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Ecology of Harmful Algae

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Table of contents

Part A. Harmful Algae and Their Global Distribution

1. An Introduction to Harmful Algae
E. Granéli, J. T. Turner

2. Molecular Taxonomy of Harmful Algae
S. Janson, P. K. Hayes

3. The Biogeography of Harmful Algae
N. Lundholm, Ø. Moestrup

4. Importance of Life Cycles in the Ecology of Harmful Microalgae
K. A. Steidinger, E. Garccés

Part B. The Ecology of Major Harmful Algae Groups

5. The Ecology of Harmful Dinoflagellates
J. M. Burkholder, R. V. Azanza, Y. Sako

6. The Ecology of Harmful Flagellates Within Prymnesiophyceae and Raphidophyceae
B. Edvardsen, I. Imai

7. The Ecology of Harmful Diatoms
S. S. Bates, V. L. Trainer

8. Ecology of Harmful Cyanobacteria
H. W. Paerl, R. S. Fulton

9. Brown Tides
C. J. Gobler, W. G. Sunda

Part C. The Ecology and Physiology of Harmful Algae

10. Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics in Relation to Physical Processes
F. G. Figueiras, G. C. Pitcher, M. Estrada

11. Ecological Aspects of Harmful Algal In Situ Population Growth Rates
W. Stolte, E. Garcés

12. Harmful Algae and Cell Death
M. J. W. Veldhuis, C. P. D. Brussaard

13. The Diverse Nutrient Strategies of Harmful Algae: Focus on Osmotrophy
P. M. Glibert, C. Legrand

14. Phagotrophy in Harmful Algae
D. Stoecker, U. Tillmann, E. Granéli

15. Allelopathy in Harmful Algae: A Mechanism to Compete for Resources?
E. Granéli, P. J. Hansen

16. Trace Metals and Harmful Algal Blooms
W. G. Sunda

17. Molecular Physiology of Toxin Production and Growth Regulation in Harmful Algae
A. Cembella, U. John

18. Chemical and Physical Factors Influencing Toxin Content
E. Granéli, K. Flynn

19. Relationships Between Bacteria and Harmful Algae
M. Kodama, G. J. Doucette, D. H. Green

Part D. Harmful Algae and the Food Web

20. Harmful Algae Interactions with Marine Planktonic Grazers
J. T. Turner

21. Pathogens of Harmful Microalgae
P. S. Salomon, I. Imai

22. Phycotoxin Pathways in Aquatic Food Webs: Transfer, Accumulation and Degradation
G. Doucette, I. Maneiro, I. Riveiro, C. Svensen

Part E. Studying and Mitigating Harmful Algae: New Approaches

23. Molecular Approaches to the Study of Phytoplankton Life Cycles: Implications for Harmful Algal Bloom Ecology
R. W. Litaker, P. A. Tester

24. Laboratory and Field Applications of Ribosomal RNA Probes to Aid the Detection and Monitoring of Harmful Algae
K. Metfies, K. Töbe, C. Scholin, L. K. Medlin

25. Mitigation and Controls of HABs
H. G. Kim

Part F. Human Impact on Harmful Algae and Harmful Algae Impact on Human Activity

26. The Complex Relationships Between Increases in Fertilization of the Earth, Coastal Eutrophication and Proliferation of Harmful Algal Blooms
P. M. Glibert, J. M. Burkholder

27. “Top-Down” Predation Control on Marine Harmful Algae
J. T. Turner, E. Granéli

28. Climate Change and Harmful Algal Blooms
B. Dale, M. Edwards, P. C. Reid

29. Anthropogenic Introductions of Microalgae
G. Hallegraeff, S. Gollasch

30. The Economic Effects of Harmful Algal Blooms
P. Hoagland, S. Scatasta


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