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Computer Recognition Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Papers

1. Neural Network-Based Chaotic Pattern Recognition — Part 2: Stability and Algorithmic Issues
D. Calitoiu, John B. Oommen, D. Nussbaum

2. A Brief Survey of Dynamic Texture Description and Recognition
Dmitry Chetverikov, Renaud Péteri

3. Open Issues in Pattern Recognition
Robert P. W. Duin, El?bieta Pekalska

4. The Role of Ontological Models in Pattern Recognition
Juliusz L. Kulikowski

5. Current Feature Selection Techniques in Statistical Pattern Recognition
Pavel Pudil, Petr Somol

Part II. Features, Learning and Classifiers

6. Margin-based Diversity Measures for Ensemble Classifiers
Tomasz Arod?

7. Boosting the Fisher Linear Discriminant with Random Feature Subsets
Tomasz Arod?

8. A Look-Ahead Branch and Bound Pruning Scheme for Trie-Based Approximate String Matching
Ghada Badr, John B. Oommen

9. Feature Selection for High-Dimensional Data: A Kolmogorov-Smirnov Correlation-Based Filter
Jacek Biesiada, W?odzis?aw Duch

10. Linear Ranked Regression - Designing Principles
Leon Bobrowski

11. Time Series Patterns Recognition with Genetic Algorithms
Marcin Borkowski

12. Selection of Fuzzy-Valued Loss Function in Two Stage Binary Classifier
Robert Burduk

13. A New Rejection Strategy for Convolutional Neural Network by Adaptive Topology
Hubert Cecotti, Abdel Belaïd

14. Fast PCA and LDA for JPEG Images
Weilong Chen, Meng Joo Er, Shiqian Wu

15. A Hybrid ?-Insensitive Learning of Fuzzy Systems
Tomasz Czogala, Jacek M. Leski

16. The Incremental Method for Discovery of Association Rules
Damian Dudek, Aleksander Zgrzywa

17. Feature Extraction with Wavelet Transformation for Statistical Object Recognition
Marcin Grzegorzek, Michael Reinhold, Heinrich Niemann

18. Digital Filter Design with Constraints in Time and Frequency Domains
Norbert Henzel

19. Efficient Implementation of Nearest Neighbor Classification
José R. Herrero, Juan J. Navarro

20. Inductive Development of Customer e-Loyalty Theory with Bayesian Networks
Waldemar Jaro?ski, Koen Vanhoof, José Bloemer

21. Reference Set Size Reduction for 1-NN Rule Based on Finding Mutually Nearest and Mutually Furthest Pairs of Points
Adam Jó?wik, Pawe? Kie?

22. Learning from a Test Set
Piotr Juszczak, Robert P. W. Duin

23. Image Clustering with Median and Myriad Spatial Constraint Enhanced FCM
Jacek Kawa, Ewa Pietka

24. Feature Selection in Unsupervised Context: Clustering Based Approach
Artur Klepaczko, Andrzej Materka

25. Conceptual Ontological Object Knowledge Base and Language
Marek Krótkiewicz, Krystian Wojtkiewicz

26. A Method of Supervised Discrimination of Textures Based on Serial Statistical Tests
Juliusz L. Kulikowski, Malgorzata Przytulska, Diana Wierzbicka

27. Approximation Algorithm for the Argument Reduction Problem
Piotr Ku?aga, Piotr Sapiecha, Krzysztof S#x0119;p

28. Spread Histogram — A Method for Calculating Spatial Relations Between Objects
Halina Kwasnicka, Mariusz Paradowski

29. Comparing Modifcation Operators Used in Clustering Algorithm Based on a Sequence of Discriminant Rules
Dariusz Mazur

30. Multi-Channels Time-Domain-Constrained Fuzzy c-Regression Models
Aleksander Owczarek, Adam Gacek, Jacek M. Leski

31. Pairwise Selection of Features and Prototypes
El?bieta Pekalska, Artsiom Harol, Carmen Lai, Robert P. W. Duin

32. Evolutionary Method in Grouping of Units
Henryk Potrzebowski, Jaros?aw Sta?czak, Krzysztof S?p

33. Interpretation of Medical Symptoms Using Fuzzy Focal Elements
Ewa Straszecka, Joanna Straszecka

34. User Model for Conceptual and Personalized Search
D. Thenmozhi, G. Annapoorani, K. Baskaran, Senthil Kumar

35. On the Relationship Between Active Contours and Contextual Classification
Arkadiusz Tomczyk, Piotr S. Szczepaniak

36. An Improvement on LDA Algorithm for Face Recognition
Vo Dinh Minh Nhat, Sungyoung Lee

37. Estimating and Calculating Consensus with Simple Dependencies of Attributes
Michal Zgrzywa, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

38. The Empirical Study of the Naive Bayes Classifier in the Case of Markov Chain Recognition Task
Andrzej Zolnierek, Bartlomiej Rubacha

39. Using Diversity Measure in Building Classifier Ensembles for Combination Method Analysis
Héla Zouari, Laurent Heutte, Yves Lecourtier

Part III. Image Processing and Computer Vision

40. An Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving the Inverse Problem for Iterated Function Systems for a Two Dimensional Image
Andrzej Bielecki, Barbara Strug

41. Specification of the Evidence Accumulation-Based Line Detection Algorithm
Leszek J. Chmielewski

42. Scale and Rotation Invariance of the Evidence Accumulation-Based Line Detection Algorithm
Leszek J. Chmielewski

43. Content Based Image Retrieval Technique
Ryszard S. Chora?, Tomasz Andrysiak, Micha? Chora?

44. Scanning Faces Surroudings - New Concept in 3D Exact Multiviews of Nonconvex Polyhedron Generation
Maciej Frydler, Wojciech S. Mokrzycki

45. Image Decomposition by Grade Analysis - an Illustration
Maria Grzegorek

46. Detection of Rectangular Landmarks
Ireneusz Hallmann

47. Q-shift Complex Wavelet-based Image Registration Algorithm
Hala S. Own, Aboul Ella Hassanien

48. Concept of 3D View Model of Non-Convex Polyhedra Generation Using View Sphere Partitioning into Single-View Areas
Monika Kowalczyk, Wojciech S. Mokrzycki

49. Using Modified Hough Transform for Grouping of Image Features
Leszek Przybylski

50. Planning Positioning Actions of a Mobile Robot Cooperating with Distributed Sensors
Piotr Skrzypczy?ski

51. Merging Probabilistic and Fuzzy Frameworks for Uncertain Spatial Knowledge Modelling
Piotr Skrzypczy?ski

52. Detection of Elliptical Shapes Using Contour Grouping
Marcin Smereka

53. Active Shape Models in Practice
Maciej Smiatacz, Witold Malina

54. Fast Detection and Impulsive Noise Attenuation in Color Images
Bogdan Smolka, Andrzej Chydzinski, Konrad Wojciechowski

Part IV. Medical Applications

55. Adaptive Wearable Vital Signs Monitor for Home Care and Sports
Piotr Augustyniak

56. Fractal Based Approaches to Morphological Analysis of Fundus Eye Images
Maria Berndt-Schreiber

57. Recognition of Subtle Microcalcifications in High-Resolution Mammograms
Krzysztof Boryczko, Marcin Kurdziel

58. The Gait Characteristic Data Spectrum Extraction
Slawomir Chandzlik, Jan Piecha

59. On The Construction of the Syntactic Pattern Recognition-Based Expert System for Auditory Brainstem Response Analysis
Mariusz Flasi?ski, El?bieta Rero?, Janusz Jurek, Piotr Wójtowicz, Krzysztof At?asiewicz

60. Active Contour Technique in Post-segmentation Edge Smoothing Applied to Hand Radiograph Regions of Interest
Arkadiusz Gertych, Ewa Pietka, H. K Huang

61. Classification of Medical Images in the Domain of Melanoid Skin Lesions
Zdzislaw S. Hippe, Jerzy Grzymala-Busse, Piotr Blajdo, Maksymilian Knap, Teresa Mroczek, Wieslaw Paja, Mariusz Wrzesien

62. Baseline and Acceleration Episodes - Clinically Significant Nonstationarities in FHR Signal: Part I. Coefficients of Inconsistency
Janusz Jezewski, Janusz Wrobel, Tomasz Kupka

63. Baseline and Acceleration Episodes - Clinically Significant Nonstationarities in FHR Signal: Part II. Indirect Comparison
Janusz Jezewski, Krzysztof Horoba, Adam Matonia

64. Bias Field Correction for MRI Images
Jaber Juntu, Jan Sijbers, Dirk Dyck, Jan Gielen

65. SEM Image Analysis for Roughness Assessment of Implant Materials
Wlodzimierz Klonowski, Elzbieta Olejarczyk, Robert Stepien

66. Output Flow Estimation of Pneumatically Controlled Ventricular Assist Device with the help of Artificial Neural Network
Dariusz Komorowski, Ewaryst Tkacz

67. The Cell Structures Segmentation
Robert Koprowski, Zygmunt Wrobel

68. Analysis of Stem Cell Clonal Growth
Anna Korzynska, Marcin Jurga, Krystyna Domanska-Janik, Wojciech Strojny, Darek Wloskowicz

69. Feature Extraction Optimization in Neural Classifier of Heart Rate Variability Signals
Pawel Kostka, Ewaryst Tkacz

70. Clustering DNA Microarray Data
Henryk Maciejewski, Anna Jasinska

71. Cytomorphometry of Fine Needle Biopsy Material from the Breast Cancer
Andrzej Marciniak, Andrzej Obuchowicz, Roman Monczak, Mariusz Ko?odzi?ski

72. Feature Ranking for Protein Classification
Faouzi Mhamdi, Ricco Rakotomalala, Mourad Elloumi

73. Recognition of the Medical Structures in Computerized Chest Radiograph Processing
Piotr Michalec, Wojciech Tarnawski, Zygmunt Mazur

74. Correlation-based Method for Automatic Mitotic Cell Detection in Phase Contrast Microscopy
Lukasz Miroslaw, Artur Chorazyczewski, Frank Buchholz, Ralf Kittler

75. Watershed Extraction of the Exact Shape of Microcalcifications in Mammograms
Mariusz Nieniewski

76. Computer Recognition of Biological Objects’ Internal Structure Using Ultrasonic Projection
Krzysztof J. Opielinski, Tadeusz Gudra

77. Machine Learning Methods for Dialysis Therapy Decision Problem — Comparative Study
Wojciech Penar, Michal Wozniak

78. Removing Artefacts from Microscopic Images of Cytological Smears. A Shape-Based Approach
Dariusz Pietka, Annamonika Dulewicz, Pawel Jaszczak

79. Automatic Recognition of the Arterial Input Function in MRI Studies
Jacek Ruminski, Bartosz Karczewski

80. Mean Shift Segmentation, Genetic Algorithms and Support Vector Machines for Identification of Glaucoma in Fundus Eye Images
Katarzyna Stapor, Adrian Brueckner

Part V. Speech and Word Recognition

81. Automatic Recognition and Verification of Voice Commands in Natural Language Given by the Operator of the Technological Device Using Artificial Neural Networks
Wojciech Kacalak, Maciej Majewski

82. Recognition of Isolated Words of the Polish Sign Language
Tomasz Kapuscinski, Marian Wysocki

83. Simple Measure of Typewriter Prints Quality
Jacek Lebied?

84. Conversion of Textual Information to Speech for Polish Language
Bozena Piorkowska, Janusz Rafalko, Edward Shpilewski

85. Multilevel Recognition of Structured Handprinted Documents - Probabilistic Approach
Jerzy Sas, Marek Kurzynski

86. Application of Statistic Properties of Letters Succession in Polish Language to Handprint Recognition
Jerzy Sas, Marek Kurzynski

87. Speaker Recognition for VoIP Transmission Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Piotr Staroniewicz

88. Semi-Automatic Segmentation of Speech: Manual Segmentation Strategy. Problem Space Analysis
Marcin Szymanski, Stefan Grocholewski

Part VI. Fingerprint and Face Recognition

89. HMM and WT Fusion for Face Identification
Janusz Bobulski

90. Restoration of Partially Occluded Shapes of Faces Using Neural Networks
Christina Draganova, Andreas Lanitis, Chris Christodoulou

91. Comparison of Minutiae Matching Techniques
Maciej Hrebie?, Andrzej Marciniak, Józef Korbicz

92. Application of Active Shapes to the Structural Face Model
Andrzej Kasinski, Maciej Krol

93. Comparison of Statistical Classifiers as Applied to the Face Recognition System Based on Active Shape Models
Maciej Krol, Andrzej Florek

94. Face Recognition Using DCT and LDA
Adam Nowosielski

95. The New Algorithm of Fingerprint Reference Point Location Based on Identification Masks
Piotr Porwik, Krzysztof Wrobel

96. Person Identification Using Fast Face Learning of Lifting Dyadic Wavelet Filters
Shigeru Takano, Koichi Niijima

Part VII. Various Applications

97. Dynamic Design with the Use of Intelligent Agents
Ewa Grabska, Gra?yna ?lusarczyk, Pawe? Grze?

98. Optical Music Recognition: the Case Study of Pattern Recognition
Wladyslaw Homenda

99. An Application for Tyre-Ground Contact Area Analysis
Klaudia Jankowska, Tomasz Krzyzynski, Andreas Domscheit

100. On the Use of Syntactic Pattern Recognition Methods, Neural Networks, and Fuzzy Systems for Short-Term Electrical Load Forecasting
Janusz Jurek, Tomasz Peszek

101. A Real-Time Head Tracker Supporting Human Computer Interaction
Bogdan Kwolek

102. Wavelet Packets Features Extraction and Selection for Discriminating Plucked Sounds of Violins
Ewa Lukasik

103. Pattern Recognition and Fault Detection in MEMS
Karim Mohammadi, Reza Asgary

104. Representation of Structures and Changes in 3D Objects with Graph Grammars and Artificial Evolution
Dominika Nowak, Wojciech Palacz, Barbara Strug

105. Recognition of Polish Car License Plates
Pawe? Wróblewski

Keywords: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Applications of Mathematics, Information Systems and Communication Service

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