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Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials

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Table of contents

Part I. Epitaxy: Wide Band-Gap Nitrides

1. Structural properties of GaN quantum dots
B Daudin, J -L Rouvière, D Jalabert, J Coraux, V Favre-Nicolin, H Renevier, M H Cho, K B Chung, D W Moon, M G Proietti, J M Llorens, N Garro, A Cros, A García-Cristóbal

2. Stranski-Krastanov growth for InGaN/GaN: wetting layer thickness changes
N K Laak, R A Oliver, M J Kappers, C McAleese, C J Humphreys

3. Investigation of InxGa1?x
N islands with electron microscopy
A Pretorius, T Yamaguchi, M Schowalter, R Kröger, C Kübel, D Hommel, A Rosenauer

4. First stage of nucleation of GaN on (0001) sapphire
Y B Kwon, J H Je, P Ruterana, G Nouet

5. In GaN-GaN quantum wells: their luminescent and nano-structural properties
J S Barnard, D M Graham, T M Smeeton, M J Kappers, P Dawson, M Godfrey, C J Humphreys

6. Evolution of InGaN/GaN nanostructures and wetting layers during annealing
Rachel A Oliver, Nicole K Laak, Menno J Kappers, Colin J Humphreys

7. Origins and reduction of threading dislocations in GaN epitaxial layers
S Mahajan

8. Oxygen segregation to nanopipes in gallium nitride
M Hawkridge, D Cherns

9. Strain relaxation in (Al,Ga)N/GaN heterostructures
P Vennéguès, J M Bethoux, Z Bougrioua, M Azize, P Mierry, O Tottereau

10. A TEM Study of A1N Interlayer Defects in AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
P D Cherns, C McAleese, M J Kappers, C J Humphreys

11. Reduction of threading dislocation density using in-situ SiNx interlayers
R Datta, M J Kappers, J S Barnard, C J Humphreys

12. The nucleation structure for cracks in AlGaN epitaxial layers
R T Murray, P J Parbrook, G Hill, I M Ross

13. Microstructural and optical characterisation of InN layers grown by MOCVD
P Singh, P Ruterana, G Nouet, A Jain, J M Redwing, M Wojdak

14. Structural properties of InN thin films grown with variable growth conditions on GaN/Al2O3 by plasma-assisted MBE
A Delimitis, Ph Komninou, Th Kehagias, Th Karakostas, E Dimakis, A Georgakilas, G Nouet

15. Growth and surface characterization of piezoelectric AlN thin films on silicon (100) and (110) substrates
S Saravanan, E G Keim, G J M Krijnen, M Elwenspoek

16. Characterization and structuring of nitride-based heterostructures for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
R Kröger, C Kruse, J Dennemarck, D Hommel, A Rosenauer

17. Characterization of defects in ZnS and GaN
J Deneen, S Kumar, C R Perrey, C B Carter

Part II. Epitaxy: Silicon-Germanium Alloys

18. Use of moire fringe patterns to map relaxation in SiGe on insulator structures fabricated on SIMOX substrates
A Domenicucci, S Bedell, R Roy, D K Sadana, A Mocuta

19. TEM measurement of the epitaxial stress of Si/SiGe lamellae prepared by FIB
M Cabié, G Benassayag, A Rocher, A Ponchet, J M Hartmann, F Fournel

20. Strain relaxation of SiGe/Si heterostructures by helium ion implantation and subsequent annealing: Helium precipitates acting as dislocation sources
Norbert Hueging, Martina Luysberg, Knut Urban, Dan Buca, Bernd Hollaender, Siegfried Mantl, Matcio J Morschbacher, Paulo F P Fichtner, Roger Loo, Matty Caymax

21. TEM investigation of Si/Ge multilayer structure incorporated into MBE grown Si whiskers
N Zakharov, P Werner, G Gerth, L Schubert, L Sokolov, U Gösele

22. Local compositional analysis of GeSi/Si nanoclusters by scanning Auger microscopy
G A Maximov, D E Nikolitchev, D O Filatov

23. A study of processed and unprocessed dual channel Si/SiGe MOSFET device structures using FIB and TEM
A C K Chang, D J Norris, I M Ross, A G Cullis, S H Olsen, A G O’Neill

Part III. Epitaxy: Growth and Defect Phenomena

24. Novel TEM method for large-area analysis of misfit dislocation networks in semiconductor heterostructures
E Spiecker, J Schöne, S Rajagopalan, W Jäger

25. Beta to alpha transition and defects on SiC on Si grown by CVD
F M Morales, Ch Förster, O Ambacher, J Pezoldt

26. Strain relaxation and void reduction in SiC on Si by Ge predeposition
F M Morales, P Weih, Ch Wang, Th Stauden, O Ambacher, J Pezoldt

27. Defect generation in high In and N content GaInNAs quantum wells: unfaulting of Frank dislocation loops
M Herrera, D González, J G Lozano, M Hopkinson, M Gutierrez, P Navaretti, H Y Liu, R García

28. Structural characterisation of spintronic GaMnAs and GaMnN heterostructures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
M W Fay, Y Han, S V Novikov, K W Edmonds, K Wang, B L Gallagher, R P Campion, C T Foxon, P D Brown

29. TEM determination of the local concentrations of substitutional and interstitial Mn and antisite defects in ferromagnetic GaMnAs
F Glas, G Patriarche, L Thevenard, A Lemaître

30. First-principles calculations of 002 structure factors for electron scattering in strained InxGa1?xAs
A Rosenauer, M Schowalter, F Glas, D Lamoen

31. Structural characterisation of MBE grown zinc-blende Ga1?xMnxN/GaAs(001) as a function of Ga flux
Y Han, M W Fay, P D Brown, S V Novikov, K W Edmonds, B L Gallagher, R P Campion, C T Foxon

32. Magic matching in semiconductor heterojunctions
B Pécz, Á Barna, V Heera, W Skorupa

33. Changes in plasmon peak position in a GaAs/Tn0.2Ga0.8As structure
R Beanland, A M Sánchez, A J Papworth, M H Gass, P J Goodhew

34. Investigation of the electrical activity of dislocations in ZnO epilayers by transmission electron holography
E Müller, P Kruse, D Gerthsen, R Kling, A Waag

35. A TEM study of Mn-doped ZnO layers deposited by RF magnetron sputtering on (0001) sapphire
M Abouzaid, P Ruterana, G Nouet, C Liu, F Yun, B Xiao, S-J Cho, Y-T Moon, H Morkoç

Part IV. High Resolution Microscopy and Nanoanalysis

36. Aberration-corrected HREM/STEM for semiconductor research
C J D Hetherington, D J H Cockayne, R C Doole, J L Hutchison, A I Kirkland, J M Titchmarsh

37. Spherical aberration correction and exitplane wave function reconstruction: Synergetic tools for the atomic-scale imaging of structural imperfections in semiconductor materials
K Tillmann, A Thust, L Houben, M Luysberg, M Lentzen, K Urban

38. Strain mapping from HRTEM images
P L Galindo, A Yáñez, J Pizarro, E Guerrero, T Ben, S I Molina

39. Quantification of the influence of TEM operation parameters on the error of HREM image matching
J Pizarro, E Guerrero, P Galindo, A Yañez, T Ben, S I Molina

40. ConceptEM: a new method to quantify solute segregation to interfaces or planar defect structures by analytical TEM and applications to inversion domain boundaries in doped zinc oxide
T Walther, A Re?nik, N Daneu

41. Electron holography of doped semiconductors: when does it work and is it quantitative?
R E Dunin-Borkowski, A C Twitchett, P A Midgley, M R McCartney, T Kasama, D Cooper, P K Somodi

42. Why does a p-doped area show a higher contrast in electron holography than a n-doped area of the same dopant concentration?
A Lenk, U Muehle, H Lichte

43. Interference electron microscopy of reverse-biased p-n junctions
P F Fazzini, P G Merli, G Pozzi, F Ubaldi

44. Off-axis electron holography of focused ion beam milled GaAs and Si p-n junctions
D Cooper, A C Twitchett, I Farrer, D A Ritchie, R E Dunin-Borkowski, P A Midgley

45. Towards quantitative electron holography of electrostatic potentials in doped semiconductors
P K Somodi, R E Dunin-Borkowski, A C Twitchett, C H W Barnes, P A Midgley

46. Three-dimensional analysis of the dopant potential of a silicon p-n junction by holographic tomography
A C Twitchett, T J V Yates, P K Somodi, S B Newcomb, R E Dunin-Borkowski, P A Midgley

Ab initio computation of the mean inner Coulomb potential for technologically important semiconductors
M Schowalter, A Rosenauer, D Lamoen, P Kruse, D Gerthsen

Part V. Self-Organised and Quantum Domain Structures

48. Electron beam induced deposition of position and size controlled structures on the nanometre scale
K Furuya, K Mitsuishi, M Shimojo, M Song, M Tanaka, M Takeguchi

49. The structure of coherent and incoherent InAs/GaAs quantum dots
D Zhi, M J Hÿtch, R E Dunin-Borkowski, P A Midgley, D W Pashley, B A Joyce, T S Jones

50. Electron microscopy and optical spectroscopy of single InAs/InP quantum dots
D Chithrani, D D Perovic, R L Williams, J Lefebvre, P J Poole, G C Aers

51. Vertical correlation-anticorrelation transition in InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy
M Gutiérrez, M Hopkinson, M Herrera, D González, R García

52. Effect of annealing on anticorrelated InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots
M Gutiérrez, M Hopkinson, A I Tartakovskii, M S Skolnick, M Herrera, D González, R García

53. Nanoanalysis of InAs/GaAs quantum dots using low-loss EELS spectra
A M Sánchez, M H Gass, A J Papworth, R Beanland, V Drouot, P J Goodhew

54. Structural analysis of the effects of a combined InAlAs-InGaAs capping layer in 1.3-?m InAs quantum dots
C M Tey, A G Cullis, H Y Liu, I M Ross, M Hopkinson

55. Microstructural studies of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots grown by selective area molecular beam epitaxy
J C C Lin, I M Ross, P W Fry, A I Tartakoskii, R S Kolodka, R Hogg, M Hopkinson, A G Cullis, M S Skolnick

56. Chemical composition and strain distribution of InAs/GaAs(001) stacked quantum rings
T Ben, A M Sánchez, S I Molina, D Granados, J M García, S Kret

57. In distribution in InGaAs quantum wells and quantum islands
D Litvinov, D Gerthsen, A Rosenauer, T Passow, M Grün, C Klingshirn, M Hetterich

58. Activation energy for surface diffusion in GaInNAs quantum wells
M Herrera, D González, J G Lozano, M Hopkinson, M Gutierrez, P Navaretti, H Y Liu, R García

59. Growth and surface structure of silicon nanowires observed in real time in the electron microscope
F M Ross, J Tersoff, S Kodambaka, M C Reuter

60. Self-catalytic growth of gallium nitride nanoneedles under Garich conditions
Andrew S W Wong, Ghim W Ho, Pedro M F J Costa, Rachel A Oliver, Colin J Humphreys

61. Nanocontacts fabricated by focused ion beam: characterisation and application to nanometre-sized materials
F Hernández, O Casals, A Vilà, J R Morante, A Romano-Rodriguez, M Abid, J- P Abid, S Valizadeh, K Hjort, J- P Collin, A Jouati

62. Cross-sectional studies of epitaxial growth of InP and GaP nanowires on Si and Ge
M A Verheijen, E P A M Bakkers, A R Balkenende, A L Roest, M M H Wagemans, M Kaiser, H J Wondergem, P C J Graat

63. Quantitative measurements of the inhomogeneous strain field of stacked self-assembled InAs/InP(001) quantum wires by the Peak Finding Method
T Ben, S I Molina, R García, D Fuster, M U González, L González, Y González, S Kret

64. Measurement of the mean inner potential of ZnO nanorods by transmission electron holography
E Müller, P Kruse, D Gerthsen, A Rosenauer, M Schowalter, D Lamoen, R Kling, A Waag

65. Quantum effects in band gap-modulated amorphous carbon superlattices
V Stolojan, P Moreau, M J Goringe, S Ravi P Silva

66. Structure of rolled-up semiconductor nanotubes
N Y Jin-Phillipp, Ch Deneke, J Thomas, M Kelsch, R Songmuang, M Stoffel, O G Schmidt

67. Defects and interfaces in nanoparticles
C R Perrey, J Deneen, C B Carter

68. TEM characterization of magnetic Sm- and Co-nanocrystals in SiC
J Biskupek, U Kaiser, H Lichte, A Lenk, G Pasold, W Witthuhn

69. Microscopy of nanoparticles for semiconductor devices
J Deneen, C R Perrey, Y Ding, A Bapat, S A Campbell, U Kortshagen, C B Carter

70. Structural and electrophysical properties of a nanocomposite based upon the Si-SiO2 system
L M Sorokin, V I Sokolov, A E Kalmykov, L V Grigoryev

71. HRTEM and XRD analysis of P6mm and Ia3d double gyroidal WO3 structures
E Rossinyol, J Arbiol, F Peiró, A Cornet, J R Morante, L A Solovyov, B Tian, D Zhao

Part VI. Processed Silicon and Other Device Materials

72. Research highlights and impacts upon industry for nanoelectronics in the university system of Taiwan
You-Lin Wu, Huey-Liang Hwang, Chuen-Horng Tsai

73. TEM investigations of epitaxial high-? dielectrics on silicon
E Bugiel, H J Osten, A Fissel, O Kirfel, M Czernohorsky

74. Damage layer in silica-based low-k material induced by the patterning plasma process studied by energy-filtered TEM
O Richard, F Iacopi, Zs T?kei, H Bender

75. Measurement of field-emission properties of a single crystal silicon emitter using scanning electron microscopy
T C Cheng, H T Hsueh, W J Huang, M N Chang, J S Wu, S C Kung

76. Efficient, room-temperature, near-band gap luminescence by gettering in ion implanted silicon
D J Stowe, K J Fraser, S A Galloway, S Senkader, R J Falster, P R Wilshaw

77. On the mechanism of {113}-defect formation in Si
L I Fedina, S A Song, A L Chuvilin, A K Gutakovskii, A V Latyshev

78. The evolution of low defect density structures in silicon-on-sapphire thin films during post-ion implantation heat treatments
W R McKenzie, H Domyo, T Ho, P R Munroe

79. HREM study of an epitaxial growth defect
A Renard, B Domengès

80. Resonant Raman microscopy of stress in silicon-based microelectronics
E Bonera, M Fanciulli

81. TEM study of silicon implanted with fluorine and boron applied to piezoresistor manufacturing
M Wzorek, J K?tcki, J Ratajczak, B Jaroszewicz, K Doma?ski, P Grabiec

82. Silicides for advanced CMOS devices
A Lauwers, J A Kittl, M J H Dal, O Chamirian, M A Pawlak, C Torregiani, J. Liu, A Benedetti, O Richard, H Bender, J G M Berkum, M Kaiser, A Veloso, K G Anil, M Potter, K Maex

83. Transmission electron microscopy characterisation of Ti and Al/Ti contacts on GaN and AlGaN/GaN
B Daele, G Tendeloo, W Ruythooren, J Derluyn, M R Leys, M Germain

84. Dynamics of Au Adatoms on Electron-Irradiated Rough Si Surfaces
K Torigoe, Y Ohno, T Ichihashi, S Takeda

85. Corrosion of FIB-milled Cu during air exposure
H Bender, O Richard, P Marcke, C Drijbooms

Part VII. Device Studies

86. FIB applications for semiconductor device failure analysis
D M Donnet, H Roberts

87. A method for 3D failure analysis using a dedicated FIB-STEM system
T Kamino, T Yaguchi, M Konno, T Hashimoto, T Ohnishi, K Umemura

88. Failure analysis studies in pseudomorphic SiGe channel p-MOSFET devices
A C K Chang, I M Ross, D J Norris, A G Cullis, Y T Tang, C Cerrina, A G R Evans

89. TEM specimen preparation technique for III–V semiconductor devices by using a novel FIB-Ar ion milling method
K Tanabe, T Matsuda, H Sasaki, F Iwase

90. Focused ion beam micromilling of GaN photonic devices with gas enhanced etching techniques
W C Hung, T Wang, Hung-Cheng Lin, Guan-Ting Chen, Jen-Inn Chyi, A G Cullis

91. An organic two dimensional photonic crystal microcavity processed by focused ion beam milling
Wen-Chang Hung, A M Adawi, R Dean, A Cadby, L G Connolly, A Tahraoui, D G Lidzey, A G Cullis

92. Failure analysis of degraded (In,Ga)P/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors by TEM
H Kirmse, W Neumann, U Zeimer, R Pazirandeh, W Oesterle

93. Strain measurements of ULSI devices using LACBED with TSUPREM modeled displacements
A Kenda, H Cerva, P Pongratz, M Hierlemann, R Liebmann

94. Electron holography for visualisation of different doped areas in silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistors
U Muehle, A Lenk, A T Tilke, C Wagner, C Dahl, H Lichte

95. Ar sputter shadow method (ASSM) - a novel way to overcome the charging effect during AES bond pad analysis
Hui-Min Lo, Jian-Shing Luo, Jeremy D Russell

Part VIII. Scanning Electron and Scanning Probe Advances

96. Challenges and opportunities of Ångstrom-level analysis
P E Batson

97. Sub-Ångstrom and 3-dimensional STEM for semiconductor research
A R Lupini, M F Chisholm, M Varela, K Benthem, A Y Borisevich, Y Peng, W H Sides, J T Luck, S J Pennycook

98. Cathodoluminescence studies of AlGaAs/GaAs core-shell nanowires
Anders Gustafsson, Niklas Sköld, Werner Seifert, Lars Samuelson

99. Carrier diffusion lengths of (In,Ga)As, GaAs and (In,Ga)(As,N) quantum wells studied by spatially resolved cathodoluminescence
U Jahn, T Flissikowski, H T Grahn, R Hey, E Wiebicke, A K Bluhm, J Miguel-Sánchez, A Guzmán

100. An analysis of the alpha parameter used for extracting surface recombination velocity in EBIC measurements
Vincent K S Ong, Oka Kurniawan

101. The effects of boundary conditions on dopant region imaging in scanning electron microscopy
M Ferroni, P G Merli, V Morandi

102. A cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy study of GaSb/GaAs nanostructures
R Timm, A Lenz, J Grabowski, H Eisele, M Dähne

103. Atomistic structure of spontaneously-ordered GaInP alloy revealed by cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy and polarized cathodoluminescence spectroscopy
Yutaka Ohno

104. Carrier distribution in quantum nanostructures studied by scanning capacitance microscopy
F Giannazzo, V Raineri, S Mirabella, G Impellizzeri, F Priolo, M Fedele, R Mucciato

105. Mapping of the effective electron mass in III–V semiconductors
M H Gass, A M Sanchez, A J Papworth, T J Bullough, R Beanland, P R Chalker

106. Reconstruction of images of surface height in scanning electron microscopy
C G H Walker, M M Gomati, V Romanovsky

107. Low energy scanning analytical microscopy (LeSAM) for Auger and low voltage SEM imaging of semiconductors
V Romanovsky, M El-Gomati, T Wells, J Day

108. The electric field and dopant distribution in p-i-n structures observed by ionisation potential (dopant contrast) microscopy in the HRSEM
E Grunbaum, Z Barkay, Y Shapira, K Barnham, D B Bushnell, N J Ekins-Daukes, M Mazzer, P R Wilshaw

109. Localized energy levels associated with dislocations in ZnSe revealed by polarized CL spectroscopy under light illumination
Yutaka Ohno

110. Electron microscopy characterisation of ZnS:Cu:Cl phosphors
A ?aszcz, J K?tcki, J Ratajczak, M P?uska, M Cie

111. Resistive contrast in R-EBIC from thin films
K Durose, H Tatsuoka

112. A diode model for SEM-REBIC contrast in ZnO varistors
A G Wojcik, L E Wojcik

113. The effect of barrier height variations in alloyed Al-Si Schottky barrier diodes on secondary electron contrast of doped semiconductors
F Zaggout, M El-Gomati

Keywords: Chemistry, Materials Science, Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy, Measurement Science, Instrumentation, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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