Ausloos, Marcel

The Logistic Map and the Route to Chaos

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Table of contents

Part I. General and Historical Introduction

1. Chaotic Growth with the Logistic Model of P.-F. Verhulst
Hugo Pastijn

2. Pierre-François Verhulst’s Final Triumph
Jos Kint, Denis Constales, André Vanderbauwhede

3. Limits to Success. The Iron Law of Verhulst
P.L. Kunsch

4. Recurrent Generation of Verhulst Chaos Maps at Any Order and Their Stabilization Diagram by Anticipative Control
Daniel M. Dubois

5. Coherence in Complex Networks of Oscillators
Pedro G. Lind, Jason A.C. Gallas, Hans J. Herrmann

6. Growth of Random Sequences
K. Austin, G. J. Rodgers

Part II. Life Relevant Physics

7. Logistic Population Growth and Beyond: The Influence of Advection and Nonlocal Effects
Emilio Hernández-García, Cristóbal López

8. Predator-Prey Encounters Studied as Relative Particle Diffusion
J. Mann, S. Ott, H. L. Pécseli, J. Trulsen

9. Extinction Dynamics in Lotka-Volterra Ecosystems on Evolving Networks
Adam Lipowski, Michel Droz

10. Exact Law of Live Nature
Mark Ya. Azbel’

11. Manifestation of Chaos in Real Complex Systems: Case of Parkinson’s Disease
Renat M. Yulmetyev, Sergey A. Demin, Peter Hänggi

12. Monte Carlo Simulations of Ageing and Speciation
Suzana Moss Oliveira, Dietrich Stauffer

Part III. Econophysics

13. Influence of Information Flow in the Formation of Economic Cycles
J. Miskiewicz, M. Ausloos

14. Logistic Function in Large Financial Crashes
G. Rotundo

15. Agent Based Approaches to Income Distributions and the Impact of Memory
Przemyslaw Repetowicz, Peter Richmond, Stefan Hutzler, Eimear Ni Dhuinn

Part IV. Condensed Matter

16. Agglomeration/Aggregation and Chaotic Behaviour in d-Dimensional Spatio-Temporal Matter Rearrangements Number-Theoretic Aspects
Adam Gadomski, Marcel Ausloos

17. A Chaos and Fractal Dynamic Approach to the Fracture Mechanics
Lucas Máximo Alves, Rui F.M. Lobo

18. Nonlinear Dynamics and Fractal Avalanches in a Pile of Rice
Rinke J. Wijngaarden, Kinga A. Lorincz, Christof M. Aegerter

Part V. Miscellaneous

19. A Recent Appreciation of the Singular Dynamics at the Edge of Chaos
E. Mayoral, A. Robledo

20. Quantum Chaos Versus Classical Chaos: Why is Quantum Chaos Weaker?
H. Kröger, J.-F. Laprise, G. Melkonyan, R. Zomorrodi

21. On the Prediction of Chaos in the Restricted Three-Body Problem
Houman Safaai, Mohammad Hasan, Ghaffari Saadat

22. Order and Chaos in Some Hamiltonian Systems of Interest in Plasma Physics
D. Constantinescu, B. Weyssow


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