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Management Models for Corporate Social Responsibility

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Table of contents

1. Finally in Business: Organising Corporate Social Responsibility in Five
Jan Jonker, Marco Witte

2. The SIGMA Management Model
Dave Knight

3. CSR in the Extractive Industry: An Integrated Approach
Monique Wit, Esther Schouten

4. RainbowScore®: A Strategic Approach for Multi-dimensional Value
Elisa Golin, Giampietro Parolin

5. COMPASS to Sustainability
Michael Kuhndt, Justus Geibler

6. sustManage™ — Integrating Corporate Sustainability
Oliver Dudok Heel, Will Muir

7. The Molecule Model
Henk Folkerts, René Weijers

8. Global Compact Performance Model
Ursula Wynhoven

9. WEV: A New Approach to Supply Chain Management
Alex H. Kaufman

10. A Model for Multi-stakeholder Partnerships on Human Rights in Tourism
Camelia M. Tepelus

11. The Guangcai Model
G U O Peiyuan, Y U Yongda, D U Huixian

12. Community Learning in the Indian Education Sector
Subhasis Ray

13. Creating Space for CSR in Melbourne
David Teller, Trevor Goddard

14. Integrating People, Planet and Profit
Fred Bergmans

15. Reflexivity: Linking Individual and Organisational Values
Nick Osborne, Martin Redfern

16. Self-Organising Leadership: Transparency and Trust
Richard N. Knowles

17. The CSR Brand Positioning Grid
Bart Brüggenwirth

18. On Dialogue: A Self-Development Tool
Robert Beckett

19. Stakeholder Engagement: The Experience of Holcim
Anne Gambling

20. Managing Expectations in Partnerships
André Nijhof, Michel Pijkeren

21. A Stepwise Approach to Stakeholder Management
Céline Louche, Xavier Baeten

22. Fair Labour Association Model
Jacques Igalens, Martine Combemale

23. A Stakeholder Model for Emerging Technologies
Gael M. McDonald, Deborah Rolland

24. Product Stewardship for CSR
Helen Lewis

25. Sabento Model: Social Assessment of Biotechnological Production
Justus Geibler, Holger Wallbaum, Christa Liedtke, Frederik Lippert

26. The Branding of CSR Excellence
John Luff

27. The Four Dimensions of Responsible Purchasing
Osbert Lancaster, Kyla Brand

28. The Hurdles Analysis: A Way to Greener Public Procurement
Lilly Scheibe, Edeltraud Günther

29. Strategic CSR Communication: Telling Others How Good You Are
Mette Morsing

30. CSR Online: Internet Based Communication
Ralf Isenmann

31. A Product Sustainability Assessment
Sophie Spillemaeckers, Griet Vanhoutte

32. Drawing the Lines in Value Chain Responsibility
Johan Verburg, Sean Gilbert

33. Resource Efficiency Accounting
Timo Busch, Christa Liedtke

34. The GoodCorporation Framework
Lisa Buchan, Leo Martin

35. Promoting Human Rights in the Supply Chain
Rachelle Jackson

36. Assessing the Value Chain Context
Duane Windsor

37. Pursuing Sustainability Through Enduring Value Creation
Peter Newman, Erik Stanton-Hicks, Brendan Hammond

38. Price: Earnings Ratio and Commercial Performance
Geoff Roberts, Linda S. Spedding

39. A Strategy Model for Sustainable Profits and Innovation
Marcus Wagner

40. Modelling the Business Case for Sustainability
Rachel Batley

41. Creating Competitive Advantage: The Sustainable Value Model
Chris Laszlo, Dave Sherman, John Whalen

42. CSR Upside Down: The Need for Up-Front Knowledge Development
Jan Jonker, Marco Witte, Michel Pijkeren


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