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Soft Computing: Methodologies and Applications

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Table of contents

Part I. Keynote Papers

1. Discovery of Fuzzy Temporal Associations in Multiple Data Streams
Thomas Sudkamp

Part II. Applications of Soft Computing in Traffic and Transportation Systems

2. Soft Computing Applications in Traffic and Transport Systems: A Review
Erel Avineri

3. Estimation of Public Transport Trips By Feed Forward Back Propagation Artificial Neural Networks; A Case Study For Istanbul
H. Berk Çelikoglu, Murat Akad

4. Clustering of Activity Patterns Using Genetic Algorithms
Ondrej Pribyl

5. A Mathematical Model for Evaluation of Information Effects in ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information Systems) Environment
Mauro Dell’Orco, Shinya Kikuchi

Part III. Evolutionary Algorithms I

6. Interactive Evolutionary Computation in Identification of Dynamical Systems
Janos Abonyi, Janos Madar, Lajos Nagy, Ferenc Szeifert

7. Replacement Strategies to Maintain Useful Diversity in Steady-State Genetic Algorithms
Manuel Lozano, Francisco Herrera, José Ramón Cano

8. Hierarchical Modelling of Evolutionary Computation
Christian Veenhuis, Mario Köppen, Katrin Franke

9. An ALife-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization Problems
P. Amato, M. Farina

Part IV. Evolutionary Algorithms II

10. Optimum Tests Selection for Analog Circuits with the Use of Genetic Algorithm
Jerzy Rutkowski, Lukasz Zielinski, Bartlomiej Puchalski

11. Unsupervised Pixel Clustering in Multispectral Images by Genetic Programming
I. Falco, A. Cioppa, E. Tarantino

12. A Genetic Programming System for Time Series Prediction and Its Application to El Niño Forecast
I. Falco, A. Cioppa, E. Tarantino

13. Evolutionary Optimization of Parametric Models: the Test Case of Combustion in a Diesel Engine
M. Farina, N. Cesario, D. Ruggiero, P. Amato

Part V. Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks

14. Rule Learning and Extraction Using a Hybrid Neural Network: A Case Study on Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Shing Chiang Tan, Chee Peng Lim

15. Applying the Potentiality of Using Fuzzy Logic in PID Control Design
T.C. Callai, J.E.S. Santos, R.R. Sumar, A.A.R. Coelho

16. Wavelet Neural Networks and Its Applications in Chaotic Systems Identification
Leandro dos Santos Coelho, Roger Calixto

17. Fuzzy Specializations and Aggregation Operator Design in Competence — Based Human Resource Selection
Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Elena García-Barriocanal, Rafael Alcalde

Part VI. Data Analysis

18. Personalizing Information Services for Mobile Users
Wei-Po Lee

19. Detecting and Verifying Dissimilar Patterns in Unlabelled Data
Manolis Wallace, Phivos Mylonas, Stefanos Kollias

20. UPoet: A 3D Agent Able to Compose Short Poems
M. Lamarca, F. Zambetta, G. Catucci, F. Abbattista

21. A Study on the Combination of Evolutionary Algorithms and Stratified Strategies for Training Set Selection in Data Mining
Jose Ramon Cano, Francisco Herrera, Manuel Lozano

Part VII. Soft Computing for Modeling, Optimization and Information Processing

22. Predictive Controller Tuning Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Cauchy and Gaussian Distributions
Leandro dos Santos Coelho, Renato A. Krohling

23. A Realistic Information Retrieval Environment to Validate a Multiobjective GA-P Algorithm for Learning Fuzzy Queries
Oscar Cordón, Enrique Herrera-Viedma, María Luque, Felix Moya, Carmen Zarco

24. Evolutionary Learning of a Fuzzy Controller for Mobile Robotics
M. Mucientes, D.L. Moreno, A. Bugarín, S. Barro

25. Genetic Algorithm in Process Optimisation Problems
Victor Oduguwa, Ashutosh Tiwari, Rajkumar Roy


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