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Software Product Lines

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Table of contents

Part 1. Product Line Management

1. A Scenario-Based Method for Software Product Line Architecting
Eelco Rommes, Pierre America

2. Strategic Scenario-Based Valuation of Product Line Roadmaps
Jacco H. Wesselius

3. Experiences and Expectations Regarding the Introduction of Systematic Reuse in Small- and Medium-Sized Companies
Jason Mansell

Part 2. Product Line Requirements Engineering

4. Capturing Product Line Information from Legacy User Documentation
Isabel John

5. Scenario-Based Application Requirements Engineering
Stan Bühne, Günter Halmans, Kim Lauenroth, Klaus Pohl

6. Consolidated Product Line Variability Modeling
Joachim Bayer, Sebastien Gerard, Øystein Haugen, Jason Mansell, Birger Møller-Pedersen, Jon Oldevik, Patrick Tessier, Jean-Philippe Thibault, Tanya Widen

Part 3. Product Line Architecture

7. Dealing with Architectural Variation in Product Populations
Svein Hallsteinsen, Gerard Schouten, Gert Jan Boot, Tor Erlend Fægri

8. A Software Product Line Reference Architecture for Security
Tor Erlend Fægri, Svein Hallsteinsen

9. Architecture Reasoning for Supporting Product Line Evolution: An Example on Security
Jose L. Arciniegas, Juan C. Dueñas, Jose L. Ruiz, Rodrigo Cerón, Jesus Bermejo, Miguel A. Oltra

10. A Method for Predicting Reliability and Availability at the Architecture Level
Anne Immonen

Part 4. Product Line Testing

11. Product Line Use Cases: Scenario-Based Specification and Testing of Requirements
Antonia Bertolino, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi, Giuseppe Lami

12. System Testing of Product Lines: From Requirements to Test Cases
Clémentine Nebut, Yves Le Traon, Jean-Marc Jezequel

13. The ScenTED Method for Testing Software Product Lines
Andreas Reuys, Sacha Reis, Erik Kamsties, Klaus Pohl

Part 5. Specific Product Line Engineering Issues

14. Incremental Systems Integration within Multidisciplinary Product Line Engineering Using Configuration Item Evolution Diagrams
Erwin S. Engelsma

15. Software Product Line Engineering with the UML: Deriving Products
Tewfik Ziadi, Jean-Marc Jezequel

16. Evaluation Framework for Model-Driven Product Line Engineering Tools
Jon Oldevik, Arnor Solberg, Øystein Haugen, Birger Møller-Pedersen


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