Bobrowsky, Peter T.

Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society

Bobrowsky, Peter T. - Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Anthropology, Archaeology, Geology

1. The Geologic Record of Destructive Impact Events on Earth
Richard A. F. Grieve, David A. Kring

2. The Archaeology and Anthropology of Quaternary Period Cosmic Impact
W. Bruce Masse

3. The Sky on the Ground: Celestial Objects and Events in Archaeology and Popular Culture
William T. Hartwell

4. Umm al Binni Structure, Southern Iraq, as a Postulated Late Holocene Meteorite Impact Crater
S. Master, T. Woldai

5. Tree-Rings Indicate Global Environmental Downturns that could have been Caused by Comet Debris
M. G. L. Baillie

6. The GGE Threat: Facing and Coping with Global Geophysical Events
W. J. McGuire

Part II. Astronomy and Physical Implications

7. The Asteroid Impact Hazard and Interdisciplinary Issues
Clark R. Chapman

8. The Impact Hazard: Advanced NEO Surveys and Societal Responses
David Morrison

9. Understanding the Near-Earth Object Population: the 2004 Perspective
William F. Bottke

10. Physical Properties of NEOs and Risks of an Impact: Current Knowledge and Future Challenges
A. Chantal Levasseur-Regourd

11. Evaluating the Risk of Impacts and the Efficiency of Risk Reduction
G. B. Valsecchi, A. Milani Comparetti

12. Physical Effects of Comet and Asteroid Impacts: Beyond the Crater Rim
H. J. Melosh

13. Frequent Ozone Depletion Resulting from Impacts of Asteroids and Comets
John W. Birks, Paul J. Crutzen, Raymond G. Roble

14. Tsunami as a Destructive Aftermath of Oceanic Impacts
V. K. Gusiakov

15. The Physical and Social Effects of the Kaali Meteorite Impact — a Review
Siim Veski, Atko Heinsalu, Anneli Poska, Leili Saarse, Jüri Vassiljev

16. The Climatic Effects of Asteroid and Comet Impacts: Consequences for an Increasingly Interconnected Society
Michael C. MacCracken

17. Nature of the Tunguska Impactor Based on Peat Material from the Explosion Area
Evgeniy M. Kolesnikov, Kaare L. Rasmussen, Quanlin Hou, Liewen Xie, Natal’ya V. Kolesnikova

18. The Tunguska Event
G. Longo

19. Tunguska (1908) and Its Relevance for Comet/Asteroid Impact Statistics
Wolfgang Kundt

20. Atmospheric Megacryometeor Events versus Small Meteorite Impacts: Scientific and Human Perspective of a Potential Natural Hazard
Jesús Martínez-Frías, José Antonio Rodríguez-Losada

Part III. Socio-Economic and Policy Implications

21. Social Science and Near-Earth Objects: an Inventory of Issues
Lee Clarke

22. Perception of Risk from Asteroid Impact
Paul Slovic

23. Hazard Risk Assessment of a Near Earth Object
Roy C. Sidle

24. Social Perspectives on Comet/Asteroid Impact (CAI) Hazards: Technocratic Authority and the Geography of Social Vulnerability
Kenneth Hewitt

25. May Land Impacts Induce a Catastrophic Collapse of Civil Societies?
Andrea Carusi, Alessandro Carusi, Luca Pozio

26. The Societal Implications of a Comet/Asteroid Impact on Earth: a Perspective from International Development Studies
Ben Wisner

27. Disaster Planning for Cosmic Impacts: Progress and Weaknesses
Harold D. Foster

28. Insurance Coverage of Meteorite, Asteroid and Comet Impacts — Issues and Options
Paul Kovacs, Andrew Hallak

29. The Economic Consequences of Disasters due to Asteroid and Comet Impacts, Small and Large
Mohammed H. I. Dore

30. Communicating Impact Risk to the Public
Michel Hermelin

31. Impact Risk Communication Management (1998–2004): Has It Improved?
Brian G. Marsden

32. Towards Rational International Policies on the NEO Hazard
Johannes Andersen

33. A Road Map for Creating a NEO Research Program in Developing Countries
Wing-Huen Ip


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