang


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