Shively, Jessup M.

Complex Intracellular Structures in Prokaryotes

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Table of contents

Part I.Complex Intracellular Structures in Prokaryotes

1. Prokaryote Complex Intracellular Structures: Descriptions and Discoveries
Jessup M. Shively

2. Proteasomes and Other Nanocompartmentalized Proteases of Archaea
Julie A. Maupin-Furlow, Malgorzata A. Gil, Matthew A. Humbard, P. Aaron Kirkland, Wei Li, Christopher J. Reuter, Amy J. Wright

3. Assembly and Disassembly of Phycobilisomes
Noam Adir, Monica Dines, Merav Klartag, Ailie McGregor, Meira Melamed-Frank

4. Chlorosomes: Antenna Organelles in Photosynthetic Green Bacteria
Niels-Ulrik Frigaard, Donald A. Bryant

5. Gas Vesicles of Archaea and Bacteria
Felicitas Pfeifer

6. Carboxysomes and Carboxysome-like Inclusions
Sabine Heinhorst, Gordon C. Cannon, Jessup M. Shively

7. Magnetosomes in Magnetotactic Bacteria
André Scheffel, Dirk Schüler

8. Structure, Function and Formation of Bacterial Intracytoplasmic Membranes
Robert A. Niederman

9. Membrane-bounded Nucleoids and Pirellulosomes of Planctomycetes
John A. Fuerst

10. Anammoxosomes of Anaerobic Ammonium-oxidizing Planctomycetes
John A. Fuerst, Richard I. Webb, Laura Niftrik, Mike S. M. Jetten, Marc Strous

11. The Enigmatic Cytoarchitecture of Epulopiscium spp.
Esther R. Angert

Part II.Additional Complex Intracellular Structures

12. Cytoskeletal Elements in Prokaryotes
Waldemar Vollmer

13. Cryo-electron Tomography Reveals the Architecture of aBacterial Cytoskeleton
Julia Kürner, Wolfgang Baumeister

14. Organization and Assembly of the Mycoplasma pneumoniae Attachment Organelle
Mitchell F. Balish

15. The Junctional Pore Complex: Molecular Motor of Microbial Motility
Egbert Hoiczyk

16. Type III Secretion Systems: Bacterial Injection Devices for Microbe–Host Interactions
Kirill Sergueev, Colleen A. McHugh, Egbert Hoiczyk

17. Gas Vesicles in Actinomycetes: Not Simply aCase of Flotation in Water-Logged Soil
Geertje van Keulen

18. Bacterial Endosymbionts in Prokaryotes
Daniele Corsaro, Danielle Venditti


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