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Progress in Turbulence II

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals

1. What Rayleigh-Bénard, Taylor-Couette and Pipe Flows have in Common
Bruno Eckhardt, Siegfried Grossmann, Detlef Lohse

2. Small-Scale Statistics in High-Resolution Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence
Yukio Kaneda, Takashi Ishihara

3. Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Jet Under Random Waves
Y. P. Chen, C. W. Li

4. Scale-by-Scale Assessments of the Approach to Isotropy
Peter E. Hamlington, Jamison L. Szwalek, Werner J. A. Dahm

5. On the Decay of Isotropic Turbulence
P. A. Davidson, Y. Kaneda, T. Ishida

6. Oscillatory Relaxation Towards Turbulent States
Bruno Eckhardt, Andreas Dietrich, Jörg Schumacher, Tobias M. Schneider

7. An Exact Solution for the Forced Burgers Equation
Stephan Eule, Rudolf Friedrich

8. Consistent Invariant Modelling of Axially Rotating Pipe Flow
S. Guenther, M. Oberlack

9. Small-Scale Anisotropy in MHD Turbulence Under Strong Uniform Magnetic Field
Takaki Ishida, Yukio Kaneda

10. Scaling in an Ensemble of Stochastic Forced Point Vortices
Oliver Kamps, Rudolf Friedrich

11. Multiplier Statistics Explained by Stochastic Cascade Processes
M. Siefert, J. Peinke

12. DNS and Scaling Laws of a Turbulent Channel Flow with Streamwise Rotation
Tanja Weller, Martin Oberlack

Part II. Experiments

13. Characterization of a Turbulent Vortex Using Phase Averaged PIV Data
Yannis Cuypers, Agnes Maurel, Philippe Petitjeans

14. Experimental Detection of the New Phenomenon of Turbulent Thermal Diffusion
A. Eidelman, T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, A. Markovich, I. Rogachevskii

15. Anemometry in Snow Particle Flows
M. Hölling, S. Barth, J. Peinke, J.-D. Rüedi

16. Numerical and Experimental Investigations of the Dynamics and Structure of the Recirculation Zone in a Coaxial Jet Mixer
N. Kornev, S. Jahnke, I. Tkatchenko, V. Zhdanov, E. Hassel

17. On Anisotropy of Turbulent Flows in Regions of “Negative Eddy Viscosity”
A. Liberzon, B. Lüthi, M. Guala, W. Kinzelbach, A. Tsinober

18. Experimental Analysis on the Transition Process of Internal Gravity Waves in a Strongly Stably-Stratified Mixing Layer
Hideharu Makita, Katsuhisa Ohba, Nobumasa Sekishita

19. The Correlation Between Velocity and Acceleration in Turbulence
Jakob Mann, Søren Ott, Jacob Berg, Beat Lüthi

20. PIV Measurement of Coherent Structures and Turbulence Created by an Oscillating Flow at the End of a Thermoacoustic Stack
Xiaoan Mao, David Marx, Artur J. Jaworski

21. Statistics of the Temperature Fluctuations as a Passive Scalar in a Freejet Experiment
Marco Munzel, Joachim Peinke, Achim Kittel

Part III. Coherent Structure

22. Coherent Structures Identification in 2D Turbulence
Ch.-H. Bruneau, P. Fischer, H. Kellay

23. Multi-resolution Analysis of the Large-scale Coherent Structure in a Turbulent Separation Bubble Affected by Unsteady Wake
Sejong Chun, Ying Zheng Liu, Hyung Jin Sung

24. Effect of Spanwise System Rotation on Longitudinal Vortical Structure of Homogeneous Shear Flow
Oaki Iida, Yasutaka Nagano

25. Generation of Large-scale Vorticity in Sheared Homogeneous and Rotating Inhomogeneous Turbulence
T. Elperin, I. Golubev, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii

26. Mean Modal Analysis of the Coherent Structures in a Two-dimensional Vortex Merger
Fereidoun Sabetghadam, Shervin Sharafatmandjoor

27. Low-Frequency Coherent Structures in Turbulent Flows
Rüdiger Schwarze, Frank Obermeier

Part IV. Turbulent Boundary Layers

28. Large-eddy Simulation of Accelerating Boundary Layers
G. Prisco, A. Keating, U. Piomelli, E. Balaras

29. Generation of Turbulent Inlet Conditions for Velocity/Thermal Boundary Layer Simulations
Guillermo Araya, Elaine Bohr, Kenneth Jansen, Luciano Castillo

30. Experimental Analysis of a Turbulent Boundary Layer at High Reynolds Numbers
G. Aloisio, A. Dolcini, F. Felice, G. P. Romano

31. Hybrid RANS/LES of Neutral Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Simple Terrain
A. Hansen, J. Mann, J. Johansen, N. N. Sørensen

32. Evidence on Non-Universality of Kármán Constant
Kapil A. Chauhan, Hassan M. Nagib, Peter A. Monkewitz

33. Turbulent Marginal Separation: A Novel Triple-Deck Problem for Turbulent Flows
B Scheichl, A Kluwick

34. Symmetry-preserving Regularization Modeling of Turbulent Channel Flow
Roel Verstappen

Part V. Convection

35. Numerical Experiments of Turbulent Thermal Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers
K. Koal, G. Amati, F. Massaioli, K. R. Sreenivasan, R. Verzicco

36. Homogeneous Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
E. Calzavarini, D. Lohse, F. Toschi

37. A RANS Model for the Pressure-velocity Fluctuation Correlation
L. Chandra, G. Grötzbach

38. Temperature Measurements in a Rectangular Rayleigh-Bénard Cell
A. Maystrenko, C. Resagk, A. Thess

39. Inertial Convertion in a Vertical Channel
M. Gibert, H. Pabiou, F. Chillà, B. Castaing

40. Applying the Leray-? Model to Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
M. Reeuwijk, H. J. J. Jonker, K. Hanjalié

41. Analysis of Thermal Dissipation Rates Based on Direct Numerical and Large–Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Rayleigh–B’enard Convection
Olga Shishkina, Claus Wagner

Part VI. Scalar Mixing and Particles

42. Inertial Particles in Turbulence
L. Biferale, J. Bec, G. Boffetta, A. Celani, M. Cencini, A. Lanotte, S. Musacchio, F. Toschi

43. Turbulent Pair Dispersion: A PTV Experiment
Jacob Berg, Beat Lüthi, Jakob Mann, Søren Ott

44. Application of a Two-point Closure to the Dispersion of Particles in Isotropic and Sheared Turbulence
Wouter Bos, Jean-Pierre Bertoglio

45. Clustering of Inertial Particles
L. Chen, S. Goto, J. C. Vassilicos

46. Self Similar Two Particle Separation Model
Beat Lüthi, Jacob Berg, Søren Ott, Jakob Mann

47. Coarse-grained Scalar Transport: Closures and Large-eddy Simulations
A. Celani, M. Martins Afonso, A. Mazzino

48. Statistics and Geometry in High-Schmidt Number Scalar Mixing
Jörg Schumacher, Dan Kushnir, Achi Brandt, Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, Herwig Zilken

Part VII. Polymer and Scalars

49. Scale by Scale Budget in Viscoelastic Wall Turbulence
E. Angelis, N. Marati, C. M. Casciola, R. Piva

50. Alignment Statistics of a Passive Scalar Gradient
in Nonstationary Flow Topology
A. Garcia, M. Gonzalez, L. Danaila, P. Paranthoön

51. An Improved Model for the Turbulent Atmospheric Boundary Layer Including Urban Canopy
A. F. Kurbatskiy, A. V. Lonchakov, L. I. Kurbatskaya

52. LES of Turbulent Low Mach Number Shear Layers with Active Scalars Using Explicit Filtering
Inga Mahle, Juan Pedro Mellado, Jörn Sesterhenn, Rainer Friedrich

53. Statistical Closures for Homogeneous Shear Flow Turbulence of Dilute Polymer Solutions
D. Vincenzi, S. Jin, T. Vaithianathan, L. R. Collins, E. Bodenschatz

Part VIII. Large Eddy Simulation

54. Towards Wall Models for LES of Separated Flows
Michael Breuer, Boris Kniazev, Markus Abel

55. Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow in a Triangular Duct with Internal Ribbed Surfaces
D. D. Luo, C. W. Leung, T. L. Chan, W. O. Wong

56. Multi-Cycle Simulations of In-Cylinder Flows on Unstructured
Grids using a Hybrid VLES Model
F. Freikamp, J. Ewald, N. Peters

57. Investigation of Lattice Boltzmann Methods for LES
Rainhill K. Freitas, Wolfgang Schröder, Matthias Meinke

58. Conditional Averaging of the Fully Developed Stationary Ribbed Duct Flow Using Q Criteria
Máté Márton Lohász, Patrick Rambaud, Carlo Benocci1

59. Prediction of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Czochralski Crucible using LES with Interface Tracking
A. Raufeisen, T. Botsch, V. Kumar, M. Breuer, F. Durst

60. Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow Around an Obstacle at the Wall of a Rectangular Duct
A. Teruzzi, S. Salon, F. Ballio, V. Armenio

61. Energy Content of Large-scale Turbulence in Wide Open Channel Flows
Wim S. J. Uijttewaal, Wim Balen, Bram C. Prooijen

62. Subgrid Modeling in Large-eddy Simulation of Complex Flows
A. W. Vreman

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Fluids, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Partial Differential Equations

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Physics
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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