Majewski, Eugeniusz

Earthquake Source Asymmetry, Structural Media and Rotation Effects

Majewski, Eugeniusz - Earthquake Source Asymmetry, Structural Media and Rotation Effects, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I.Macroseismic Rotation Effects and Micromotions

1. Development of Earthquake Rotational Effect Study
Jan T. Kozák

2. Sources of Rotation and Twist Motions
Roman Teisseyre, Jan T. Kozák

3. Some Examples of Rotation Effects: the Tulbagh Earthquake, South Africa
Gerhard Graham, Andrzej Kijko

Part II.Theory of Continua and Fields of Defects

4. Deviations from Symmetry and Elasticity: Asymmetric Continuum Mechanics
Roman Teisseyre, Wojciech Boratynski

5. Degenerated Asymmetric Continuum Theory
Roman Teisseyre, Mariusz Bialecki, Marek Górski

6. Continuum with Rotation Nuclei and Defects: Dislocation and Disclination Densities
Wojciech Boratynski, Roman Teisseyre

7. Towards a Discrete Theory of Defects
Mariusz Bialecki

8. Fault Dynamics and Related Radiation
Wojciech Boratynski, Roman Teisseyre

9. A Review on Friction
Panayiotis Varotsos, Mary Lazaridou

10. Soliton Physics
Eugeniusz Majewski

Part III.Rotation Motions, Seismic Source Models, and Asymmetry of Fracture

11. Rotational Motions Excited by Earthquakes
Minoru Takeo

12. Ground Rotational Motions Recorded in Near-Source Region of Earthquakes
Minoru Takeo

13. Fracture-Band Geometry and Rotation Energy Release
Roman Teisseyre, Marek Górski, Krzysztof P. Teisseyre

14. Rotation Motions: Recording and Analysis
Krzysztof P. Teisseyre, Jerzy Suchcicki

15. Glacier Motion: Seismic Events and Rotation/Tilt Phenomena
Marek Górski, Krzysztof P. Teisseyre

16. Rotational Energy and Angular Momentum of Earthquakes
Eugeniusz Majewski

17. Bend-Rotation Wave as a Mechanism of Macroseismic Effects
Vladimir Aksenov

18. Solitary Waves in Crustal Faults and their Application to Earthquakes
Victor G. Bykov

19. Seismic Rotation Waves: Spin and Twist Solitons
Eugeniusz Majewski

20. Earth Rotation, Elasticity and Geodynamics: Earthquake Wave Rotary Model
Alexander V. Vikulin

Part IV.Effects Related to Medium Structures and Complexity of Wave Propagation

21. Seismic Rotation Waves in the Continuum with Nonlinear Microstructure
Eugeniusz Majewski

22. Tectonic Solitons Propagating Along the Fault
Eugeniusz Majewski

23. Complexity of Rotation Soliton Propagation
Eugeniusz Majewski

24. Micromorphic Continuum with Defects and Taylor-Bishop-Hill Theory for Polycrystals: Anisotropic Propagation of Seismic Waves and the Golebiewska Gauge
Jun Muto, Yusuke Kawada, Hiroyuki Nagahama

25. Seismic Ray Theory for Structural Medium based on Kawaguchi and Finsler Geometry
Takahiro Yajima, Hiroyuki Nagahama

26. From Non-Local to Asymmetric Deformation Field
Hiroyuki Nagahama, Roman Teisseyre

27. Earthquake Hazard in the Valley of Mexico: Entropy, Structure, Complexity
Cinna Lomnitz, Heriberta Castaños

Part V.Seismic Rotational Motions: Recording Techniques and Data Analysis

28. Note on the Historical Rotation Seismographs
Graziano Ferrari

29. Ring Laser Gyroscopes as Rotation Sensors for Seismic Wave Studies
K. Ulrich Schreiber, Geoffrey E. Stedman, Heiner Igel, Asher Flaws

30. Rotational Motions in Seismology: Theory, Observation, Simulation
Alain Cochard, H. Igel, B. Schuberth, W. Suryanto, A. Velikoseltsev, U. Schreiber, J. Wassermann, F. Scherbaum, D. Vollmer

31. Absolute Rotation Measurement Based on the Sagnac Effect
Leszek R. Jaroszewicz, Zbigniew Krajewski, Lech Solarz

32. Design of Rotation Seismometer and Non-Linear Behaviour of Rotation Components of Earthquakes
Takeo Moriya, Roman Teisseyre

33. Rotation and Twist Motion Recording — Couple Pendulum and Rigid Seismometers System
Jan Wiszniowski

34. Equation of Pendulum Motion Including Rotations and its Implications to the Strong-Ground Motion
Vladimir M. Graizer

35. Strong Motion Rotation Sensor
Jirí Buben, Vladimír Rudajev

36. High-Resolution Wide-Range Tiltmeter: Observations of Earth Free Oscillations Excited by the 26 December 2004 Sumatra -Andaman Earthquake
Marek Kaczorowski

37. Fiber Optic Sensors for Seismic Monitoring
William B. Spillman, Dryver R. Huston, Junru Wu

Part VI.Rotations and Engineering Seismology

38. Deriving Seismic Surface Rotations for Engineering Purposes
Zbigniew Zembaty

39. Effects of Torsional and Rocking Excitations on the Response of Structures
Mihailo D. Trifunac


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