Morser, J.

Stem Cells in Reproduction and in the Brain

Morser, J. - Stem Cells in Reproduction and in the Brain, ebook


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Table of contents

1. What Is a Stem Cell Niche?
S. -I. Nishikawa, M. Osawa

2. New Strategy for Comprehensive Analysis of Gene Functions in Embryonic Stem cells
J. Takeda, K. Horie, K. Yusa

3. Paternal Dual Barrier by Ifg2-H19 and Dlk1-Gtl2 to Parthenogenesis in Mice
T. Kono, M. Kawahara, Q. Wu, H. Hiura, Y. Obata

4. Cell-Cell Fusion as a Means to Establish Pluripotency
J. T. Do, H. R. Schöler

5. Toward Reprogramming Cells to Pluripotency
P. Collas, C. K. Taranger

6. Molecular Switches and Developmental Potential of Adult Stem Cells
M. Zenke, T. Hieronymus

7. Adult Small Intestinal Stem Cells: Identification, Location, Characteristics, and Clinical Applications
C. S. Potten, J. R. Ellis

8. Tracking Stem Cells In Vivo
R. Yoneyama, E. R. Chemaly, R. J. Hajjar

9. Establishment of Nuclear Transfer Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from Adult Somatic Cells by Nuclear Transfer and Its Application
T. Wakayama

10. Derivation of Germ Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells
J. Kehler, K. Hübner, H. R. Schöler

11. Germline Recruitment in Mice: A Genetic Program for Epigenetic Reprogramming
Y. Ohinata, Y. Seki, B. Payer, D. O’Carroll, M. A. Surani, M. Saitou

12. Transplantation of Germ Line Stem Cells for the Study and Manipulation of Spermatogenesis
I. Dobrinski

13. Progenitor Cell-Based Myelination as a Model for Cell-Based Therapy of the Central Nervous System
S. A. Goldman, J. Lang, N. Roy, S. J. Schanz, F. S. Sim, S. Wang, V. Washco, M. S. Windrem

14. Adult Neural Stem Cells and Central Nervous System Repair
H. Okano

15. Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease
J. Takahashi


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