Canadell, Josep G.

Terrestrial Ecosystems in a Changing World

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Table of contents

1. Global Ecology, Networks, and Research Synthesis
Louis F. Pitelka, Josep G. Canadell, Diane E. Pataki

Part A. Carbon and Water Cycles in the 21st Century

2. CO2 Fertilization: When, Where, How Much?
Christian Körner, Jack Morgan, Richard Norby

3. Ecosystem Responses to Warming and Interacting Global Change Factors
Richard J. Norby, Lindsey E. Rustad, Jeffrey S. Dukes, Dennis S. Ojima, William J. Parton, Stephen J. Grosso, Ross E. McMurtrie, David A. Pepper

4. Insights from Stable Isotopes on the Role of Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Global Carbon Cycle
Diane E. Pataki, Chun-Ta Lai, Charles D. Keeling, James R. Ehleringer

5. Effects of Urban Land-Use Change on Biogeochemical Cycles
Richard V. Pouyat, Diane E. Pataki, Kenneth T. Belt, Peter M. Groffman, John Hom, Lawrence E. Band

6. Saturation of the Terrestrial Carbon Sink
Josep G. Canadell, Diane E. Pataki, Roger Gifford, Richard A. Houghton, Yiqi Luo, Michael R. Raupach, Pete Smith, Will Steffen

Part B. Changing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning

7. Functional Diversity — at the Crossroads between Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Filters
Sandra Díaz, Sandra Lavorel, F. Stuart Chapin, Paula A. Tecco, Diego E. Gurvich, Karl Grigulis

8. Linking Plant Invasions to Global Environmental Change
Montserrat Vilà, Jeffrey D. Corbin, Jeffrey S. Dukes, Joan Pino, Stanley D. Smith

9. Plant Biodiversity and Responses to Elevated Carbon Dioxide
Catherine Potvin, F. Stuart Chapin, Andrew Gonzalez, Paul Leadley, Peter Reich, Jacques Roy

10. Predicting the Ecosystem Consequences of Biodiversity Loss: the Biomerge Framework
Shahid Naeem, Robert Colwell, Sandra Díaz, Jennifer Hughes, Claire Jouseau, Sandra Lavorel, Peter Morin, Owen Petchey, Justin Wright

Part C. Landscapes under Changing Disturbance Regimes

11. Plant Species Migration as a Key Uncertainty in Predicting Future Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems: Progress and Challenges
Guy F. Midgley, Wilfried Thuiller, Steven I. Higgins

12. Understanding Global Fire Dynamics by Classifying and Comparing Spatial Models of Vegetation and Fire
Robert E. Keane, Geoffrey J. Cary, Ian D. Davies, Michael D. Flannigan, Robert H. Gardner, Sandra Lavorel, James M. Lenihan, Chao Li, T. Scott Rupp

13. Plant Functional Types: Are We Getting Any Closer to the Holy Grail?
Sandra Lavorel, Sandra Díaz, J. Hans C. Cornelissen, Eric Garnier, Sandy P. Harrison, Sue McIntyre, Juli G. Pausas, Natalia Pérez-Harguindeguy, Catherine Roumet, Carlos Urcelay

14. Spatial Nonlinearities: Cascading Effects in the Earth System
Debra P. C. Peters, Roger A. Pielke, Brandon T. Bestelmeyer, Craig D. Allen, Stuart Munson-McGee, Kris M. Havstad

15. Dynamic Global Vegetation Modeling: Quantifying Terrestrial Ecosystem Responses to Large-Scale Environmental Change
I. Colin Prentice, Alberte Bondeau, Wolfgang Cramer, Sandy P. Harrison, Thomas Hickler, Wolfgang Lucht, Stephen Sitch, Ben Smith, Martin T. Sykes

Part D. Managing Ecosystem Services

16. Wheat Production Systems and Global Climate Change
John R. Porter, Pete D. Jamieson, Peter R. Grace

17. Pests Under Global Change — Meeting Your Future Landlords?
Robert W. Sutherst, Richard H. A. Baker, Stella M. Coakley, Richard Harrington, Darren J. Kriticos, Harald Scherm

18. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential in Agricultural Soils
Pete Smith, Pete Falloon, Uwe Franko, Martin Körschens, Rattan Lal, Keith Paustian, David Powlson, Vladimir Romanenkov, Ludmila Shevtsova, Jo Smith

19. Carbon and Water Tradeoffs in Conversions to Forests and Shrublands
Robert B. Jackson, Kathleen A. Farley, William A. Hoffmann, Esteban G. Jobbágy, Rebecca L. McCulley

20. Natural and Human Dimensions of Land Degradation in Drylands: Causes and Consequences
James F. Reynolds, Fernando T. Maestre, Paul R. Kemp, D. Mark Stafford-Smith, Eric Lambin

Part E. Regions under Stress

21. Southeast Asian Fire Regimes and Land Development Policy
Daniel Murdiyarso, Louis Lebel

22. Global Change Impacts on Agroecosystems of Eastern China
Guangzhou Zhou, Shaoling Peng, Li Zhou, Yuhui Wang, Zhenzhu Xu

23. Terrestrial Ecosystems in Monsoon Asia: Scaling up from Shoot Module to Watershed
Takashi Kohyama, Jotaro Urabe, Kouki Hikosaka, Hideaki Shibata, Takahito Yoshioka, Eiichi Konohira, Jun Murase, Eitaro Wada

24. Responses of High Latitude Ecosystems to Global Change: Potential Consequences for the Climate System
A. David McGuire, F. S. Chapin, Christian Wirth, Mike Apps, Jagtar Bhatti, Terry Callaghan, Torben R. Christensen, Joy S. Clein, Masami Fukuda, Trofim Maximov, Alexander Onuchin, Anatoly Shvidenko, Eugene Vaganov

Part F. Future Directions: the Global Land Project

25. The Future Research Challenge: the Global Land Project
Dennis S. Ojima, William J. McConnell, Emilio Moran, Billie L. Turner, Josep G. Canadell, Sandra Lavorel


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