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Hadron Collider Physics 2005

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Table of contents

1. Status of the ALICE Detector at LHC

2. ATLAS status

3. Status of CMS

4. Status of the LHCb experimentI:

5. Theoretical Perspectives in QCD

6. Physics at HERA

7. Diffraction and Total Cross-Section at the Tevatron and the LHC

8. The Jet Energy Scale and Inclusive Jet Cross Section at DØ

9. Determination of Jet Energy Scale and Measurement of Inclusive Jet Production at CDF-II

10. Fragmentation, Underlying Event and Jet Shapes at the Tevatron (CDF)

11. High <it>p</it><sub>T</sub> Jets and Photons at the Tevatron

12. Jet Measurements in ATLAS

13. Jet energy measurements in CMS

14. Electroweak Physics at the Tevatron and LHC: Theoretical Status and Perspectives

15. <it>W</it>/<it>Z</it> Production Cross Sections and Asymmetries at ?s = 1.96 TeV

16. W Mass an Properties

17. Di-Boson Physics at the Tevatron

18. Precision Electroweak Measurements at ATLAS and CMS

19. Muon Identification at the Tevatron

20. Tau Identification at the Tevatron

21. Electron and photon identification in ATLAS

22. Muon identification at CMS, and confrontation with Monte Carlo and test beam data

23. Muon Identification at Atlas and Comparison with Simulation and Test Beam Data

24. Tau identification at ATLAS : importance, method and confrontation with Monte Carlo and test beam

25. Tau identification in CMS

26. Particle identification of the LHCb experiment

27. Theoretical Developments Beyond the Standard Model

28. Searches for Supersymmetry at the Tevatron

29. Searches for BSM (non-SUSY) physics at the Tevatron

30. Higgs Searches at the Tevatron

31. Searches for Higgs Bosons at LHC

32. Sensitivity to New Physics in the B-Sector

33. Nucleus-nucleus and proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC

34. Direct Photons, Vector Mesons and Heavy Flavor Production at RHIC

35. Jet production and high <it>p</it><sub>T</sub> hadrons at RHICinthe

36. Open heavy-flavour production in ALICE

37. Identification of high energy direct photons and photon-jet events at LHC with ALICE

38. Electron Identification with the ALICE TRD

39. Heavy Ions in ATLAS

40. Beauty Physics: Theoretical Status and Future Perspectives

41. Results from Belle and BaBar

42. <it>B</it><sub><it>s</it></sub> Properties at the Tevatron

43. Searches for Rare B meson decay at Tevatron

44. Trigger Strategy and Performance of the LHCb Detector

45. Event reconstruction and physics performance of the LHCb experiment

46. B-Physics expectations at ATLAS and CMS

47. b-tagging at DØ

48. B tagging at CDF

49. Pixel detector in BTeV

50. Track and Vertex Reconstruction in CMS for Key Physics Processes

51. CDF computing and event data models

52. Preparation for Analysis at CMS

53. Top Mass at the Tevatron

54. <it>t¯t</it> cross section at the Tevatron

55. Single Top At The Tevatron

56. Top Properties and Rare Decays from the Tevatron

57. Top physics prospects in ATLAS

58. Top quark studies and perspectives with CMS

Section 10. Conclusion

59. Experimental Summary and Perspectives

60. Einstein's Contributions to Quantum Theory

Section 11. Posters

61. The construction of the ALICE hmpid rich detector

62. CDF spectroscopy results

63. Effective K-factors: a method to include higher order QCD corrections in parton shower Monte Carlos: the example of <it>H</it>?<it>WW</it>*?2l?

64. Construction and Performance of the ATLAS Semi-Conductor Tracker Barrels

65. Charmless B decays at CDF

66. Standard Model Higgs Searches at ATLAS

67. The LHCb trigger and readout

68. Anomalous single top production with ATLAS

69. LHCb RICH Detectors

70. Production and test of the LHCb Muon Wire Chamberse

71. Techniques for <it>B</it><sub><it>s</it></sub> mixing at CDF

72. Heavy flavour production at CDF

Keywords: Physics, Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory, Measurement Science, Instrumentation, Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons

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