Abraham, Ajith

Applied Soft Computing Technologies: The Challenge of Complexity

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Table of contents

I. Plenary Presentations

1. Applying Fuzzy Sets to the SemanticWeb: The Problem of Retranslation
Ronald R. Yager

2. Granular Computing: An Overview
Witold Pedrycz

II. Classification and Clustering

3. Parallel Neuro Classifier for Weld Defect Classification
S.V. Barai, Piyush Agrawal

4. An Innovative Approach to Genetic Programming—based Clustering
I. De Falco, E. Tarantino, A. Della Cioppa, F. Fontanella

5. An Adaptive Fuzzy Min-Max Conflict-Resolving Classifier
Shing Chiang Tan, M.V.C. Rao, Chee Peng Lim

6. A Method to Enhance the ‘Possibilistic C-Means with Repulsion’ Algorithm based on Cluster Validity Index
Juan Wachs, Oren Shapira, Helman Stern

III. Optimization

7. Design Centering and Tolerancing with Utilization of Evolutionary Techniques
Lukasz Zielinski, Jerzy Rutkowski

8. Curve Fitting with NURBS using Simulated Annealing
M. Sarfraz, M. Riyazuddin

9. Multiobjective Adaptive Representation Evolutionary Algorithm (MAREA) - a new evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimization
Crina Grosan

10. Adapting Multi-Objective Meta-Heuristics for Graph Partitioning
R. Baños, C. Gil, M.G. Montoya, J. Ortega

IV. Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance

11. Genetic Algorithms for Artificial Neural Net-based Condition Monitoring System Design for Rotating Mechanical Systems
Abhinav Saxena, Ashraf Saad

12. The Applications of Soft Computing in Embedded Medical Advisory Systems for Pervasive Health Monitoring
Bing-Nan LI, Ming-Chui Dong, Vai Mang I

13. Application of Fuzzy Inference Techniques to FMEA
Kai Meng Tay, Chee Peng Lim

14. Bayesian Networks Approach for a Fault Detection and Isolation Case Study
G. Nunnari, F. Cannavò, R. Vrânceanu

V. Tracking and Surveillance

15. Path Planning Optimization for Mobile Robots Based on Bacteria Colony Approach
Cezar Augusto Sierakowski, Leandro dos Santos Coelho

16. An Empirical Investigation of Optimum Tracking with Evolution Strategies
Karsten Weicker

17. Implementing a Warning System for Stromboli Volcano
G. Nunnari, G. Puglisi, F. Gargaun

VI. Scheduling and Layout

18. A Genetic Algorithm with a Quasi-local Search for the Job Shop Problem with Recirculation
José António Oliveira

19. A Multiobjective Metaheuristic for Spatial-based Redistricting
Bong Chin Wei

20. Solving Facility Layout Problems with a Set of Geometric Hard-constraints using Tabu Search
Valdair Candido Martins, Marco Antônio Barbosa Cândido, Leandro dos Santos Coelho

VII. Complexity Management

21. Empathy: A Computational Framework for Emotion Generation
Graziano Catucci, Fabio Abbattista, Rita Chiarella Gadaleta, Domenico Guaccero, Giovanni Semeraro

22. Intelligent Forecast with Dimension Reduction
István Juhos, György Szarvas

23. Stochastic Algorithm Computational Complexity Comparison on Test Functions
Nicola Cesario, Palma Petti, Francesco Pirozzi

24. Nonlinear Identification Method of a Yo-yo System Using Fuzzy Model and Fast Particle Swarm Optimisation
Bruno Meirelles Herrera, Leonardo Ribas, Leandro dos Santos Coelho

VIII. Manufacturing and Production

25. Hybrid Type-1-2 Fuzzy Systems for Surface Roughness Control
Fuhua Jiang, Zhiyi Li, Yan-Qing Zhang

26. Comparison of ANN and MARS in Prediction of Property of Steel Strips
Ananya Mukhopadhyay, Asif Iqbal

27. Designing Steps and Simulation Results of a Pulse Classification System for the Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (ECDM) Process – An Artificial Neural Network Approach
T.K.K.R. Mediliyegedara, A.K.M. De Silva, D.K. Harrison, J.A. McGeough, D. Hepburn

IX. Signal Processing

28. Hybrid Image Segmentation based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Satellite Imagery Searching and Retrieval
W.S. Ooi, C.P. Lim

29. Boosting the Performance of the Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network in Pattern Classification Tasks
Kok Yeng Chen, Chee Peng Lim, Robert F. Harrison

30. A Genetic Algorithm for Solving BSS-ICA
J.M. Górriz, C.G. Puntonet

X. Computer Security

31. RDWT Domain Watermarking based on Independent Component Analysis Extraction
Thai Duy Hien, Zensho Nakao, Yen-Wei Chen

32. Towards Very Fast Modular Exponentiations Using Ant Colony
Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle

33. Taming the Curse of Dimensionality in Kernels and Novelty Detection
Paul F. Evangelista, Mark J. Embrechts, Boleslaw K. Szymanski

XI. Bioinformatics

34. A Genetic Algorithm with Self–sizing Genomes for Data Clustering in Dermatological Semeiotics
I. De Falco, E. Tarantino, A. Della Cioppa, F. Gagliardi

35. MultiNNProm: A Multi-Classifier System for Finding Genes
Romesh Ranawana, Vasile Palade

36. An Overview of Soft Computing Techniques Used in the Drug Discovery Process
Abiola Oduguwa, Ashutosh Tiwari, Rajkumar Roy, Conrad Bessant

XII. Text Processing

37. Ontology-Based Automatic Classification of Web Pages
Mu-Hee Song, Soo-Yeon Lim, Seong-Bae Park, Dong-Jin Kang, Sang-Jo Lee

38. Performance Analysis of Na?ve Bayes Classification, Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks for Spam Categorization
A. C?neyd Tantug, G?lsen Eryigit

39. Sentence Extraction Using Asymmetric Word Similarity and Topic Similarity
M. Azmi-Murad, T.P. Martin

XIII. Algorithm Design

40. Designing Neural Networks Using Gene Expression Programming
Cândida Ferreira

41. Particle Swarm Optimisation from lbest to gbest
Hongbo Liu, Bo Li, Ye Ji, Tong Sun

42. Multiobjective 0/1 Knapsack Problem using Adaptive e-Dominance
Crina Grosan

XIV. Control

43. Closed Loop Control for Common Rail Diesel Engines based on Rate of Heat Release
Nicola Cesario

44. A MIMO Fuzzy Logic Autotuning PID Controller: Method and Application
Otacílio M. Almeida, Laurinda Lucia N. Reis, Luis Daniel S. Bezerra, Sanderson Emanuel U. Lima

45. Performance of a Four Phase Switched Reluctance Motor Speed Control Based On an Adaptive Fuzzy System: Experimental Tests,Analysis and Conclusions
Silviano Rafael, A.J. Pires, P.J. Costa Branco

XV. Hybrid Intelligent Systems using Fuzzy Logic,Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

46. Modular Neural Networks and Fuzzy Sugeno Integral for Face and Fingerprint Recognition
Patricia Melin, Claudia Gonzalez, Diana Bravo, Felma Gonzalez, Gabriela Martinez

47. Evolutionary Modeling Using A Wiener Model
Oscar Montiel, Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin, Roberto Sepúlveda

48. Evolutionary Computing for Topology Optimization of Fuzzy Systems in Intelligent Control
Oscar Castillo, Gabriel Huesca, Fevrier Valdez

XVI. Recent Developments in Support Vector and Kernel Machines

49. Analyzing Magnification Factors and Principal Spread Directions in Manifold Learning
Junping Zhang, Li He, Zhi-Hua Zhou

50. Bag Classification Using Support Vector Machines
Uri Kartoun, Helman Stern, Yael Edan

51. The Error Bar Estimation for the Soft Classification with Gaussian Process Models
J.B. Gao, Lei Zhang

52. Research of Mapped Least Squares SVM Optimal Configuration
Sheng ZHENG, Jian LIU, Jin-wen Tian

53. Classifying Unlabeled Data with SVMs
Tao Wu, Hanqing Zhao

XVII. Robotics

54. Car Auxiliary Control System Using Type-II Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
Peipei Fang, Yan-Qing Zhang

55. Evolving Neural Controllers for Collective Robotic Inspection
Yizhen Zhang, Erik K. Antonsson, Alcherio Martinoli

56. A Self-Contained Traversability Sensor for Safe Mobile Robot Guidance in Unknown Terrain
Ayanna Howard, Edward Tunstel

57. Fuzzy Dispatching of Automated Guided Vehicles
Ran Shneor, Sigal Berman, Yael Edan

XVIII. Soft Computing and Hybrid Intelligent Systems in Product Design and Development

58. Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to the Design of Barrier Screws for Single Screw Extruders
A. Gaspar-Cunha, L. Gonçalves, J.A. Covas

59. Soft Computing in Engineering Design: A Fuzzy Neural Network for Virtual Product Design
Xuan F Zha

60. Internet Server Controller Based Intelligent Maintenance System for Products
Chengliang Liu, Xuan F Zha, Yubin Miao, Jay Lee

61. A Novel Genetic Fuzzy/Knowledge Petri Net Model and Its Applications
Xuan F Zha

62. Individual Product Customization Based On Multi-agent Technology
Yong Zhao, Cheng Zhao, Jianzhong Cha

63. An Intelligent Design Method of Product Scheme Innovation
Yong Zhao, Cheng Zhao, Jianzhong Cha

64. Communication Method for Chaotic Encryption in Remote Monitoring Systems for Product e-Manufacturing and e-Maintenance
Chengliang Liu, Kun Xie, Y.B. Miao, Xuan F Zha, Zhengjin Feng, Jay Lee


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