Krause, Egon

Computational Science and High Performance Computing

Krause, Egon - Computational Science and High Performance Computing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Information and telecommunication systems for emergency management
Yu. I. Shokin, L. B. Chubarov

2. High Performance Computing in Engineering and Science
M. Resch

3. Completely splitting method for the Navier-Stokes problem
I. V. Kireev, U. Rüde, V. V. Shaidurov

4. Methods of shock wave calculation
V. F. Kuropatenko

5. Distributed and collaborative visualization of simulation results
U. Lang

6. Safety problems of technical objects
V. V. Moskvichev

7. Direct numerical simulations of shock-boundary layer interaction at Ma = 6
A. Pagella, U. Rist

8. Mathematical models of filtration combustion and their applications
A. D. Rychkov, N. Yu. Shokina

9. Computer simulation at VNIIEF
I. D. Sofronov

10. Mathematical modeling of optical communication lines with dispersion management
M. P. Fedoruk

11. Method of particles for incompressible flows with free surface
A. M. Frank

12. Direct and inverse problems in the mechanics of composite plates and shells
S. K. Golushko

13. Numerical simulation of plasma-chemical reactors
Yu. N. Grigoryev, A. G. Gorobchuk

14. The application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics for the simulation of diesel injection
S. Holtwick, H. Ruder

15. Some features of modern computational mathematics: problems and new generation of algorithms
Yu. M. Laevsky

16. Effcient flow simulation on high performance computers
T. Zeiser, F. Durst

17. Simulation of problems with free surfaces by a boundary element method
K. E. Afanasiev, S. V. Stukolov

18. Simulation and optimisation for hydro power
E. Göde

19. The analysis of behaviour of multilayered conic shells on the basis of nonclassical models
V. V. Gorshkov

20. Simulation of the motion and heating of an irregular plasma
N. A. Huber

21. Numerics and simulations for convection dominated problems
D. Kröner

22. Modified Finite Volume Method for Calculation of Oceanic Waves on Unstructured Grids
A. V. Styvrin

23. Performance aspects on high performance computers — from microprocessors to highly parallel smp systems
H. Mix, W. E. Nagel


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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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