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Advances in Microwave and Radio Frequency Processing

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Table of contents

Part I. Hardware

1. Understanding Microwave Heating Systems: A Perspective on State-of-the-Art
H. C. Reader

2. Millimeter-Wave-Sources Development: Present and Future
Manfred Thumm, Lambert Feher

3. 3.5 kW 24 GHz Compact Gyrotron System for Microwave Processing of Materials
Yu. Bykov, G. Denisov, A. G. Eremeev, M. Glyavin, V. V. Holoptsev, I. V. Plotnikov, V. Pavlov

4. Design Guidelines for Applicators Used in the Microwave Heating of High Losses Materials
Juan V. Balbastre, Elias Reyes, M. C. Nuño, P. Plaza

5. Design Parameters of Multiple Reactive Chokes for open Ports in Microwave Heating Systems
J. M. Catalá-Civera, P. Soto, V. E. Boria, Juan V. Balbastre, Elias Reyes

6. Microwave High-Power Four Post Auto-Matching System
Pedro Plaza, Antoni J. Canós, Felipe L. Penaranda-Foix, Elias Reyes

7. Design of an Applicator for Processing of Nanoscale Zeolite/Polymer Composites with Superposed Static Magnetic Field
Ralph Schertlen, Stefan Bossmann, Werner Wiesbeck

Part II. Measurement Techniques and Regulations

8. Measurement Techniques for Microwave and RF Processing
Georges Roussy

9. Dielectric Characterisation of High Loss and Low Loss Materials at 2450 MHz
Andrew Y.J Lee, V. Nguyen Tran

10. European Regulations, Safety Issues in RF and Microwave Power
Walter Loock

11. Future Prosperity of Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Applications of Microwaves
David Sánchez-Hernández, José M. Catalá-Civera

12. Electric Field Measurements for Commercially-Available Mobile Phones
Antonio Martínez-González, Ángel Fernández-Pascual, David Sánchez-Hernández

13. Use of the Dielectric Properties to Detect Protein Denaturation
S. A. Barringer, C. Bircan

14. Sandalwood Microwave Characterisation and oil Extraction
V. Nguyen Tran

15. Dielectric Spectroscopy and Principal Component Analysis as a Method for Oil Fraction Determination in oil-in Water-Emulsions with Varying Salt Content
M. Regier, X. Yu, S. Ghio, T. Danner, H. Schubert

16. Microwave Non-Destructive Evaluation of Moisture Content in Liquid Composites in a Cylindrical Cavity at a Single Frequency
J. M. Catalá-Civera, Anthoni J. Canós, Felipe Peñaranda-Foix, Elias Reyes

17. Millimeter Wave Spectroscopy of Alumina-Zirconia System
Saburo Sano, Akihiro Tsuzuki, Kiichi Oda, Toshiyuki Ueno, Yukio Makino, Shoji Miyake

18. A Modified Cavity Perturbation Technique for Measurement of the Dielectric Constant of High Permittivity Materials
Sheila Oree

Part III. Modelling

19. Finite Elements in the Simulation of Dielectric Heating Systems
G. E. Georghiou, R. A. Ehlers, A. Hallac, H. Malan, A. P. Papadakis, A. C. Metaxas

20. Examination of Contemporary Electromagnetic Software Capable of Modeling Problems of Microwave Heating
Vadim V. Yakovlev

21. A Hybrid Approach for Resolving the Electromagnetic Fields Inside a Waveguide Loaded with a Lossy Medium
Viktor Vegh, Ian W. Turner

22. A Novel FDTD System for Microwave Heating and Thawing Analysis with Automatic Time-Variation of Enthalpy-Dependent Media Parameters
Malgorzata Celuch-Marcysiak, Wojciech K. Gwarek, Macie Sypniewski

23. Simulation of Microwave Sintering with Advanced Sintering Models
Hermann Riedel, Jiri Svoboda

24. Finite Element Modelling of Thin Metallic Films for Microwave Heating
R. A. Ehlers, A. C. Metaxas

25. Analysis of Coupled Electromagnetic and Thermal Modeling of Pressure-Aided Microwave Curing Processes
J. M. Catalá-Civera, J. Monzó-Cabrera, Anthoni J. Canós, Felipe Peñaranda-Foix

26. Selective Heating and Moisture Levelling in Microwaveassisted Drying of Laminar Materials: an Explicit Model
J. Monzó-Cabrera, A. Díaz-Morcillo, J. M. Catalá-Civera, Elias Reyes

27. Microwave Heating of Ready Meals – FDTD Simulation Tools for Improving the Heating Uniformity
B. Wäppling-Raaholt, P. O. Risman, T. Ohlsson

Part IV. Food Processing and Environmental Engineering Applications

28. Novel and Traditional Microwave Applications in the Food Industry
H. Schubert, M. Regie

29. Microwave Drying: Process Engineering Aspects
SM Bradshaw

30. Quality of Microwave Heated Multicomponent Prepared Foods
Suvi Ryynänen

31. Sensory Evaluation of Dried Bananas Obtained from Air Dehydration Assisted by Microwaves
W. A. Sousa, R. N. M. Pitombo, M. A. A. P. Silva, A. Marsaioli

32. Microwave Method for Increasing the Permeability of Wood and its Applications
G. Torgovnikov, P. Vinden

33. Selective Heating of Different Grain Parts of Wheat by Microwave Energy
E. Pallai-Varsányi, M. Neményi, A. J. Kovács, E. Szijjártó

34. Microwave in Situ Remediation of Soils Polluted by Volatile Hydrocarbons
D. Acierno, A. A. Barba, M. d'Amore, V. Fiumara, I. M. Pinto, A. Scaglione

35. Bio-Dielectric Soil Decontamination
J. P. M. Janssen-Mommen, W. J. L. Jansen

36. Waste Treatment under Microwave Irradiation
A. Corradi, L. Lusvarghi, M. R. Rivasi, C. Siligardi, P. Veronesi, G. Marucci, M. Annibali, G. Ragazzo

37. Environmental Aspects of Microwave Heating in Polyelectrolyte Synthesis
E. Mateescu, G. Craciun, D. Martin, D. Ighigeanu, M. Radoiu, I. Calinescu, H. Iovu

Part V. Microwave Applications in Chemistry

38. Role of Microwave Radiation on Radiopharmaceuticals Preparations
Enrico Gattavecchia, Elida Ferri, Biagio Esposito, Alberto Breccia

39. Fast Synthesis of Biodiesel from Triglycerides in Presence of Microwaves
C. Mazzocchia, A. Kaddouri, G. Modica, R. Nannicini

40. Alteration of Esterification Kinetics under Microwave Irradiation
L. A. Jermolovicius, B. Schneiderman, J. T. Senise

41. Multistep Microwave-Assisted Solvent-Free Organic Reactions: Synthesis of 1,6-Disubstituted-4-Oxo-1,4-Dihydro-Pyridine-3-Carboxylic Acid Benzyl Esters
Mauro Panunzio, Maria Antonietta Lentini, Eileen Campana, Giorgio Martelli, Paola Vicennati

42. Recent Applications of Microwave Power for Applied Organic Chemistry
Bernd Ondruschka, Matthias Nüchter

43. Liquid Phase Catalytic Hydrodechlorination of Chlorobenzene under Microwave Irradiation
Marilena T. Radoiu, Ioan Calinescu, Diana I. Martin, Rodica Calinescu

44. Conventional and New Solvent Systems for Microwave Chemistry
Jens Hoffmann, Antje Tied, Matthias Nüchter, Bernd Ondruschka

Part VI. Industrial Microwave Applications

45. State of the Art of Microwave Applications in the Food Industry in the USA
Robert F. Schiffmann

46. Microwave Vacuum Drying in the Food Processing Industry
G. Ahrens, H. Kriszio, G. Langer

47. Development of an Industrial Solid Phase Polymerization Process Using Fifty-Ohm Radio Frequency Technology
Joseph W. Cresko, L. Myles Phipps, Anton Mavretic

48. RF World Tour
Jean-Paul Bernard

Part VII. Fundamentals of Microwave Application to Materials Processing

49. How the Coupling of Microwave and RF Energy in Materials can Affect Solid State Charge and Mass Transport and Result in Unique Processing Effects
John H. Booske, Reid F. Cooper

50. Enhanced Mass and Charge Transfer in Solids Exposed to Microwave Fields
V. E. Semenov, K. I. Rybakov

51. Thermal Runaway and Hot Spots under Controlled Microwave Heating
V. E. Semenov, N. A. Zharova

52. Densification and Diffusion Processes in the Ba,Sr-Titanate System under Microwave Sintering
O. I. Getman, V. V. Panichkina, V. V. Skorokhod, E. A. Shevchenko, V. V. Holoptsev

53. Observation of the Microwave Effect On the Diffusion Behavior in 28 GHz Millimeter-Wave Sintered Alumina
Toshiyuki Ueno, Yukio Makino, Shoji Miyake, Saburo Sano

54. Dilatometer Measurements in a mm-Wave Oven
G. Link, S. Rhee, Manfred Thumm

55. In Situ Determination of Shrinkage under Microwave Conditions
J. Bossert, C. Ludwig, J. R. Opfermann

56. Multistable Behaviour in Microwave Heating of Ceramics
J. R. Thomas, Xiaofeng Wu, W. A. Davis

Part VIII. Microwave Sintering of Ceramics and Metals

57. Microwave Sintering of Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Kiyoshi Hirao, Mark I. Jones, Manuel E. Brito, M. Toriyama

58. Novel Materials Processing by Millimeter-Wave Radiation - Present and Future
Shoji Miyake

59. Correlation Between Densification and ? - Phase Formation at Microwave Sintering of Si3n4 Ceramics
O. I. Getman, V. V. Panichkina, V. V. Skorokhod, I. V. Plotnikov, V. V. Holoptsev

60. Sintering Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Microwave Sintered Silicon Nitride
Mark I Jones, Maria-Cecilia Valecillos, Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Motohiro Toriyama

61. Millimeter-Wave Sintering of High Pure Alumina – Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Yukio Makino, Shoji Miyake, Saburo Sano, Hidenori Saito, Bunkei Kyoh, Hideki Kuwahara, Akinobu Yoshikawa

62. Microwave Sintering of Large-Size Ceramic Workpieces
S. V. Egorov, N. A. Zharova, Yu. V. Bykov, V. E. Semenov

63. Microwave Assisted Sintering of Al2O3
S. Leparoux G. Walter, Th. Lampke B. Wielage

64. Absorption of Millimeter Waves in Composite Metal-Ceramic Materials
A. G. Eremeev, I. V. Plotnikov, V. V. Holoptsev, K. I. Rybakov, A. I. Rachkovskii

65. Microwave Sintering of PM Steels
F. Petzoldt, B. Scholz, H. S. Park, Monika Willert-Porada

66. Formation of Functionally Graded Cemented Carbides by Microwave Assisted Sintering in Reactive Atmosheres
R. Tap, Monika Willert-Porada, K. Rödiger, R. Klupsch

Part IX. Synthesis and Microwave Processing of Powders

67. Microwave Plasma Synthesis of Ceramic Powders
Dieter Vollath, D. Vinga Szabó

68. Microwave and Conventional Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zirconia Doped Powders
F. Bondioli, C. Leonelli, C. Siligardi, G. C. Pellacani, S. Komarneni

69. Microwave Decomposition of Metal Alkoxides to Nanoporous Metal Oxides – a Mechanistic Study
F. Bauer, T. Schubert, Monika Willert-Porada

70. Characterization of SIC Produced by Microwaves
Juan Aguilar, Zarel Valdez, Ubaldo Ortiz, Javier Rodríguez

71. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Catalyst Materials for Pem Fuel Cells
T. Schubert, Monika Willert-Porada

72. Excitation of Sodium in Powderlike Silicates by Microwave Heating
M. Hasznos-Nezdei, E. Pallai-Varsányi, L. P. Szabó, S Szabó

Part X. New Applications and Processes Related to Microwave and RF Heating

73. RF and Microwave Rapid Magnetic Induction Heating of Silicon Wafers
Keith Thompson, John Booske, Yogesh Gianchandani, Reid Cooper

74. Industrial Higher Frequency Microwave Processing of Composite Materials
Lambert Feher, Manfred Thumm

75. Drilling Into Hard Non-Conductive Materials by Localized Microwave Radiation
E. Jerby, V. Dikhtyar

76. Design of Avionic Microwave De-/Anti-Icing Systems
Lambert Feher, Manfred Thumm

77. Application of Microwave to Glaze and Ceramic Industry
C. Leonelli, C. Siligardi, P. Veronesi, A. Corradi

78. Microwave Assisted Binder Burnout
J. Grosse-Berg, Monika Willert-Porada, L. Eusterbrock, G. Ziegler

79. CVD-Processes in Microwave Heated Fluidized Bed Reactors
T. Gerdes, R. Tap, P. Bahke, Monika Willert-Porada

80. Processing of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Composite (CFRP) Materials with Innovative Millimeter-Wave Technology
Christian Hunyar, Lambert Feher, Manfred Thumm

81. Basic Research and Industrial Production Using the Spark Plasma System (SPS)
Mamoru Omori

82. Combined Processes: Laser Assisted Microwave Processing and Sintercoating
Monika Willert-Porada, T. Gerdes, Ch. Gerk, H. S. Park

Keywords: Chemistry, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering

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