Krause, Egon

Computational Science and High Performance Computing II

Krause, Egon - Computational Science and High Performance Computing II, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Breakdown of compressible slender vortices
E. Krause

2. Construction of monotonic schemes on the basis of method of differential approximation
Yu.I. Shokin, G.S. Khakimzyanov

3. Industrial and scientific frameworks for computational science and engineering
M.M. Resch

4. Parallel numerical modelling of gas-dynamic processes in airbag combustion chamber
A.D. Rychkov, N. Shokina, T. Bönisch, M.M. Resch, U. Küster

5. The parallel realization of the finite element method for the Navier-Stokes equations for a viscous heat conducting gas
E.D. Karepova, A.V. Malyshev, V.V. Shaidurov, G.I. Shchepanovskaya

6. On solution of Navier-Stokes auxiliary grid equations for incompressible fluids
N.T. Danaev

7. An efficient implementation of an adaptive and parallel grid in DUNE
A. Burri, A. Dedner, R. Klöfkorn, M. Ohlberger

8. Operational DWD numerical forecasts as input to flood forecasting models
G. Rivin, E. Heise

9. Robustness and efficiency aspects for computational fluid structure interaction
M. Neumann, S.R. Tiyyagura, W.A. Wall, E. Ramm

10. The computational aspects of General Relativity
J. Frauendiener

11. Arbitrary high order finite volume schemes for linear wave propagation
M. Dumbser, T. Schwartzkopff, C.-D. Munz

12. Numerical simulation and optimization of fiber optical lines with dispersion management
Yu.I. Shokin, E.G. Shapiro, S.K. Turitsyn, M.P. Fedoruk

13. Parallel applications on large scale systems: getting insights
H. Brunst, U. Fladrich, W.E. Nagel, S. Pflüger

14. Convergence of the method of integral equations for quasi three-dimensional problem of electrical sounding
M. Orunkhanov, B. Mukanova, B. Sarbassova

15. Sustaining performance in future vector processors
U. Küster, W. Bez, S. Haberhauer

16. Image fusion and registration – a variational approach
B. Fischer, J. Modersitzki

17. The analysis of behaviour of multilayered nodoid shells on the basis of non-classical theory
S.K. Golushko

18. On the part load vortex in draft tubes of hydro electric power plants
E. Göde, A. Ruprecht, F. Lippold

19. Computational infrastructure for parallel processing spatially distributed data
I.V. Bychkov, A.D. Kitov, E.A. Cherkashin

20. Particle methods in powder technology
B. Henrich, M. Moseler, H. Riedel

21. Tangible interfaces for interactive flow simulation
M. Becker, U. Wössner

22. Using information theory approach to randomness testing
B.Ya. Ryabko, A.N. Fionov, V.A. Monarev, Yu.I. Shokin

23. Optimizing performance on modern HPC systems: learning from simple kernel benchmarks
G. Hager, T. Zeiser, J. Treibig, G. Wellein

24. Dynamic Virtual Organizations in engineering
S. Wesner, L. Schubert, Th. Dimitrakos

25. Algorithm performance dependent on hardware architecture
U. Küster, P. Lammers

26. A tool for complex parameter studies in grid environments: SGM-Lab
N. Currle-Linde, P. Adamidis, M.M. Resch

27. Lattice Boltzmann predictions of turbulent channel flows with turbulence promoters
K.N. Beronov, F. Durst


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