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Contact Dermatitis

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Table of contents

1. Historical Aspects
Jean-Marie Lachapelle

Part I. Basic Features

2. Mechanisms in Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Thomas Rustemeyer, Ingrid M.W. Hoogstraten, B. Mary E. Blomberg, Rik J. Scheper

3. Molecular Aspects of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin

4. Mechanisms of Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Steen Lisby, Ole Baadsgaard

5. Immediate Contact Reactions
Arto Lahti, David Basketter

6. Mechanisms of Phototoxic and Photoallergic Reactions
Renz Mang, Helger Stege, Jean Krutmann

Part II. Pathology

7. Histopathological and Immunohistopathological Features of Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Jean-Marie Lachapelle, Liliane Marot

8. Ultrastructure of Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Carolyn M. Willis

9. Individual Predisposition to Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Tove Agner, Torkil Menné

10. Epidemiology
Pieter-Jan Coenraads, Thomas Diepgen, Wolfgang Uter, Axel Schnuch, Olaf Gefeller

Part III. Dermatotoxicology

11. Skin Penetration
Hans Schaefer, Thomas E. Redelmeier

12. Predictive Tests for Irritants and Allergens and Their Use in Quantitative Risk Assessment
David Basketter, Ian Kimber

13. Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Humans — Experimental and Quantitative Aspects
Jeanne Duus Johansen, Peter J. Frosch, Torkil Menné

Part IV. Clinical Features

14. General Aspects
Niels K. Veien

15. Clinical Aspects of Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Peter J. Frosch, Swen Malte John

16. Systemic Contact Dermatitis
Niels K. Veien, Torkil Menné

17. Phototoxic and Photoallergic Reactions
Roy A. Palmer, Ian R. White

18. Pigmented Contact Dermatitis and Chemical Depigmentation
Hideo Nakayama

19. Hand Eczema
Tove Agner

20. Protein Contact Dermatitis
Matti Hannuksela

21. Noneczematous Contact Reactions
Anthony Goon, Chee-Leok Goh

Part V. Diagnostic Tests

22. Patch Testing
Jan E. Wahlberg, Magnus Lindberg

23. Atopy Patch Testing with Aeroallergens and Food Proteins
Ulf Darsow, Johannes Ring

24. Patch Testing in Adverse Drug Reactions
Derk P. Bruynzeel, Margarida Gonçalo

25. Allergens Exposure Assessment
Birgitta Gruvberger, Magnus Bruze, Sigfrid Fregert, Carola Lidén

26. Skin Tests for Immediate Hypersensitivity
Matti Hannuksela

27. Photopatch Testing
Roy A. Palmer, Ian R. White

28. Noninvasive Techniques for Quantification of Contact Dermatitis
Jørgen Serup

Part VI. Allergic Contact Dermatitis Related to Specific Exposures

29. Allergens from the Standard Series
Klaus E. Andersen, Ian R. White, An Goossens

30. Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
Ian R. White, Anton C. Groot

31. Allergens of Special Interest
Jeanne Duus Johansen, Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin, David Basketter, John McFadden, Heidi Søsted

32. Metals Carola Lidén, Magnus Bruze, Torkil Menné
Carola Lidén, Magnus Bruze, Torkil Menné

33. Metalworking Fluids
Johannes Geier, Holger Lessmann

34. Plastic Materials
Bert Björkner, Ann Pontén, Erik Zimerson, Malin Frick

35. Topical Drugs
Francisco M. Brandão, An Goossens, Antonella Tosti

36. Dental Materials
Tuula Estlander, Kristiina Alanko, Riitta Jolanki

37. Clothing
Christophe J. Coz

38. Shoes
James S. Taylor, Emel Erkek, Patricia Podmore

39. Occupational Contact Dermatitis
Richard J.G. Rycroft, Peter J. Frosch

40. Health Personnel
Ana M. Giménez-Arnau

41. Plants and Plant Products
Christophe J. Coz, Georges Ducombs

42. Pesticides
Carola Lidén

43. Contact Allergy in Children
A. Goossens, M. Morren

44. Prevention and Therapy from Contact Dermatitis (with Special Reference to Occupational Dermatology)
Jean-Marie Lachapelle, W. Wigger-Alberti, Anders Boman, Gunh A. Mellström, Britta Wulfhorst, Meike Bock, Christoph Skudlik, Swen Malte John, Daniel Perrenoud, Thierry Gogniat, William Olmstead, Elisabeth Held, Tove Agner

45. Legislation
Ian R. White, David Basketter

46. International Comparison of Legal Aspects of Worker Compensation for Occupational Contact Dermatitis
Peter J. Frosch, Werner Aberer, Paul J. August, Robert Adams, Tove Agner, Michael H. Beck, Lieve Constandt, L. Conde-Salazar, Matti Hannuksela, Swen M. John, Christophe Coz, J. Maqueda, Howard I. Maibach, Haydn L. Muston, Rosemary L. Nixon, Hanspeter Rast, W.I. Tichelen, Jan Wahlberg

47. Computers in the Management of Contact Dermatitis
W. Uter, D. Orton, D. Perrenoud, A. Schnuch

48. Contact Dermatitis Research Groups
Derk P. Bruynzeel

49. Patch Test Concentrations and Vehicles for Testing Contact Allergens
Anton C. Groot, Peter J. Frosch

50. Patch Testing with the Patients’Own Products
Peter J. Frosch, Johannes Geier, Wolfgang Uter, An Goossens

51. Dictionary of Contact Allergens: Chemical Structures, Sources and References
Christophe J. Coz, Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology, Allergology, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine

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